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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2513 Advanced Chinese Words - HSK Level 6 Vocabulary

Difficulty: 0

let's learn Chinese words

level six

plan program buffa reason intellect

Legion callous heartless thank you

to need to massage your elegance for men

elegant demeanor phone pool high tide

high water dog hall equal equally Sangam

at once immediately please

Colonel granule coolly absorb nutrition

take a photo should she

dusk evening

Lachlan fierce ferocious shunga fame


muu cartoon couple great kindness

magnificent hospitality chunky fine food

delicacies Jo heritage legacy eat high

affect result Cheung sha tint Jong hyung

kindly benevolent often of older person

Sue's young to attempt vainly a vain

attempt Wan Jia alas pay high lake hua

an attack under attack kanji in charge

responsible for Google I have a


Liam want to take care to keep an eye on

Guangzhou restoration

so for logistics ho-jin right

Soumya to surrender surrender Xhosa

strength Chile a post a job calmly orbit

railway or tram line greater expansion

dilation cool John pale win song by to

treat SB unfairly we die oblivion

my more strategic decision decision

making pizza rear back home yet

almond prognosis in medicine usual to

consult a reference to refer to another

document fungal in the right and

self-confident idiom bold and confident

with justice on one side Legion Shiva

very considerably objective aim

Sanji pressing urgent in poor complacent

self-satisfied swimmer to carry on one's

person to support old she died to set up

to install should you design pattern

pull-on pay a visit con Bopha

origin root cause the UN ability skill

thank momentum

shunk stockpile to store food spin

overpass fly over the Jojo assistant

helper social temporarily the time being

good you saying meticulous planning and

careful accounting Jim Bosh is fun to

break up into components to disintegrate

geeky lead command fry Liam Idol lazy

Linebaugh to rely on to depend on equal

to make a fool of oneself cool young

shop to jump to leap tell you plot

circumstances change it in formal note

bin Cal oral verbal cold whole down

garment young fool early in the morning

Linton model fine example more fun to

file a lawsuit to sue

doc was to carve and polish Jade to

polish and refine a literary work one

more benevolent charitable densa to

proclaim to make public or well known

Shinyoung look expression sent you

National Defense Wafaa shine illuminate

all y'all to provide assistance to

support gen2 stand to have a footing

Lisl to correct to make right children

hatred injustice jung-hwa cautious and

solemn idiom very carefully chao-ge

secondary auxiliary

full Depot storehouse song cool to

constrain or repress emotions oppressive

yayi general office of a newspaper

newspaper office Asha life shumou to

remove to sack get fool to prove a point

proof lincoln manufacturing production

etc costs chungbang fingernail gia to


Tareq song ha to bake to heat by fire

huh to detain a prisoner to keep SP and

custody Giulio to station to garrison

troops pooja person figure

yes it base mean baby coastal yeah hi

undertaking project she to get angry


Naha to surrender to yield she fool to

adjust to balance cocky to pass on to

convey vanthu to point out to indicate

she ship enthusiasm for doing sth god

you short in time fleeting bun fool to

meet with to encounter all you feeling

of resentment long-standing grudge UN

mechanism gear jig 1/2 thirst for too

long for good luck to select the best

Xinhua practical workable rush it

flabbergasted astonished chowie

exposition International Fair along we

experienced and knowledgeable idiom

gender Guam deep-rooted problem etc

percent equal difference error would hop

to lead to manage cooled all edge fringe

being a feasible

could you to make an accept

holy to investigate and capture a

criminal to ferret out kaho weak point


Roy again version edition bumpin lucky


shishah to merge 2nx

of you unfamiliar strange young fool

spaceflight honky to shudder to shiver

candle devoted fidelity Jong hyung right

and wrong quarrel should be

breastfeeding to suckle would rule

specialty special knowledge or ability

from cha standard norm we go study come

and collected change law except track


well why to put on makeup wat one almost

nearly junkie to impart to pass on

special stingy mean Lisa recently lately

July to revoir roll between the hands or

fingers to twist so confusion chaos when

what to visit to pay a call to Kawa

Europe European Oh Joel

party association college service be

right deservedly okay to a corn with

conforming to full function performance

Shuma financial affairs hyrule beggar

chi Chi that's all

nothing more are you to leap failure Inc

Morphy our mountain range shun my

academic degree for example PhD chili

nausea to feel sick

drizzle mist monk stagnation at a

standstill hinge it passion fervor

GQ Rock yes to intensify to sharpen

jockey to remain left over Halil flat


hierarchy stratum

Jia's hung to cut short to break off

john-boy Villa visual to allow to permit

chika administration administrative

soon-jong to tremble to shiver

Bothwell sex appeal

eroticism shunga sugar-coated Chinese

Hawthorn fruit on a stick

paying hulu hulu to blockade to seal off

phones all profound friendship

shengcún ho ye machine machinery g-get

to conceal to hide behind young high

positive and negative young fool - groan

- snort huh - ask for

sation to claim damages sew up a teacher

training pedagogical

Shifa mode method

Moshe to cross over by ferry transition

wattle to love and respect love and

respect are by amazed astonished junior

awkward difficult

Daniel Lehman amateur whoo-ha

conventional quale to fight a battle to

go to war

da-jung to operate to control salsa to

play with to engage in wine or


Theory doctrine

Shizuo electric power source in yen to

such an extent as to down to Egypt can

jar what to think up every possible

method idiom to devise ways and means

shall function far to spend to pay out

useful amount number thermal cloth

wrapper a bundle wrapped in cloth

bothell to act for oneself autonomous

the tool to plunder to rob

Luud or grand prosperous long gone

adequate sufficient console an outline


uncle lecture to make a speech

yangjia at that time originally thankful

successive generations successive

dynasties levi to screen to shield yeah

who lasting enduring jiggle anesthesia

figure to poison s bees mind Massey

disliked to neglect I'm on situation


kantha to spread to proliferate cool

aside toy plaything whyyyy are emergency

relief to help the needy with cash or

goods Georgie splendid glorious whoo-ha

shipping boats from poor to inspect to


yeah yet to fear to dread

leaky find a place for help settle down

IG model modeled motion clever witty

newly lonely solitary cool to use fully

to put to use sugar firefighting fire

control chiffon potential capacity

chilly to disturb to perturb Yamla dense

thick fog clouds etc non whole to

consolidate consolidation uncool to

award to confer show you conveniently

without extra trouble facial evildoer

malefactor by fool to break out to erupt

offer three-dimensional solid lead you

to be convinced to accept

food cheap rice crops

ah cool if in case josh it captive fool

to be born

daishan care get your cartoon mawa

preparations to get ready for us th

Colby Republic hug wall up right regular

London good fortune to enjoy good


Fuji majestic sublime fungal vestige

mark ng knee

choukai to dissect an animal to analyze

Gipp whole sheep and find attractive in

price and quality o may jog in bond

debenture right yet pottery and

porcelain ceramics pasa disease sickness

GPM unprecedented and never to be

duplicated the first and the last home

change it hope to understand to


Liam quick to collapse to grumble funky

bald blonde pool a share in a company

stock Wolfen physical resonance

sympathetic response to sth immune to

bribe a bribe

hello to distinguish to differentiate

from bein hard solid gin you to thwart

to obstruct sth so now to simplify to

reduce jr. before previously junkie

dialect why how fortunate timing

occasion she G Nam insensitive

mahmu in a great rush in a flurry ha

document ones yet conquer subdue young

fool to take good care of or conserve

one's health to keep in good repair

oh yeah funny ridiculous Kershaw


for sure to separate oneself from to

break away from Paulie

stubborn obstinate one who laps mistake

she will to assault two pounds fool

tough and durable tenacious

Gendron entranced trance music genre for

sun rays of light brilliant race

huama case vah alley orange tree orange


Cheung prosperous

xiaochun the latest

enclose fashionable chic on position

place fully wholesale both trade fifa to

conclude to determine blunt view

tumultuous situations both harsh on you

to oppose to set has th against Billy

consciousness awareness issue honest not

coercive linji hardworking and frugal

chin yet Tarak to shake yaha profit gain

you need to yearn for to look forward to

Jean WA to warn to admonish call get to

be destroyed to become extinct Mira

hostile malevolence easy to insult to

humiliate rule to yield to adapt to

chin jaw crash breakup fancy to send

back information feedback funky to

witness to see at firsthand module

military rank level GB it to leak of

information liquid etc to divulge solo

to waiver swaying a building in an


y'all by decent honorable junk you faith


Soumya to cause to result in she she

fight over contest gumbo

residents tenement George I to transfer

to maneuver troops etc yodel to dream of

to hope in vain Mancha to freeze loan

wage price etc oh yeah site in

dispatches commend yo John to shift to

move not talent gift

hence hi baby

small child voila always all along show

my Turab

chant you to restrict to limit to usual

overseas Chinese watch all way channel

would you National Harbor Bay serving as

harbor Gong one outstanding

distinguished get fool it's just perfect

it's just right cha hak foo space

satellite with you inside story

non-public information name'll think

deeply ponder

Siuslaw arrangement of ideas

administrative level heung-soo each

respective good aesthetics appreciating

the arts show me consult chin jaw

deferential with respect want you to

pinch with one's fingers to need knit to

