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She performed at the 2018 Waterbomb Festival

Oh that

After this Waterbomb incidence,

when you look up my name

the first thing that pops up

is Sunmi **

Hi, I'm Sunmi and this is Look Me Up

I'll look my name up on social media


166cm, 50kg

That's right

I used to weigh 43kg

But I gained weight, so I'm now 50kg, 49kg

Position, lead vocalist, that's wrong

Even in Wonder Girls, I was a sub vocalist

It's been 4882 days since her debut

It's been so long

So long

She's only 4 years older than Chungha whom she appeared with on Weekly Idol

But she debuted 10 years before her

But still they had good chemistry

Why does it say 'But still'?

What's 'But still' about?

For the picture above of her on her way to Music Bank,

she got over 1,000 positive comments, majority of the commentators being women

I know that this picture is famous

With white skin and long straight hair

People liked how I looked so pure and innocent

But personally, I don't really like looking so pure and innocent

It makes me cringe

I look like a psychopath

Who could I smile like that and turn angry so soon?

I think this part left a huge impact on many people's minds

A pretty girl smiles

So scary

I'm look like a psychopath

She hates the album cover of her first regular album

She said she almost cried after seeing that cover

See it yourself

Why did someone put a link for that?

So mean, so mean, seriously

She gags when she sees it

Gagging.. I did do that before

But I don't do that anymore

She performed at the 2018 Waterbomb Festival

Since it's a festival that involves water guns, she wore revealing clothes

and she looked voluptuous

After this Waterbomb incidence,

when you look my name up

the first thing that pops up is Sunmi breast implants

I can't show you an x-ray or anything

They are actually

not that big but it looked as such

when compared to my body and many people got suspicious

But I didn't do them




Oh that

Is there a fancam for the tanned backup dancer?

This is Sunmi's fancam and most comments are about that backup dancer

He had just got a tan

He has a very nice body

After that, some people started

making fancams of him

This place is seriously gender neutral

Both men are women are satisfied, no fighting at all

That's true

So peaceful.. This must be the true utopia

Wow Sunmi.. She's so skinny and glamorous..

Wait, the comments

made me take notice of the male backup dancers

Everyone came to see me

but took more notice of the backup dancers

But even for me, I can't help but notice them


I have something to tell you first

In Wonder Girls gallery, there are some mean comments about me

So I haven't really looked at it

for about 3 years

It made me feel better (Let's skip for protection purposes)


Wonder Girls met J. Y. Park at the new JYP building

Rice Cake Gorilla:

Why do they him Rice Cake Gorilla and not J. Y. Park or JYP?

Who are Wonder Girls to the Rice Cake Gorilla?

Like first daughters

Lovely and precious

J.Y. Park

He gave permissions to both Sunye and Hyerim

He told us we now have to bring our future husbands

and get his permission


Sir.. We will do that when we get a chance

I wonder when that will be

These idol group members are still close after 10 years together

In the video uploaded today, Sunmi and Sohee

Sohee is a bit sassy

When I put my hand on her she puts it away then I'll put it back on her

She glares at me and gives me a hug


We went to school together like this

They didn't get older at all..

It's so funny when she put her hand away

I hope they hang out together more

I'm appreciative that people love

seeing us hang out together

We have an unexpected battle this summer

Female idols making a comeback end of June

Sunmi, June 29, Pporappippam

Hwasa, June 29, Maria

Blackpink, June 26, How you like that


I personally love listening to songs with cool vibes in the summer

I really hope that 1 of 3 songs is a summery song

That's my song

It's very refreshing

Why isn't it "Pporatppippam" as opposed to "Pporappippam"?

The reason is very simple

"Pporappippam" is a misspelling

If you listen to my song,

you will hear "pporappippam", instead of "pporatppippam"


Who do you want to see collaborate before you die?


I've met Changmo once

He had to perform before me

He left a mysterious impression

What struck me was

he didn't wear anything on his face

But he was wearing very fancy clothes

He didn't even wear makeup, it was his bare face

So I thought he's special


My brother took this photo for me

My brother majors in photography

This one has more likes

than my teaser

You need to show some skin..

Anyway, after this photo was uploaded,

my international fans said, "You had breast implants, explain"

So I came here and explained myself

I didn't get them

They are not even that big


(Wonder Girls)

The Wonder Begins

If you think about it, it must've been hard to increase their fan base in Korea

After HyunA quit, Yubin joined

But Sunmi quit due to academic reasons, Hyerim joined

But Sohee quit

(Lost words)

Sunye quit, then Sunmi joined again

(Don't know what to say)

Oh no

The fans becomes your fans thinking that you'll stay where you were in the beginning

and hope that the team lasts a long time

I'm so so sorry

The Wonder Years

Oh my goodness, seriously

As the person in charge of my hair

did my hair, she said

I'm sorry

(How are you these days?)

If you listen to the intro of these, it will remind you of Nintendo

Tell Me, Nintendo, Sonata of Temptation, Big Bang's Lies

SK won...

I miss 2007

Reading this comment reminded me of the old days

It was said if you don't know Tell Me, you are not Korean

Tell Me was a national song

I miss the days when Big Bang and Wonder Girls were the boss

In 2007, Tell Me, Big Bang's Lies

No one could say which one of those songs was more popular

There were many times we had

to perform together

But both of us were very shy

We felt awkward?

So none of us got close

When recorded 'Draw Me'

the memories of what we did as Wonder Girls

passed in front of our eyes like a kaleidoscope

Wonder Girls said bye with the sound track "Draw Me"

You never know, it may not be the end

I'm learning these days that you never know what happens

I miss Wonder Girls

I saw our members few days ago

so I don't miss them

(That shows how close they are)

Include Sohee and Sunye and have 6 Wonder Girls members if possible

Make it a project

We are now each doing our own thing

We will do that so we won't have regrets

I'm sure in the future we will get to come together as a group again


24 Hours

It's a song that opened the 2nd chapter of my life

I still remember her dancing with bare feet and pink bob hair

I think it was very shocking back then

Unparalleled beginning of a top female solo artist

Honestly, I think IU is the top female solo artist

Since I'm an artist who focus more on the performance

I've been doing this for 7 years, so..

I hope people appreciate those things about me at least



That's incredible

If Sunmi comes out in Look Me Up,

I hope she reads this, "Lalalalalay"

(I'm back hahaha)

Unique solo song ever

I agree to that

This is what I think

No one has ever seen a female solo artist like this before

A crazy pretty woman


She keeps failing after this song

How rude


LALALAY got 1st place

I hope she releases a dance song again this year, I hope it's a major hit

Right, I released Pporappippam


'Pporappippam' teaser with surprising charm

I came back with a new single

in almost 10 months

It was very hot these days, I think this song will make you feel

a cool breeze and make you feel excited when you listen to this

Please show a lot of love for Pporappippam

I'll also release an album soon

and meet you guys again

Please have me on Look Me Up then as well

She keeps failing after this song

People can't succeed all the time, right??

Life has ups and downs

That was good

(The end)

The Description of 선미의 역대급 걸크러쉬 본인등판 ?! 선미가 밝히는 워터밤 1500만뷰의 비밀 | SUNMI _ pporappippam(보라빛 밤) | 본인등판 | Look Me Up