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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Juilliard Third Year Student Adam Driver as 'Chorus' (2008)

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Then it's true what they say about the hotheaded man.

The story grows louder and louder with each Greek who tells it.

I'm afraid of what lies on the horizon.

He will die when he looks around and see what he'd done

for with his dark sword and his mad hand

- he has chopped the herds and herds-men into pieces - Over there!

The time has come for us to hide our faces

and run as far as we can,

or board the shiops and row wherever the ocean will allow;

hounded by sharp words and hard stones hurled by the generals and their men,

we must try to escape his fate!

We will not cure evil with evil,

for if we try, the pain will only grow worse than the illness that brought it upon you.

- Do you see what I have done?

O Sleep, unaware of suffering or pain,

gentle Sleep, breathe bright white light upon his eyes

and heal his foot.

The Description of Juilliard Third Year Student Adam Driver as 'Chorus' (2008)