divide often fan chunsu might inspiring

authority wave on receptacle vessel

skel technique chee-chaw sharp pointed

and the tip jimplin lit warp and weft

and weaving vertically and horizontal

Hong Kong matchless will be too beat up

to come to blows

hola to provoke provocation ciaossu rare

and commendable estimable

Kukui - revenge oneself to avenge our

whole quiet

Jeju private personal to exploit

exploitation to promote to a

higher job to select for promotion Kiba

bridge figure connection between two

areas chalga to suspend to hang Shinhwa

children's fairy tales luxuriant growth

idiom flourishing shoes shoes jungle

food and drink you formerly in

olden days she to tend to take care of

SB oh yeah

to chip away

tasks and not abandon it idiom to chisel

away it has th gr Busha loud and clear

resounding Sonia grave solemn songs one

maintenance of equipment to protect and

maintain we shal to shock to astonish

thank you to irrigate one guy to be

amazed to be surprised

Gucci wrinkle : scatter dispersed

fun fun of alcohol to ferment of a

crisis to be brewing jigna to excavate

to dig watch it to exist to survive

something to shift to divert or distract

attention etc ye to expose to bring to

light give a danger concealed within sth

hidden damage in what speech expression

of opinion genuine slander libel FIBA

lit thousand ways a hundred plans idiom

by every possible means kin-fung by G

tent coloring so it's high to lead to be

in front

yeah athlete contestant Cheryl ceremony

you ship to Revere high esteem want you

saying world-famous

she should let me second place in a

sports contest runner-up yeah key to be

fascinated to be captivated call me

flexibility elasticity physics -

triangle Suns y'all to step across to

stride over qua to ravage to ruin food

fun to consecrate to dedicate function

fishy smell shoot army troops Findley


Frankie dictatorship boots hi popular


giman opportunity favourable

circumstance gb dispirited and downcast

idiom listless William thought hi

astronomy human to make headway to make


Jinja prestige distinction show you in

the end after all is said and done

dong-chul careless negligent hoffa

equator of the earth or astronomical

body should carefree and without worries

idiom well woody Prefecture state for

example of us

Joel vegetarianism so will ye


to have the runs

convenient easy ble strictly

prohibit Indian official by the

government Kwan Fong make the decision

take charge of module routine everyday

business Chun plain flat surface print

media human silly stupid beautiful

former original Yin Yin equipment to

equip from bait to catch fire to ignite

foul malady evil BB rare rarely seen

again all along the whole time Aisha lit

new bud figure new and original she new

tailor dressmaker

- pragmatic dealing with concrete issues

grand imposing only to check on

receipt and inventory of received goods

usual to save to remedy when you're to

get into a habit to become addicted

Xiang Yu popular to popularize

Fuji to test to put to the test call yet

basket huh traditional Chinese character

fun kids told indifferent lung that

he'll the more the more II experiment


sure yet secrete for me aspiration

ambition awful sovereignty fool chen

investigate look into 3 jul 2 2014

interchangeable Homura - attack -

assault jingle reward remuneration bog

hole degree rate mg to struggle


jeong-ja to mistreat to maltreat you a

thigh with extent

little regularly at regular intervals

pinchy delicate squeamish jockey inner

quality basic essence Sujit to Force to

compel people tone of voice the way one

speaks called sheep Jasper

BV to reset to boycott eejit

intelligence intellect chilli used-up


huija threshing-floor

classifier for events and happenings

spell episode about cha to contract to

undertake a job humble storm violence

commotion foam ball judicial

administration of justice

subha negligible insignificant we will

do it all

hardworking industrious shinchon to

forge to fake we thaw

atmospheric pressure barometric pressure

xie corruption corrupt fooled by

fishermen fisher folk you mean an

instant sanskrit sana split second

China worldview world outlook

Jaquan worsen

to split up to divide fully to release

to set free Shifa to comment on to

discuss human to vow to pledge fashion

salary wage sufi fun interest Kili the

person himself i humble form used in

speeches benjin seeking instant benefit

idiom short-sighted vision looking only

for fast return she can kill eat

together to collect Haji too much

excessively well to handle to take care


we'll get gnashing one's teeth idiom

displaying extreme anger

Yaya kitchen announcement to post

information she she absolutely


unbridled would you that position inter

ranking of names

musa delight pleasure lucky abundant

affluent fool you after one's heart

idiom gratifying and satisfactory can

you rule you to promise to undertake to

do something uh no sound of activity or

people chalking news of activity want

you to sail to fly house you

prerequisites rules that must be known

before starting sth she JIT spinning and

weaving funky millimeter ha me to be on

the alert vigilant junkie to recognize

to identify the engine to metal to

intervene guyue an unforced

accident being cool

publicly known to be accepted as engine

principal theory Yeley candidate hose

yet college entrance exam hall

appearance manner shanghai to practice

fraud to cheat so a be creek rivulet she

live broadcast not recorded direct

internet broadcasting reverse side of

sth opposite side of some topic I'm yet

to extend to spread my year to grow to

cultivate therapy to struggle to wrestle

in boy to subsidize subsidy but here to

act on behalf of SP in a responsible

position to act as an agent or proxy

highly aloof indifferent wasn't usual to

look for

Jimmy rules regulations John come to

dislike suspicions ship radio show young

G to take cleave gossip to be disgusted

with to dislike fungi to spare no effort

idiom to do ones that most gingerly to

accompany to follow fancy to undertake

to accept a contract

chungbang exchanging conventional

greetings to talk about the weather

- bacterium germ she can set back

reverse pooja expression or emotion

showing in one size meaningful glance

yes n saturation baka expenditures pay

high jet engine transliteration in queue

to set up to establish truly beautiful

wonderful mania uprising insurrection

she to take a bath to bathe more you to

leap to jump you'll get calligraphy


so far play the part of act by yet pause

Jinpa live in peace and work happily

idiom i'm julia mainstay filler schedule

request SB to do sth please pool on the

other hand

conversely finds it flicker twinkling

Changsha graham unfeeling lung cool

sunny and cloudless sheila to answer to

reply baffle educational background

academic qualifications chilly sensation

stir blue wing

II to love sth too much to part with it

idiom to fondle admiring Li I official

direction points of the compass fondly

to deduce to infer ya ye to exert effort

or pressure she job to warn to admonish

jingle intrinsic to sth inherent who

you'll decide by vote vote yogi to

accept to adopt China to float to hover

puffle awkward embarrassed

gonca to bury my tongue to quote to site

in your area region

she saying to sum it up Wiggin body to

excite to raise up so close

IVA limit extreme boundary she's here

main point essential yoga personality

integrity djenka to develop to make full

use of fire young to encourage to urge

Julie arbitrary at will je subject


Keith hi to pick up to callate or


spacious wide contra ignorant uneducated

you may rule regulation qui gong vanity

human characteristic distinguishing

feature or quality kusa accent call you

in direct jin-joo interest rates really

to draw support from with the help of

jewel on end in a row Julian in sequence

step-by-step idiom to make steady

progress incrementally change agent you

basin low-lying geographical feature

depression hundy chased virtuous simply

to tread on to step on um to pass away

to die

momentum manner she

Lord nobility basal difficult part

Jimin lofty quality metal she got trail

clues chisel keen sharp memory shape

form zoom high singsing district of

Dandong city thank you

among the people popular means yet all

over from head to foot version paralysis


Bobby injection to inject foucha

radiance glory

gwanghui insect

clingfilm durable neon absurd ridiculous

a mule to assist by the arm to mix hunt

industry estate

hi-yi to express in words or writing to

make a speech Jitsu to give a name to to


Mew Mew firm decisive what what symbol

mark full ha superstition

music bowstring string of musical


sure mark indication shisha to weaken

jool to beat up to break to pieces

so handicraft article handiwork home you

can to take effect to go into effect

Cheung sha Islamic Muslim human to

restrict to restrain usual to write

literary work foods or to reside to

dwell evil system of enforcement

feudalism funky to hack to chop Pete

human sympathy humanitarianism

Randolph foam soap bubble palm or only

nothing else

wolfy to worship adoration

shown by to waste to spend Hoffy

definition do ye vehement fervent

conquer personal oneself fusion top

priority job matter of vital importance

pooja-ji gorgeous funny title heading

bulky unreasonable shocking blue Shinhwa

clear limpet

Kouta tool and to come ashore and rule

to be done by a certain date lasting a

certain time

wait she beyond belief

preposterous Hong Kong to chew she get

naughty troublesome shall not you ramble

noise so you can't help cannot but boy

Yoda to erect vertical school to serve

to act as a Valley whole daily renewal

monthly change idiom everyday sees new

developments Hughie to breathe deeply to

pant fine sheep happy cheerful joyful

rich sumptuous

function to climb to pull oneself up

hunt them to choke to stifle it upper

reaches advanced position Sanyal

intentional deliberate choong-soo to mix

together disparate substances to mingle

Java to create to produce

transyl attract worldwide attention

vehicle move to call to dial bhava to

speak in defense of to argue in favor of

Yahoo custom tradition

she saw filial piety to be obedient to

one's parents Xiao chuan

- we've tuned it Benj it to look

distracted to stare blankly

learn deficit financial loss Quisling


use one throat larynx :


