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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cultural Differences: Australia vs UK with Pete from Aussie English

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real teachers hello and welcome back to

real English with real teachers we have

a special one for you today I think you

can probably see a small man in a box

over to my my left here it's mirrored so

today we've got a treat we've got an

Australian in the house and we're going

to be talking about our childhood what

it was like to grow up in the UK and in

Australia and with of course going to be

giving you some real English along the

way so welcome to the room as heat from

Ozzie English hello fee how's it going

very good exciting to have the time with

an actual Australian because I've been

in Australia for five months now

and I think I can count the amount of

real conversations that I've had with an


on my hand how does that work there are

so many non natives or Brits here it's

like they attract each other to each

other and yeah before you know it you've

got a group of British people in Sydney

that you're meeting up with on the

weekend so you didn't really leave

Britain yeah have you found that since

coming out it has been a bit of a shock

in terms of how much the Sun burns here

it's yeah it's it shocked me in in the

burn but it's it's really delightful in

everything else because the blue sky is

really put a smile on my face I don't

know you used to do know we're really

not we're short on them again we can

count them on our hand man yeah here

here your your son was always really

brutal like I hear that it gets to 3035

degrees and us Australians are always

like tell me when it's 40 but I hear

that it's much worse because it's very

muggy and humid when it gets to that

temperature so it's very different from

the equivalent of 30 35 degrees in

Australia have you experienced that I I

would say that that is true although I

think the UV count is a lot stronger

here we've been yellows like yesterday

we were out a festival and

it apparently was 22 degrees but we were

getting burned so much yeah and they

said yeah you should look at the UV

count is that something that you're

aware of yeah so we we've got different

apps obviously I don't know if you

started using those for like I don't

know about other Australians maybe they

just get turned since they're young but

I definitely check out apps if I'm gonna

go outside and quite often try and just

avoid direct sunlight during the middle

of the day especially between like 10

and I think 3:00 in the afternoon

because that's when it's if you go out

just slather on the sunscreen or you're

just gonna get roasted and it's not

pleasant some great vocabulary there to

slather on some Sun cream and be roasted

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to the collaboration with Ozzy English

