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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kullanım Haklarına Göre Lisans Türleri ve Yazılım Örnekleri

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Hello everyone!

In this video, we will examine the license types according to their usage rights.

First of all, what is a license?

after that what are the types ?

Let's take a look at what the license is.

The license, protects the rights of the creator of the software

and the group or person who purchased the software

can use that software under which conditions.

So this document is good for both parties

Protects the rights of the developer (of the laborer)

And it protects the rights of the person using that labor (software).

Let's look at the types of software licenses

Of course there are many types, but I will look at the main ones in this video

Firstly, full licensed software

It is the traditional type of license that we all know.

The user pays a fee from this fee

it has some rights.

These rights can be for a certain group of people (group).

It can be for one person or it can be for the company.

And it may need to be renewed in certain periods.

So this license may have a certain duration.

Like 1 year or 6 months

An example of these license types is actually what we all know

Microsoft Office can be shown as an example.

Video editing programs such as Sony Vegas can be shown as examples.

Applications that we edit pictures like Photoshop,

Applications that we create artwork such as Illustrator

examples can be shown.

The second type of license is

free licenses.

In fact, this is the type of license we all use in daily life.

When you download Facebook's mobile app to your mobile device

you accept the free license.

This includes Google Chrome.

Instagram is included.

WhatsApp is included.

Let's look at Trial license types.

In Trial license types, the user have

1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month

limited time.

This is valid for applications you have downloaded for trial purposes.

So there can be a trail version of the games.

Applications such as Simplemind may have a trial version.

Generally, licensed applications have trial versions.

There is also a demo license.

Demo license and trial license are sometimes mixed.

The demo license has a difference from the trial license as follows:

You can only perform certain specific features in the app.

So the application is restricted.

Yes, it is not a full license like a trial license again.

So it has a certain duration.

Demo licenses for trial purposes.

However, the application does not work at full efficiency.

So some things like components (parts of the application) are closed to use.

In Trial license, the application is completely open.

You can use the application just like you have purchased the license.

The only difference is your time is limited. (according to the actual license)

The license type I want to deal with is the beta license type.

We don't usually know that much what is it ?

And we also download beta license type applications.

So I want to point this.

Beta license is an application that is in development

license type.

It is opened to a certain audience for trial purposes.

You can also join this audience, if you want.

It is at the discretion of the developer and you.

Do this on the Google Play Store

in some apps, like a beta licensed version

you see it as being from the trial audience.

There are beta operating systems like iOS

sometimes (occasionally) we install them.

I wouldn't recommend using them.

Because the application is not yet complete.

So it is open to all kinds of errors.

And if you open it and look at that beta license

any errors that may arise from the application

we think like a software developer because the application is not over yet.

however, these crimes are thrown to the user.

If a document is deleted while using a beta-licensed application

or if you lose this document and want to retrieve it.

If you discussion with the software developer for this

Whether or not, the software developer is still right.

So that's why I suggest you usually avoid using a beta license.

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