only extra added

blow by to emerge in large numbers to

spring up young here

meteorological feature shisha curio

antique Google local conditions and

customs idiom fun cool thank you

hydrogen chemistry cue and extremity but

to involve to touch upon a topic should

G otherwise or else

Yamuna degrees

Shasha dual Fountainhead Wellspring yen

Chen aggressiveness gumption Zhang

Zhijun Nook corner Jolla to suffer a

calamity it's all young business

transaction business steel Joey

substandard products defective solution

to hit with hands or fists to start work

bushel plain simple shell conch


group black sheep on cancer

I've done isolate isolated bully at the

scene on the spot dong-ha clinical

lympha year for example school year

fiscal year handle to hold contain

shun to endorse to support young fool

inconceivable idiom unimaginable boo

kazooie clear of liquid limpid chunky

lit mommy wrapped in red as a gift a

bonus payment hornball to consult with

to talk things over

sheesh on best feature most important

part of an object June wha similar

analogous Lisa to overpraise to flatter

Waja geology digit to hold on to to

clean to

bride groom groom

Shuma goods and materials with regular

and thorough idiom methodically arranged

your couple in with that must care fine

juicy to concede to give in

Jambu mechanism structure Eagle Water

Conservancy irrigation works

Shaylee nanny housekeeper bulb post

office Julie to betray a pot same

uniformly IDI roar of laughter

onomatopoeia hubbub pool pond huh

development trend bankai form

specification gush it household dish

implement or furniture domestic animal

jawohl to damage to injure my to patrol

police army or Navy in law to withstand

to resist be calm what one sees and

hears knowledge Jim one to count to


cool recite repeat from memory base one

metaphor analogy be you take office

assume a post Georgie a foots move sways

the balance idiom to hold the balance of

power kids or children

- way to consider hyung guided missile

crews missile thought that temperament

disposition peachy classifier for coins

rings budges pearls sporting medals

rockets satellites etc me distant remote

young yet simplified Chinese character

as opposed to traditional Chinese

character genjutsu transcending high

grade Choji sense classifier for houses

claw stuffing

sure wife's father father-in-law you

fool worthwhile be a good deal us what

aspect face Jimmy to discuss shot huh

cruel cruelty sound cool to have SB look

after SB to entrust the care of SB Utah

wave bola to empathize to allow for

something helia periphery rim golpean at

the minimum at the very least Chima to

age to deteriorate with age trial all

network computing telecommunications

transport etc Internet waaaaaah sample

specimen young king location place

council mainstream ever ever figure the

essential point

Coolio gangster bend it

fate will more and more emerge

innumerable succession tongues will

butcher satisfied with what one has

idiom jeweled Honda a pulse both medical

and figurative my boy ugly repulsive

shoulder heart's blood expenditure for

some project she sprout germ of a

plant Manya pace measured step Bopha

corruption hangeul price cost Gaja

laboratory tests chemical experiment YN

to cut to cut apart the power motion

only to instant boil mutton beef

vegetables etc from agua scene occasion

Chalmette to serve as to act as hold on

eager impatient

Jiki taniwha to nibble huh

pleasure of heavenly agreement idiom

family love and joy Hanlon villa cabin

the hold of a ship or airplane huh

to persecute to torment Jamal

Anson flag

chiju hard to avoid difficult to escape

from nam yet exceptional abnormal eat

huh to infringe on to encroach on xu fun

to attempt to try cool wise

brilliant you mean to break with both

hands but tangible benefit material

advantages simply system setup he/she to

spur on to urge on Benza to visit

Hanwha first month of the lunar year

young get short period of time a moment

gingka matter item

she'sa negative passive shocky - take

care - be careful

lotion to predict prophesy you you

retreat quickly acrobatics jugglery

boshy to tidy up to reorganize jumpin a

little bit slightly really to pick

flowers to pinch chop lion

schism to continue to go on Yankee to

ease tension to alleviate Wonka to

anticipate to expect Illya to cycle to

circulate jin-hwan rich substantial

closure to reflect reflection from a

mirror etc FISA firm firmly Jim cool

aperture opening provincial capital

simply be worthy of deserve to be called

Oakley all each and every yet to

restrict condition should ye castle ruck

chestpiece Chum ball to put in order to

arrange capital

buncha bank filled path hot to punish

punishment is high general mood

atmosphere funky spy intelligence

information gathering symbol to conceal

to hide in be a heavy load and a long

road change one thought yet to explore

to probe console determined by to care

about cool eyes brimming with tears of

excitement idiom extremely moved Julien

clock warp and wolf longitude and


Jinhui symptom of an illness comfo

unusual unique digit position front gen

deep branch classifier for sticks rods

pencils etc to ruin to corrupt by


we walk in silence not speaking

more and more oil petroleum she'll

advanced technology to advance

Jinju leather Higa to complete a

construction project look huh violin

we're shin-soo suitable appropriate she

consciousness awareness jewel to lose

lost you fiber Jim we all of a

sudden hurriedly council cave cavern

pill one to give to impose de

bestseller chart chopping hangzhou

conflict to conflict jong-kul to

elaborate on a theme to expound the

classics full yet to sneer GG 'aww

feeling inferior self abased

debate train a thought emotional state

so he lit I dare not accept the honor

figure I don't deserve your praise will

GaN dong so as not to so as to avoid

me and the two morally degenerate to

become depraved blood law sensitive

susceptible mean got to go hunting

Bhagat treaty pact tell you it want

'only without restraint of enemy or

malefactor gossip noisy glamorous haha

to reveal to display guy fist

clenched fist

chin whole level even in high to throw

sth a long distance to hurl whole

dance with all to refuse politely

political-economic etc affairs work shul

the daily life of a family Joshua to

hear a case shundi superior superiority

you'll get to pay taxes etc Jonah

deposit cash pledge yahoo homework


kunkka father's father paternal

grandfather so full literature and art

ye protein

done by chip burden to bear a burden

fool than to infer a deduction Wiedlin

sincere sincerity change it to burst out

to gush bonfá chain leo saw to agitate

to arouse gordon desolate

sylia arrangement order howdy

not stint not spare well she rushed

about be busy running about envoy prong

everyone ladies and gentlemen

fully admittedly it's true that Aldrin

reserves to store up will be patient


Kwanza arrangement composition OG

physiology chun-li to control to curb

change it repulsive vile couple seldom


nanda blooming in full flower chung-kai

a rally to hold rally punji pit to

defraud come city metropolis

controversy dispute young ye

appropriate proper plop understood by

everyone idiom well-known Yahoo Shaw

plot conspiracy emo an association a

society ship we would rather it would be


nunca conclusion ending get you to plot

to scheme

so far to kidnap to abduct bong-ja

provide assistance aid schedule


greedy karma sharp for example knife

blade incisive only an assertion to

declare casual Gardens park Yellen motto


so you'll mean to cut staff to lay off


hiya artificial men made generally to

display to exhibit surely to show an

interest in to get involved with woman

persistent stubborn OG cheek especially

lower cheek jooa sorry to jump to bounce

boom barbarous uncivilized Yemen defense

funky secret classified information

Jimmy amount sum of money sure proposal

suggestion he to mix to blend digression

gossip Xinhua boundless vast and obscure

mama percentage point by a fund in

inseparably close Jimmy

pleasing to the eye beautiful make one

arms equipment or on massage

I'm more nick clegg vehicle to distort

to misrepresent yg to watch attentively

to fix attention on you to report to

give an account of weibo chinese style

dress chong some sheep halt to inspect

to observe and study aha

able capable elite flourishing bustling

diversification pluralism booyah

for now for the time being

thank you victory or defeat the outcome

of a battle

young fool feel embarrassed or awkward

to make things difficult for someone

wait nine on the verge of close to

billion rumor yaya first original

yes unusual abnormal function veto

to overrule bulge it to raise aloft with

both hands huh

wait measure fun yeah to find to detect

it to train to educate Julia year

after year with each passing year Union

boiled water boiling water

hi free double 9th or yang festival 9th

day of 9th lunar month young get

successive years over many years

Linnea intrinsic innate movie to

permeate to infiltrate simple to probe

to take readings

Hansa to appraise to identify gen view

hollow emptiness

conky add to increase thank you to a

press to repress Yahoo to conceal a

fault to gloss over yeah penalty

punishment Chun ha to inhibit to keep

down Egypt to consider to deliberate

simple track and field athletics can you

moderate policy etc wonka archaeology

kagu statement declaration show new

irrigation ditch medium or channel of


she thought to correspond answering one

another shown you dissolve disband

ji-sun to vote vote hope your precious

simply stripe streak penguin to begin an

undertaking to start a major task