slather on the sunscreen or you just

gonna get roasted and it's not pleasant

because the whole eurozone whole right

is right above us yeah yeah so we're not

able to experience the the equivalent in

the UK for that reason like we don't

have that whole above oh yeah I've heard

that it just stings right you guys get

here and you go outside on a 20 degree

day and you think it's going to be

pleasant and it is temperature-wise but

then you realize that there light kind

of stings after a few minutes and you

can feel the different kind of I don't

know heat right from the UV so with the

fact that you you have a completely

different experience to the weather now

did that change things when you were

when you were growing up will you like

taught a lot about how to cope with the

weather in in Australia massively so

when I was going to primary school I

remember they brought in and no hat no

play scheme which is where you had to

wear a wide-brimmed hat so there wasn't

even a you could wear a cap or something

you had to have this wide brimmed green

hat that went right the way around your

head and if you didn't have a ball you

had to stay inside yeah well and that

was the annoying thing was that all of

us were like this thing is so lame nor

must aware it it's not cool you can't

put it on backwards because it looks the

same backwards and it had that little

strap right like if I use my headphones

the little strap under the chin keep it

on your head strap yeah but because skin

cancers obviously a really big problem

in Australia we have a lot of skin I

mean in Sydney if you've been to Bondi

you've probably seen all the skin cancer

surgeries around there because they just

make a killing I was actually looking

out for it but I will now I didn't um I

wasn't used to them like down here you

don't see that kind of thing but I

remember going to Bondi near Sydney and

seeing like why are there all these

little shops that are like skin cancer

removal skin cancer removal

and I think the problem with skin cancer

is that you get it usually 30 years

after the exposure and so if you get

exposed from a very young age you start

getting it at 30 and 40 years old and it

can be very dangerous and so we're we

have big problems with skin cancer and

so they've been lots of campaigns from

when I was young

you'll hear the slip slop slap I think

it's like slip on a hat slap on some

sunscreen slap on a t-shirt or whatever

it is yes so they had campaigns by the

government yeah the government was

running those campaigns to spread

awareness to prevent people from getting

sunburned and getting skin cancer and so

every time now for me when I go to Bondi

you always see the Brits that are

lobsters and you just like well they

come here and they don't appreciate the

Sun and what it's like and they go to

the beach with no sunscreen on on a

beautiful day and they just lie down and

go to sleep or something and they wake

up and they're bright red and you're

just like oh my god dude exactly that's

us when we go abroad anywhere yeah

remember when I was in Colombia I got

called el Camaron by the taxi driver was

that the lobster shrimp kind of lobster

yeah what was it like in Britain then

because I feel like I would go there

today and it would be a sunny day and

I'd be freaking out thinking oh my god I

got a slather on the sunscreen wear a

hat and you guys would be like dude

chill out like yeah I think there was a

bit of a taboo against using Sun cream

like you'd look you'd look silly yeah if

you've got too much of a white face from

the Sun cream you're not cool so it's

almost I mean it's so stupid but it was

almost sad to use Sun cream it was like

you weren't hard or you weren't like

willingness risk it a bit in life you

guys have evolved in that environment

right to not need sunscreen you know

that's why we've got pale skin as

British beautiful yeah but I mean the

summers are heating up actually in the

UK I haven't gone back for a good enough

amount of time but every summer my

parents keep telling me it's getting

hotter it's getting hotter are you guys

you guys have serious problems too we've

I don't know if it's Britain but I know

France has you know I think I heard

about there

wave and 15,000 people died and you just

like what like you know it's some

massive amount of people when they had

their week of above 40 degrees or

something crazy a few years ago it

caused a lot of people especially

elderly people to overheat because they

didn't have proper air conditioning

because it's France and you don't often

need that right and so it would be the

equivalent of like suddenly it was

negative 30 degrees or something here

and we just have no heating so it is

that happening more and more in Britain

where the temperatures are starting to

get a little hotter in summers and you

guys you know I'm prepared for that

culturally we we are there trying to

push for the the cultural awareness and

the public transport they they sometimes

say these like really obvious

announcements like take water with you

or again start to panic because of the

hot weather don't don't press the

emergency button wait until the next

stop yes yeah it's gonna be a longer

wait it's gonna be a longer wait if you

press the emergency button maybe we're

starting to become aware of it but I

think we'll still have that unawareness

like throughout our childhood until we

get to the mature age of realizing the

damage that it's doing and it might be

too late so yeah well that's the skin

cancer thing first for us when we're

young be no kid wants to put on

sunscreen right but nowadays I think a

lot of people are paying or about

putting sunscreen on their their infants

like I take my young son outside and my

wife's always like put the sunscreen on

oh my god put it on put him on he's

gonna get roasted yeah I think we tend

to think of a holiday as you know going

and sitting in the Sun and that's the

main aim like look how Brown I got from

a holiday yeah and I guess you guys do

you have that equivalent you wear brown

anyways a barley yeah yeah oh whoa whoa

whoa dude that's why bogans go I don't

go I can't explain what a bogan is same

as me saying that's what you go to a

beep there right like it's not where you

guys go to have fun and you feel like

like but Bali's got a bit more of an

exotic touch to it like do you just go

to Bali to do drugs it's probably that

element is

is involved but I think a lot of it just

tends to be the closest place that is

different that is cheaper that is

paradise you know like it's the nearest

part of Southeast Asia that has a lot of

surfing it's a tropical island so I

think it's just so cheap to get it's