Charlie calm unruffled hornbook law

countermeasure for dealing with a

situation Pizza financial deficit read

letter Shih Tzu openly publicly Gong

Gong to capture to take

kunkka oxygen Yangtze to repair to

perform maintenance surely to hesitate

she healthy environment healthy

atmosphere junkie source of information

etc origin Lyon blistering hot sizzling

hot weather

youngja reputation fame show you policy

guidelines function leave or be a legacy

leftover yellow to disturb to look for

trouble on one clean pure D you get

draft a bill draw up plans

she's ha post announcement

gong-gong to lean on to prop on drool to

stand side by side to be juxtaposed

billy unavoidable a bit too much whim

yet procession

Holly banking finance jingle alarm alert

Jim boom - parrot - crib full memory


jeez you happy entirely free from worry

fool top daydream fantasy home shop to

descend to Johnny posting on a bulletin

board notice will go defend uphold how

we unexpectedly to one surprise booyah

violence use force

Polly to hesitate code fool companion

mate bunny to degenerate to go bad

BMG to denounce to condemn chintha

condition situation people obviously


um you to give thought to others to

consider other people's needs Lucia to

differentiate to find differing aspects

chiefin unrest social or political


Boombah see scale platform balance ba

boundary marginal just yet invitation

card written invitation chunky to resist

to rebell

Bangkok in order to avoid so as not to

email but on the contrary but expectedly

find the Timon to grown show you to turn

over to flip over fun anchorage mooring

of a ship Kimball

Marsh swamp katha excessive over wattle

to complain mine yet to taste the small

amount to sample

gingka to pass on to convey from PAH

exposure for example of photosensitive

material to expose a scandal to the



to dispose to deploy bushel to support

to assist thankful explosion to explode

aha martial arts chivalry Chinese

literary theatrical and cinema genre

knight errant

wha marginal notes annotation

equally matched about the same song

Changsha to be gratified simply to

retort to refute fine boy to develop

growth for you to loathe to despise

music promise prospects pushy bitterness

finishes sweetness begins idiom the hard

times are over

the good times just beginning ho Jin


delicate fine ginger to go bankrupt to

close down Bobby money given to children

as new year present

yes weekend leaflet flyer find that to

shake and boil rock and roll music yawen

sheet Rhonda soil

pooja secrets sth one hopes to conceal

ensue affectionate intimate ginger


Chanyeol to lick to lap yet a bonus to

award a bonus fun home with keen

interest pleasure idiom with gusto gingy

yoli to work with a common purpose idiom

to make concerted efforts she she silly

young childish

Yoji rhythm tempo little to fulfill ones

obligations to carry out a task

do you bumper harvest functional justice

righteous young ye perception

consciousness fidget bullet

so that quarter finance publishing

schools etc season sports shedule in

spite of regardless of Google careful

thorough go meet your clean and honest

fun get to use up to consume johor power

ability to influence chili a trial to

try SB some pot consulate

Lucia guaa official business cool time

skill mournful palace

come get lit draw eggs on a snake idiom

figure to ruin the effect by adding sth

superfluous washa

pencil a certain number or amount how

many your gun

outstanding notable general intent

intention equal for civilian use neon

evolution Jim wah to settle to

precipitate hundy outpatient service man

John jet black dark wolfy short sighted


you to raise animals Chimel naughty


pochi speakers or speaker electronic

acoustics you Jie to haggle to bicker

gego efficacy guangzhou stark Steph

Zhang you to endure to suffer shortly to

make reprisals to retaliate awful to

care about to mind that you to evade to

shun play be essential factor key

constituent Yasu to rap to pack the ball

to expose to unmask general Port harbour

Gong Cole norm standard

we've fun indicates that sth turns out

just the opposite of what one would

expect or what would be normal

unfortunately champion satisfactory you

might entail strenuous effort be a

strain chilly to enforce enforcement

change it

gesture sign so to report to the

authorities to declare to customs symbol

crutches crotch white on try hard to

strive to lead pool to inspect and

verify experimental verification

yunjeong minute shiny

Musial impetus impulse condom the end

end point don't get to confirm sth to be

true to verify junk fly

Faiza enclosure attachment email food

yet third in a race bronze medalist GG

to have a contest with SB to cross

swords julia communication to get in

touch with lien law membrane film more

paper money a bill for example 100 yuan

Hong Kong discontent complained loss all

Minister of a monarchy Doctrine one's

appearance ones aspect ulama to cool off


long ship to be willing to to resign

oneself to guys you will fill headstrong

thank you

to arouse to excite you fought to

approve approval Janka be elected

dongjun pocket bag though to dry in the

air yeah

to draw close to column calm unperturbed

trendy peaceful tranquil I knew to bring

us th to SB news etc Shah

accomplishments training julia to act as

host for them to absorb to draw a lesson

in site etc chichi to prick to run or

stick a needle etcetera into jaw to hit

to strike baki to hire to recruit social


shameful plentiful wretch former Wow

sound of child's crying wha

to lose face children tiles and bricks

Renoir cliffside yeah copy specialized

subject branch of medicine franca

posterity later periods

hold thy summer camp shall do you very


extremely one thing to complain to

grumble all yet

wide open spaces high cool fork in road

bifurcation ha symmetry symmetrical

bacon contribution meritorious service

boon law tunnel

seiga to move up and down to undulate

shifu to become exhilarated idiom in

high spirits huge above all happy joyous

she get to found establish

Charlie to correct to make a correction

young-jun fable yen category five whole

minutes written summary of a meeting

Geo according to basis eg to bind to

restrict sure fool lack incomplete info


omit field plain jr. cruel mean hydrogen

a struggle fight token as everyone knows

idiom John saw George a mathematical

operation inside line of thought

thinking suey peak summit golfin to

bring back to life to revive for Lantern

unknown death deadly salon justice

fairness boom ball diamond slash it

expert in good at Nashville to vomit

Oh fool to advocate to initiate

chantall by fair means or foul by hook

or by crook who shall I submit an

expense account apply for reimbursement


meaning implicit in a phrase implied

meaning ie tip of branch Shaw to

eliminate to remove shock pool faucet

tap say long-haul to break new ground

for agriculture to open up a new scene

Keuchel to leak information to divulge

shit'll investigate dialectical benjamin

to incline to lean choose to cover

fool guy to ensure to guarantee bojong

to tour sightseeing Guang Guang some

Songza to cast poor metal into a mold

truth all hurricane typhoon - to race

ciao energy capabilities nunya

inspiration insight Linga to stir to

agitate Java to process processing

gakuen to sever to break off budget to

try to attempt cha

rogue Coulomb yo Hmong fears of trouble

in the rear idiom family worried ho geol

to follow ESPYs tracks to tail fins on

to satisfy a craving to get a kick out

of sth will you to evaporate evaporation

come feh suppose that hypothesis Joshua

a defect a flaw

she's yet to cut the ribbon at her

launching opening ceremony

Jen's high sense of smell

she'll get to understand to comprehend

Lin wool to prompt to present Keisha

strict tight organization surveillance


Yemi eliminate get rid of cute fool to

fish out from pocket to scoop hall to

declare one's position to say where one

stands yokai to fix a seal to sth icon

to drain to drench you as before

still Eagle invitation card written

invitation King yet other other people

Jenya to obscure to confuse puns y'all

to form to organize zoo practical

down-to-earth Hoshi brave heroic

cranly it time difference time lag

hah incessantly without end

grade class

dongsu to fire to sack yeah cool

sure seaside - cannot bear cannot stand

okay to defend to safeguard bali dialect

Vanya horn automobile alarm siren

musical etc which produces a sound


lava to meet by chance to come across

fun grieved sorrowful bi head beheaded

by weasel to fish up to dredge up law

hammer to hammer into shape

sweet isn't Glenn County and Ching Hebei

sumo so far up to now she can wager

porridge of rice or millet Joel to sell

to peddle fun my initial preliminary

trouble to be convinced to be sure

you to submerge to drown yahwah to

express sympathy

greetings consolation etc women to urge

SB to complete a task beautiful too hard

to collect schultz huh dispirited


she saw remedy butyou're to be jealous

to envy diddle tactics

casual current situation

Xinhua cautious and conscientious young

junior year shareholder stockholder

golden happy and excited idiom in high

spirits jingles highly hard to take

embarrassed mankind to fail to live up

to expectations unworthy of trust

whoa fool situation existing state of

affairs should high to brag to chat

dialect when you'll be in motion to move

use you to implement to put into

practice quanta conscience

young-soon messing last

function role jitna diploma won't you

hospitality to treat guests well haka

have no way out have no alternative look

at nasa alcohol ethanol ch3 ch2 Oh

Georgie everyone gives their own view

Georgie get pavilion premise

precondition can he stop up close up

pizza tree trunk stump tree root cool

sight vision

Mooka there is no whore men might as

well Bopha

to repay to reimburse

one stove

leuthar impatient idiom in a hurry

what would you die to play with to

juggle schwa rescue

Changjo carbon dioxide co2 our young hot

hot look style Mulia to run quickly to

travel quickly i'm sure to continue the

struggle idiom to persist Thank You Ally

to be eager for too long for Bob Buddha

to grow usually of abstract things to


su-gyeong to dive to go underwater

Chevy Canyon go

Jaggu improve Kalia media medium make it

to dazzle dazzling

y'all yet to differentiate to

distinguish Jim be to spoil thinks

through excessive enthusiasm idiom bomb

Yahoo John cavity empty condom cement

fini ranks troops fool to ensure to


with all serene eyes --as robust strong

ginger appropriate proper push on to

describe to portray

me away as quickly as possible as soon

as possible June qui to gamble doable

to separate to isolate early to control

to supervise gentle trap snare

Jinpa classifier for houses or buildings

ridgepole old to establish to fix end

you rhyming couplet boolean sing the

praises of extol good for to complement

one another idiom xiangfu Zhang trunk

go on journey leave Ocean taboo to avoid

as taboo chiefly race competition

June sigh born of the same parents

fellow citizen or countrymen ball outer


hi cool diligent and attentive assiduous

Chinkin to settle a bill to close an

account yes what to call to appeal

hoggle to be in flood to overflow the

banks Pharma to drag to haul dry

frequently often in fine clever

quick-witted julia full of youthful

energy idiom vigorous call sheet humble

to keep to maintain lead to find

the time to do sth : organism living


jung-woo smash smashed saw field of view


she get to hold or embrace in one's arms

law arable and to plow land Gumby Savage


qionghua preface introductory remarks

she in impotent idiom powerless one

angrily to sum up to two total kwangji


oh my free no charge wood huh pattern

style why should a modal particle ma

innovation to bring forth new ideas

function for a time at one time eatle a


Sajal to compel to force shampoo to play

truant to cut classes Honka to bear to

give birth show you to meet meeting pool

to count numbers to keep to one's word

farful to agree to ensign a treaty etc

shampoo to entrap to frame

boundary state ginger button

Milko our advisor consultant woman to

stop to obstruct zulan as it should be

by rights idiom proper and to be

expected as a matter of course

leaves or dongjun remote desolate hampi

attendant on an airplane train boat etc

chun-yin for example for instance he

rule issue promulgate bonfá anxious for

quick results idiom to demand instant

success do you children fix number of

people quota moola gunpowder oh yeah

abundant plentiful Sean P troop

arrangement battle formation jingling

tracks trail Sanji perpendicular

vertical Fiji put an end to

fragment of speech etc extract from book

etc hint but fortunately unexpectedly

chacha constitution of a country chinfa

behavior moral conduct

he's you to levy a fine to impose a

tariff junction

opportunity to live to reprieve from


chunky puzzled bewildered Naaman are to

model to mold sooth aw

Megan exception

d why to defraud to swindle top here

event happening should yet time era

su Guang the North Pole the Arctic pole

baiji to pinch ring new hey hey to hint

to indicate an idea to SB she'ii deluge

flood or fee the lottery lottery ticket

hi Cal thorn splinter soup co-op me fun

natural gas hindrance she discouraged

dejected should she to follow the past

and herald the future idiom part of a

historical transition Jiwon highlight

Islands all ye reason since Chile

refreshed rejuvenated chuan quite reward

prize jeong-ja

it goes without saying it is


oh yeah argue quality hinge it to puzzle

to confuse me aa series julia fertilizer

Coffee to seal to close won't be as much

as possible to the greatest extent Julia

to scold in a loud voice to you on

hunger starvation

Sheila to sign an agreement cheerful to

shelter from to keep out good

luster splendor Gwang hi humble humility

changement slander defame huh well

fitting of clothes

pushin to flatter to laud ESPYs

accomplishments creep on line of sight

she's yet a statue a Buddhist image

docile to take part in an election to

run for office

ginger to study meticulously to delve

into so yeah craftsmanship workmanship

shall ye easy with no difficulty King

our eg cluster collection piggy fussy

kalki heavy drinking to get drunk she

Joel knowledge gain

shinza hostage

jenji large building edifice

Tasha to choose to pick yet overall

situation Genji quick-witted tact eg to

press to squeeze yaha origin to

originate CBN think of long for Sidney a

married couple husband and wife full

full outward-looking extrovert

what'ya turnover in cash or personnel to

have enough resources to cover a need

Childre clear-headed sober choose you to

allocate to provide maybe a whole year

average year chun-yin to resolve to

decompose Bunji having lived through

many changes awesome song song tall and

straight Kimba nearby in a close

neighborhood George in unimpeded


in short in a word sonar Eng everybody

everyone Baha are empal complete shizzle

jacques pierre motto defendant bagel

compartment gap gingka consort mate

hey all prevention and cure function

damp moist talk persons in

or implicated party to an affair oxygen

blank space home by scene view funk want

a feeling of shame shield

crystallization crystalline get you to

examine to check up on hatha to decline

to fall

right way back up

Ethan at worst if worse comes to worst

Booya result outcome jiggle clear to put

in order Hughley to tire tired pika -

hold in store to contain untapped

reserves etc huh infection to infect

Ganga to glitter brilliant Harlan in

general more or less

baki false phony she JA Coulomb rascal

wilai to surround to encircle all we to

disdain as beneath contempt but here

equal side effect for you

fortunately soon halt pregnant to have

conceived why you to rotate to revolve

chinfa daughter-in-law wife of a younger

man Shifu consistent constant equal to

act jointly to form a partnership full

of a check etc to cash to honor a

commitment we get in a difficult

situation to cut a sorry figure

long be to start to launch button to set

up to establish surely to Revere to

admire gaya to appoint and nominate

Jammu to examine to investigate Changsha

Tobruk no delay to demand immediate


my strategy can be technique trek so far

you might as well do it simply

so you to expand court for to open one's

eyes wide to stare at em lit actual

location the scene of the incident

Jinja inflation hong kong job to

discriminate against discrimination she

should hook gozu to obstruct to hinder

so I trend tendency Shuja to search to

look for us th so school survival of the


Yoshi only it hi to hand over to explain

yoga to say or gasp and admiration high


Sun pot trademark logo shank y'all nasal

mucus sniffle be cheap to squander money

extravagant woohoo

and then what follows next June are to

interfere to metal Gaja

smart clever bloomin way of life ecology

chun-tae tactics to be tactful so do it

to fight to scuffle gotcha

earring art one-act action people

without any sense of shame unembarrassed

whoops busy bustling my mom put

emphasis on to stress collage one energy

vitality holy to embroider

sure to increase steadily to grow with

each passing day

eg thumb to shake to jolt in Ville man's

world the world engine to adjust to

regulate Cal get public relations

boom Guang organ part of body tissue

apparatus shi quan benefit shall ye

buttocks bottom Eagle ready-made readily

available Jin from to rent to lease so

lien complicated winding

Kuja to bind to tie sure the Internet

Julio hua to threaten to Menace Kwanzaa

diathesis long segment of a bone figure

backbone will got to tell lies Safa an

attack especially surprise attack raid

Shiki precipitous dojo prejudice

and yet similar to appearing to be yo

rule to clasp to cup the hands huh

enlightenment revelation she should

narrow tight sha notarization notarized

Boojum to appear to emerge

Chung's yet descend on a mission to

dispatch hye-jin currency monetary hobby

to bind

Kumba territory lien fool dialect what

shock border area borderland bins young

asked for instructions kingship once

bosom the state of emotions breast my


aha just fair Boojum to monitor to

oversee Jessie gentle soft yoga cell

biology she ball forum for discussion

runtime delicate fine Gigi impoverished

poverty input transfer technology goods

etc conveyancing property fine job

comrade homosexual slang funky profound

deep ami to speculate on financial

markets opportunistic hoji proportion

specific gravity beach one rapid sudden

GG friction rubbing

more top distinction excellence clog it

infant baby you are to ask a question in

reply to answer a question with a


found one hail hail stone bin ball to

occupy to hold thank you to flee to

scuttle fun devil

Mowgli cultural relic historical relic

one rule to consult to discuss seriously

sport on to reverse to turn around an

undesirable situation yoga to retrieve

to redeem well we real pure evil

apparently it seems that hi my work and

rest so he supplied is

me demand on bullion kill funds

expenditure goofy to cause s B's death

very yummy occasionally from time to

time our moral character Hinda to love

dearly the pain of love Jim phone to

join together to combine Shinji wife of

father's elder brother and one move to

criticize to find fault with GZA