cheaper to go there than to get to Perth

you know the reeling capital city in

Western Australia yeah I'm pretty sure

it's like a few hundred dollars or

whatever one way to get from you know

Sydney to Bali and so I think that's why

you get a lot of Australians going there

they've got nightclubs everything's

cheap you know because it's it's in an

Asia so the currency exchange is very

cheap so you can you know rent a house

for like $30 a night or something for

you know five ten people and so it's

known for a lot of Australians going

there and especially you know quote

unquote bogans who are the uncouth

unsophisticated Australian no one thinks

they're a bogan but they think everyone

else is a bogan right so I think you

would call it a chav you know I was

gonna suggest yeah yeah that's probably

a lesson in him so people who swear in

public or you know have tattoos on their

faces or you know just are into drugs or

just loud and obnoxious aren't

necessarily I don't know it's not a

negative thing but haven't gone to

university or haven't you know travelled

widely they tend to be those kind of

insular people who've always been in the

same place and a very you know rough

yeah and like geographically I've spent

a bit of time on the Gold Coast near

Brisbane and does that mean like the

bogans where where are they

predominantly living living I think

they're everywhere you know in terms

yeah they tend to be everywhere though

they won't be again it sounds judgmental

but I think that it's kind of attached

to the lower-class

so they just tend to be a bit rougher

they tend to be more working-class kind

of people not all lower-class or working

class or people who don't have a lot of

money of bogans but bogans tend to be

from that you know area so they'll have

certain kinds of cars they'll do them up

they'll drive recklessly do burnouts

they'll have the Southern Cross tattoo

on them somewhere so you've probably

seen that right seen that the cross


on our flag quite often I would consider

anyone who gets that tattooed on them

especially if it's on their chest and

they're a male I would say that guy's

100% potent and especially if they drive

a ute yes yeah yeah I've seen a really

peculiar ute it's kind of like a lowered

one and it's it's got like side panels

that type of body kit yeah yeah it's

it's like a a complete parallel of what

it met it's meant to be because it can't

imagine it can take much weight well

that's the point right it's not meant to

be I don't think anyone's actually using

it for work if they've done it up like

that right and they've got you know a

body kit on it and it's like an inch off

the ground it's more about just cruising

around town and you know looking cool

yeah my brother-in-law isn't Australian

and he he loves that kind of stuff and

we're so confused

well I think it's you know you have

those people who get into those those

sort of hobbies and crowds that it just

yeah I don't know there's a guy at the

moment who lives across the road and he

has this miniature racecar that he gets

into and he's always doing it up and

revving it and round around and I would

consider that a bit of a bogan activity

you know okay and so just being a metal

like a rev head and being really into

that sort of I don't know the overly

manly kind of staff and yeah I don't

know yeah yeah okay so I'm going back to

like growing up in Australia was there a

lot of talking about like fixing up cars

and things like that as kids you aspire

to be mechanics trying to do what am I

do stuff my best friend became a

mechanic I think a lot of and he's since

changed cuz he realizes sort of a

dead-end job at least for him he kind of

got to the top pretty quickly and then

realized well unless I become a manager

of a building or a you know business or

something I'm not gonna make much more

money so you have to sort of change jobs

but I think it's in Australia I don't

know what it's like in Britain but here

a lot of kids will make the decision

around here 10 when they're about 16

years old to leave school instead of

finishing and go into a trade so they'll

become you know what the slang terms

will use things like chippy for a carp


Sparky for an electrician donnie diver

for a plumber Wow yeah there's a lot of

exactly exactly and then what's the

other one I'm think I'm forgetting

there's another bricky that's one as

well bricklayer bricky yeah Brickley and

mechanic so that yeah a lot of my

friends ended up leaving school and they

were like you know what study's not for

me I'd much prefer going down the road

of working on a trade and getting money

you know sooner rather than later which

was a smart choice for a lot of them

they ended up with houses and cars

within a few years of leaving school

meanwhile we were you know at university

and everything right that seems to be a

difference here like a lot of the

tradies do get paid a lot better than

yeah UK equivalent and there's loads of

work like I've started to see some

really strange things for a Brit and in

the roadworks there seems to be a lot of

attractive women holding the slow stop

sighs I don't know what's with that

that's changed recently I think there's

probably been a push for there to be

more women doing these jobs or at least

for there to be less men doing jobs on

the side of the road that women can be

doing so I think there's been a very big

push to get more women into those jobs

like or at least women who want to work

in that area you can lock those jobs

down and probably stick in them easier

than trying to become you know I am a

physical laborer so that I never saw

that growing up there were never women

holding the stop signs and the slowed

signs for roadwork but nowadays it seems

like every second one is which is great

you know if I mean all you need to do is

hold a sign so it's not like it needs to

be male-dominated but you know it was it

definitely changed since when I was

young yeah I heard on her radio that

they're doing it because they believe

they've even run tests to say that it

reduces road rage that could be a reason

to write like the guys are too busy

staring at the lollipop lady I guess

with some of the sign holder then I'm

actually raging up at the gala come on

all right so we're gonna leave the

conversation there but if you wanted to

continue the conversation with us we're

going to go over to Pete's website where

you'll be able to find the part two of

this conversation where we go deeper

into the cultural differences of Brits

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The Description of Cultural Differences: Australia vs UK with Pete from Aussie English