compensate makeup boot huh to expose to

reveal fool mission diplomatic or other

set task shimmy to bask in the light

figure to benefit from association with

SB or sth jang gwang propriety

appropriate behavior funds would summary

abstract hey y'all

- forecast to anticipate Lilia kindly


I lament with a tinge of emotion or

regret gonca boundary border been get to

carry especially slung over the arm

shoulder or side quoi arrived reach a

destination pita to be oriented towards

orientation Basha to swear an oath of

office to make a vow change it to

prevent to guard against funky flight

unfavorable situation for you to string

together to mix up try gentlemen

change it strong solid gosh it let it be

let it pass so Emma to differ

discrepancy between jean-jacques


quand I to sow seeds sowing boardroom

criticize keep Hut refined educate

subin i wink to signal with one's eyes

yessuh honest forthcoming

and by law case legal case yet center of

gravity central core don't you

central middle from young to entice to

lure Yoho in writing written guarantee

etc Schulman only just ie it is only

that label mobilize arouse oh yeah

stately Vanya sullen depressed you'll

you higher authorities superiors chunky

military campaign kyyy bright clear-cut

shimu or paddle jaw specimen sample

galvan structure pattern cookie to

detain retention Jahlil to tell to

instruct phone fool to seek truth from

facts idiom to be practical and

realistic she should kill steelyard

roman balance

Cheung Alliance Union Lee among to cover

the whole area to be found throughout

bimble Hey ow aisle the outside world

external mic it firmly resolutely either

to drift about to wander Lola disease

prevention protection against epidemic

far ye perseverance will power elite to

trade to carry out commercial activities

jinzhong of cooking to boil for a long

time to endure Oh to collude with to

collaborate with go get husband's

parents parents-in-law hua in order in


it's a prosperous thriving Shinhwa to


ornament env2 spiral to circle - to

wrestle to fight although even if even

though GPA to appeal to revoke Kershaw

reconciled smooth in fragmentary random

lose you to feel about to grow about

Mosul blazed flame well yet to suspend

to hang up y'all to rely on sth for

support etc to depend on e call human

nature humanity thank you

to sum up to summarize Greenock to

organize to host a conference or sports

event cool but warned well Jim bias

deviation intro to break through to make

a breakthrough poopoo spinnel saliva

poem or to interfere obstruction guard

all to filter - name term of address

Chun ha friendly polite lucky to put up

with to tolerate youngjun based on in

conformance with Punja to lift to raise

in height shin chi rights and benefits

je complexion she'sa vision eyesight

surely stem gee Betty

chachi to broadcast to transmit Bopha to

develop to evolve

Jungian turbid muddy enjoy to show

restraint to repress anger etc deny to

maintain that sth is true to determine a

fact India to trust to have confidence

in Shimla accuracy exact Jimmy to issue

to proclaim bamboo to put one's hand to

it to start out on a task social take


changjun to offer for sale to sell fuel

my outlook prospect

qionghua extreme g1 diligent industrious

in one studies you are going rough draft

material contributing to a final

document yet defect fault plush it


FIFA pros and cons advantages and

disadvantages leave high to make trouble

without reason idiom deliberately

awkward will eg not always throughout a

period of time ly ly to bow

chica to procure for an enterprise etc

to purchase cycle contemplate

contemplation chance to do with

difficulty to force SB to do sth

Muench are protective screen huge on up

to a time by a time

Gidget frontier border thank you bravery

gallant Union to investigate to probe

con Paul elder generation can't be poem

for singing tune she'sa

desire longing yuan tributary River

Giulio head of state yes all appropriate

suitable chaga

to be published to come out

where's she to radiate radioactive

function respond to answer shall you

malpractice abuse be blunt to settle a

dispute out of court to reconcile huh

get College all day long all the time

come here to publish to issue stocks

currency etcetera

Fache you to open up to set up copy


Hong Kong to reach an agreement to

accomplish back home potable water water

with low salt content fresh water Fe

base of operations industrial or

military base GD p-- sequence order

sushi oder sense chewy weak frail Swede

rule to turn upside down to reverse in

ball as far as

ones capabilities extend idiom to the

best of one's ability Leesville monkey

domesticated animals livestock young

fool to handle to deal with faithful

draft legislation proposal etc haha

meaning content move on to load or

unload to transfer funky melody rhythm

candy lateral side side come yet


thank you vague faint yet to heed to pay

attention to leads hi to heckle rowdy

cheering huh

difference of opinion position

bifurcation funky weak frail vow to

fight to battle John Bull anxiety

anxious Georgie harmonious friendly


youngja to build to construct showed you

the way of the hegemon despotic rule

bothell blood pressure

yeah to break to snap print unify to

depend on to be dependent on Eli local

flavor local style only slave nollie

attitude of the heart state of one

psyche schimper to bear to endure

initial statistics to count

punky to suddenly realize to suddenly

see the light long vowel anniversary

annual Joan yet to bear hardships should

cool the truth about sth the actual


Jinja to condense to coagulate noon key

to convert to exchange do what regular

according to standards junk we one's

thoughts mind

Shinya are to involve to implicate

chinfa to watch attentively to gaze

rotten decayed flugel not in the least

none whatsoever ha woo host official

host boondoggle dry and dull

uninteresting who thought habitually in

the past as one used to do formerly want


to dominate to allocate cheap a

subsidiary auxiliary fool corridor aisle

so long capital as in capitalism

Zubin to repay to requite Baba as one

wishes according to one's wishes see you

to take precautions to guard against

emergency jiffy to negotiate relating to

Joshua ambition wild schemes yes you

armed be the Dragon Boat Festival the

fifth day of the 5th lunar month one

would get to surpass to exceed call you

bumpy and even odd pool crude course

fool chest

joon-ha locomotive motorized jiggle to

race to rear

tsuya shield harbor all be careless


hulloa to deposit money to save for he

spectacular magnificent sight drunk one

nursing ie assimilate some branch of

culture seeped in Jim Hall

radar loanword later to delay to extend

Yankee to establish to Institute chilly

appearance face Myanmar day and night

period of 24 hours

Julia foreground Vista changing Tirat to

become gangrenous fool at morning

memorial service etc free publication

hangeul assailant murderer social white

light pink finsih to assure to guarantee

agua false hypocritical Schiele to

discipline SB to punish wolf in

fluorescent screen TV screen young-kyu

to neglect to overlook hold it

expression look chenza to revive rebirth

for you

exceptional outstandingly good yoyi

top-quality front ranking allele wishing

one could do sth to hate to be unable

hung buddha intermittent off and on

blind blind fishy desolate

hongou roar or howl of an animal bellow

of rage whole artificial manpower genkan

a list to list

Liat you to be good at to be expert in

Changsha tire pneumatic tire

hi current trends the present situation

shishi suspicion be suspected of je to

imagine to assume xuxa to use other

people's experience to borrow from a

source yeah yeah biography from G to

associate to contact Java frequency

Chile estrangement Gotha idiom no

comment luca fungal current today's

donkey remember with concern worried

about ng firm and substantial solid yes

to break away from to cast off old

ideas etc by cool clearly demarcated

sharply contoured immune deed past


Shuji generation an era should thy

native language mother language Mui

barrier obstruction jeonghye

to feel sorry for a person / sth that

should have happened why he to keep sth

confidential to maintain secrecy balmy

classifier for ships etc so to pay

attention to to emphasize children of an

area rich in resources of a person

gifted or Abel Gideon akin to hope to

awaken to come to realize vision wink

gah severe strict Yeley spacious and

well lit open and clear kyla personal

strength ones special ability or strong

points good huh to hope for us th to

count on Shula to dare to to be brave

enough to you begin to develop unfold

carga wealth bridges

- crumbs filings - exist at the

same time to coexist beautifully to

increase by degrees in increasing order

beat them round segment segment of

annelid worms find you

definite exact family

background class origin

pushin to inlay to embed junkie

edek 'it lead you to ban to prohibit

publications customs etc CD fierce

violent criticism etc munguia beaten

exhausted he be distribute omit some

fought to be pregnant to produce

offspring ve oral cavity whole town

waterfall pool pool to misunderstand

- miss Reed would you malfunction

breakdown cool John firm steady

Jim view to reply to an accusation

Abhiyan case

music to hold concurrent posts part-time

ginger to express to reveal one's

thoughts or feelings

Yolo seed Johnson to stop burning to go

out a fire sumit dawn

daybreak Limu dead body corpse should he

wide open to open up

honk I to consign goods to check through

baggage pull you

rocket will get IQ intelligence quotient

shuzhong norm index ship y'all so that

so as to be bin to frame up to make

false charges against Shahi to carve to

engrave yoga to look upon to regard

convoy to breed to reproduce thank you

saying the gains do not make up for the

losses the magnificence


calmly hope

tation Chiwa leader looms you would

rather better new yet Red Cloud's

shop slow and patient chronic disease

- you to become invalid to cancel Sophie

Neal we to neglect to overlook you'll

hold an overall plan taking into account

all factors

pungho chemical substance essence

she get to carry a story to publish in a

newspaper or magazine condom position

standpoint Lita collapse ha

oil paints lacquer

Yoji idiom unable to solve no way to

escape the problem major to block to

stop bullsááá

to prattle to chatter la la ignorance

to get rich font high rare

precious and uncommon

thankee to reject to exclude hi chip

twisting to twine

ciao do at all costs make an all-out

effort jelly you fool to guide to lead

value simple and crude of a room or

building general to approve of to

endorse fun pool to restore to the

original state reduction chemistry yn -

sigh - heave a sigh Chi Chi home

homeland puja military Admiral chess to

check junky equipment material she's

high a phrase final particle la about


so you'll to fawn on to curry favor with

pocket to break in to wear in mocha

drill practice

hauled in fireworks and crackers young

Baba jewel entire year throughout the

year Ronia violent acute Julia to work

to operate salsa to promote to a higher

position you shun to encourage merely to

faster to bring up

fuya discard dump

pochi to implement to carry out

she's paradise heaven King Kong

birds and animals the beasts of the

field and the birds of the air faking

social to keep as a souvenir to recall

fondly Union member group member by.ya

to furnish to provide congee must to

need to will be colony gym indeed

reaction reactionary find one to occupy

a territory to hold Dalian to smuggle to

have an illicit affair so sue post


jool busy bustling Monell sufficient to

so much so that so ye Lantern Festival

the final event of the Spring Festival

Yankee history and decedent's lighly

innate natural here tion ability


Saigon's frequently often past

events former happenings wash it to size

SP up to take measure of dalia the

stream flows without stopping idiom

unending flow Charlie oh boy he a

dispute entanglement law joven concise

brief Yaya enjoy market dominance

monopolize long black law and order

public security situation state of


she without permission of one's own

initiative chunsu body fat chiffon jean

loan word

gee you remember chun-yin senior in

terms of depth of accumulated experience

deeply qualified solution to explain to

justify Benjy a whistle century sha to

think back over sth to review fun to

spread to extend fool reluctant to leave

to hate to have to go Yuliya wide vast

Wonka defend protect against function

expensive costly angry regime wield

political power Junction crack gap

between two objects home see macro macro

scopic hung Kwong prose essay someone to

compose to constitute look hung to


impression Yasu lifelong all one's life

ocean example model uh yeah

to govern to administer chilly to come

out to emerge ship guide

chantal lane Ali Shah ignorant to have

no knowledge of sth manga to assist to

aid for tool race/ethnicity console

admission discharge - chairman of the

board chairman ah

immediately presently say ji Dam diva


Thank You PAC package Bhagwan elegant

refined well yeah

to violate to be contrary to we'd be to

follow to abide by function heartfelt

though hearted don't you to attack to

accuse monkey property assets l'chaim to

hold to contain your not to wash out

illumination by selection hog high books

works Shoji analogy instance FIFA read

aloud read loudly and clearly

land or divine hallo

Chang shun microphone

pothole to have to own gyul media

especially news media maybe magic

marshal to bring together to make do in

a bad situation

polka vocabulary list of words simply

staff officer give advice hi mo jeer

mockery cha-cha report for duty check in

Bothell judgment by a court of law

hi get a musical score sheet music get


to freeze to solidify new cool to break

when driving to stop chakra deaf and

dumb deaf mute Lumia give as a present

present as a gift someone in view of

seeing that Jing to complete a contract

to reach a deal

Chung's y'all vast and limitless idiom

in the span of time would you would you

not to have access beyond ones authority

or capability would overthrow be fun

fascinating enchanting mutant condiment

seasoning cow to admire to look up to

Chimpy easy to convenient for bing ones

native place place of ancestry ekwa


jeonhwa totally

playful Hills Julian to be willing to do

sth to be ready to do sth lo ye to carry

on one's person to take with one station

stock stem Jim finances public financial

- male and female is your social

niceties social interaction eautiful to

paint to smear boom or to look in all

directions idiom to glance around boom

Joshua to enlarge to magnify Fonda


Julie fund did you to shoot a projectile

to fire a rocket Basha to eliminate to

get rid of high fool to whistle to

scream Oh JA circumstances situation

choose you part local people

informal older brother's wife

sister-in-law salsa not just in name

only but also in reality idiom

mean food she should expect expected eg

client customer who in the past formerly

you are slow sluggish Shiva inflamed

from in fact

or injury inflammation fire to see what

is right and act courageously to stand

up bravely for the truth

yeah you you me secretary Clerk Fuji to

work hard for us th to resolve on

improvement junkie root arid Gong hot to

trample gin pop preliminary competition

to hold preliminary heats you'd say

changes vicissitudes Bingen to swallow

to gulp well yet to lose to forfeit

so looking up and down actions

booyah day by day more and more GE

harmonious push it apprentice disciple

will be cooking culinary arts hongjen

heavy hard gentle wide-ranging and

profound broad and deep without ution

technical ability skill G none more or

less roughly pocket narrow Chandra

prison can you order command Julia


Wiki to die to catch a disease run to

work hard for to do all one can legion


Asia the traditional Chinese calendar

the lunar calendar Noli wise brilliant

calm you slag in mining ore smelting

drugs jaw to check to contain budget do

not rule to pervade to fill the air

NEMA tabouli

Shifu street vendors stall or stand how

our formula

to feign to pretend to be

to destroy by melting or burning to

obliterate shock we rebel revolt sofa to

toss from side to side

for example sleeplessly to repeat test

eh over and over again

good hyung pay a new year call wish SB a

Happy New Year bunyan boiling a Belgian

food hyung lost not knowing one's

location me to arrest to apprehend

Bible to call on SB to do sth to appeal

to oh you Qi Gong a system of deep

breathing exercises sequel to belittle

to disparage BMV terrain topography

relief PC subordinate underling casual

criminal penal you forgetful


yo son lawsuit accurate precise junky

neck some

purely simply State Council PRC State

Department us a global yen to guard to

protect show cool boat cool to train to

breed hate you scar by early morning

human swelling or lump on skin pimple

good assistant fully Authority

authoritative gently vision yang guang

requirement demand economics sheetal

plate braid pencil clumsy awkward angle

to devote to to dedicate to Chile to

complement to make up for a deficiency

people survey to measure Julia to

grumble loss or parallel of equal rank

thank you to demonstrate to show how to

do sth

ship phan reasoning speculative clearly

outer surface outside music to assign to

entrust a task for you offend cool fun

to doubt to distrust yahoo desperation

forlorn shiva fine powder dust but more

suspense in a movie play etc concern for

ESPYs welfare

Jen yet club

Birnbaum to evaluate to assess Hinkle

very long endless much huh remorse

repentance - calm cool thank you to set

out on a journey sheet hung mass

multitude jingling unfathomable mystery

idiom subtle and ineffable

no immune seem young perhaps maybe

plushy beforehand prior you to

distinguish to discern

should be feasible earnestly xishi

Sepulcher tomb ephemeral special

specific could you clear distinct qc2

warned repeatedly to urge beautiful to

daydream lost in thought father to

extract or or other resource from a mine

to exploit cards hi absence absent

should she peaceful relations harmonious

metabolism biology the new replaces the

old idiom shin-chan fasciae clause of

contract or law Cal quiet to play a

musical instrument to perform music

gentle to abolish to abrogate faithful

to overlap to superimpose won't get

irritable irascible she thought


superlative Golf Hall unceasing torrent

idiom talking nonstop

ha ha muji huge enormous

Honda to compromise to reach terms push

it eternal everlasting young hyung

really isn't being fate the four limbs

of the body

such it to drop to fall it to lie on

ones stomach ha Steamship one fine

material welfare well being fully in

return reciprocation liebe to suggest to

initiate charlie frame framework huang

jia to suppress to inhibit yakit courage

daring holy warship naval vessel gent

you gram severe engine portrait

Shahji to cross to intersect joke ha

theme subject

Kuki compass gin I'm Jen nimble quick

means yet to guard a pass to check on

sth bagua to lose consciousness to be in

a coma

lemme sign mark yogi other people others

vision subject Kumal a groaning sound an

agreement pact GE to narrow ones eyes


to nap

meet at the earliest possible time as

soon as possible

she thought temperate zone 1 by tide

current Kalio now at present

yah complication twists and turns

Soulja to blame to rebuke so qui norm

standard finsih shift in the trend of

events plot shift in a book Tyga

moreover besides Quan Chi to correspond

a correspondence be you Coppermine

earnest sincere thank you to disinfect

to sterilize shuttle a way out of a

difficulty etc fool firm secure lagu to

be invoked to be prevalent chunk you

filthy vulgar

youngsil judgment to referee type i'm to

place to put aside take care of oneself

Bhagwan in every possible way

idiom meticulous label general idea

main idea ie complainant plaintiff Jenka

originally at first

fool at s B's in

on invitation you yell together with

along with the more politically

conservative to guard partial limit gen2

work a shift on duty

goodbye to extract or minerals etc to

refine helium to hint to suggest I ship

vague ambiguous ima to stir oneself up

to race ones spirits symfon considerable

cook one lush

martien modeling mold making

thought you a bright future a rosy

future Jin Xiu Qing Chun individual

rookie to guarantee to vouch for gumball

expiration kanpai passive

people oval ellipse pull yeah

committee member committee we again

motor locomotive bungy to inherit to

carry on you tongue to form a complete

set coherent hate ha - steel dock it to

collapse to disintegrate watch it

accident Schiphol spy

Jim get instrument apparatus Ichi - did

their to hesitate

hi hi public opinion

Yulin expression manner

Shaanxi faultless complete one bit to

subsidise to provide financial aid fool

in front of close to thank you too steep

- Seok Jin Paul not one thread loose

idiom strictly according to the rules

usable goal looking for employment

getting a job Juliet to catch to seize

boardwalk fossil wash it

appetite weak whole bitter cold severe

winter yell hi be bound to be sure to be

do oppressive of weather heavy comon

immunity to disease

Mia ee suppression repression yeah to

mediate to bring parties to an agreement

he'll get to loathe to hate young

intelligent able none time limit

deadline she's yet to splash to spill

poor just recently just a moment ago

Gong Gong a column in a newspaper or on

a news website loml to contrast to

compare people obvious at a glance idiom

uliana to ESPYs face in ESPYs presence

onion tasty to taste good cook whole

period cycle Joji - listen attend

chinkyu to examine or inspect

self-criticism Jim Hall on the eve of to

be about to cheat young to envelop to

shroud longer to give up halfway idiom

leave sth and finished uncool RV pad

koushin yeah screw

los with you to resist resistance become

denomination group high bit to deceive

to cheat sukhiya to rise rapidly to soar

the ocean program guiding principle gone

you common saying proverb so ha

enthusiasm zeal gin pole faithful

to sink into to get caught up

in general imperceptible influence to

influence secretly geomorphic splash

yeah sunset the Setting Sun Jia blind

aimless mammal oh ah or down to up to

Egypt to do ones that most with all

one's might immune to finish to end one

be to expel

- density thickness needle script for

play opera movie etc screenplay sheet

then dissolve solution don't yet

credentials certificate

youngsil disaster catastrophe so not to

incite disharmony to instigate cowboy to

believe in a religion firm belief shuya

remote control yoke on tenacious hard to

defeat one cow to rust to grow rusty

shuns your community should she to slip

away to escape in stealth your diesel


Kayal years passing of time see itself

in itself function to market to sell

pre-shop lawsuit

suicune priority Yoshi robust strong and

solid sure hole to expound a position to

elaborate on the topic

trifle to chop the nail and slice the

iron idiom resolute and decisive

continue here to take turns order in

series fun timid cowardly I'm

commonplace ordinary human vast


yahaa to prop up to support chicken

serious jungle to hold in the mouth yah

harmonious harmony Java to persecute

persecution oh hi reach an understanding

young-kyu to slaughter livestock to

govern or rule die let go have a free

hand functional nature temperament shoot

you still remaining to remain the same

yong-ho wave footer hell yeah to draw up

to draft medium ambition resolve should

she drugs narcotics Vulcan lame

lever pry bar gonca milestone

leave hung bait nest pit or hollow on

the human body

whoa to put up to build scaffolding

ah fantastic wonderful shimmy all

external outside

what y'all to add hail to snow idiom one

disaster on top of another

Joshua to have to possess young your

spirit boldness cheap or common everyday


according to reports it is reported that

GC to concentrate one's attention idiom

GQ mission to expel to deport fuel to

pile up to heap Big E to filter filter

bloody write down record

jeez I grease greasy food you'll need

Gary gladness Varla the most important

of chief importance show y'all file

record Banga enlightened open-minded

Hymie to adjourn to delay Paul yeah soul

spirit bloom when to seek to strive for

mojo letter of the alphabet the move


II opinion view ginger humor wit funky


Jahlil to be located at to be situated

at we to suffer from to endure I

acrobatics sake ambush my fool

celebration ceremony Andy might

formidable power Willie to pair up to

match poppy to return sth to revert we

won speculation to conjecture Pizza

family member family dependent Joshua

Parrish ruin limit taste flavor

Sooey focus focal point

Georgia Adelaide to see idiom an

attractive spectacle

she will not yet element element of a

set Lancel special purpose trip brunch

hung to praise to approve of a young

group organization clunky to erase to

cover traces

masha act against one's will have no

alternative but to although ye to

conceal to hide a taboo subject you mine

instinct but none to work hard to look

after all all to sacrifice oneself to

lay down one's life Susan to signify to

mean you Asia reward as encouragement


proficient jimplin

to follow

pensee deep extreme shington to tap

knock huh one move to gains idiom two

birds with one stone

eq yonder writing written works she saw

to work out to formulate good you to

cooperate partner Gotham Public Security

Bureau lanky misgivings apprehensions

coolly to curb to put a stop to shake it

up surge tensions etc run high gojong

profound abstruse Sanaa earnings profit

Shoei dog

check often frequently

huh Micro subatomic week one sincere

cordial chunky task problem

cookie citizen

immune to pass through to cross trying

it slope what superabundant

to team with Shanghai a strike to go on


Baku lady madam Fujin cautious careful

simple to associate with something in

thinking Leisha offseason slow business

season IG single sale gentle wind idiom

plain sailing you find function dance

homey height above sea level elevation

hi ba to split up to break up facial


she can can't help doing sth can't

refrain from would you honest reasonable

Jumba to perfect sth that is already

outstanding idiom constantly improving

do you told you repeatedly

Etha memorandum aide memoire by Raoul

detective to do detective work

Jinpa obscurity vague how to extend to

spread yes in fertile fable repeatedly

time and again

Lisa bold open-minded

how am i stirring up trouble to invite

disaster Yahoo to suffer to sustain loss

misfortune social style style of work so

fun need not regeneration through one's

own effort idiom self-reliance

Sulli gumption to outline a story to

make a preliminary sketch

gosu just as in the past idiom as before

Iwo Jima Brown salsa to cultivate to

Train Haitian directly head-on collision

union derogatory sense negative

connotation bae village township

children bidding tinder child hope ya'll


safer fear dread honky to look back to

review legal to demonstrate as a protest

a demonstration

Shoei thief wily the paralysis honk what

- take care - look out don't you take a

step my dignity sanctity so yeah

attitude posture Luke hi happy blissful

may my handle grip partial to wake up to

regain consciousness

so seein as before same as usual

kaalia to pull back to shrink show saw

dignity face as in losing face human

bright smart Xu Lu miserable tragic

these fire dispute controversy young

blonde to accumulate to amass to accord

to give gee how can this be so idiom


she owed silly disparity gap

chachi is bound to happen

should be nobly lofty gaucho model

typical case thank you

camera shot in a movie etc scene gin


well willpower Egypt magical mystical

Shaanxi to release to issue Babu

Taoist immortal supernatural entity

sentient haggle over price Punjab to

administer to have jurisdiction over

wine shop striving to be first and

fearing to be last idiom outdoing one

another Jung Jin Qin whole heredity

inheritance eat fine cervical vertebra

the seventh cervical vertebrae in the

neck of humans and most mammals gym fee

patent friendly to correlate with to

correspond to call you exercise practice

Yankee luxurious extravagant should

user consumer young fool birthday

- continuously in an endless stream

idiom lawyer leading scholar of

his time magnate highball to replace the

old with new to renew don't you

forgiveness spare Yahshua to guide to

lead in ball to stop to terminate law

don't get to circulate your home to

commit an offense to violate the law

that's a twin

Shuang ball hi legal person corporation

fadjen to migrate to move shinji to

recycle to reclaim facial of the

government etc prestige and public

reliance we should

The Description of 2513 Advanced Chinese Words - HSK Level 6 Vocabulary