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- I just got a a great idea.

- [Dad] What?

- Let's go get our toys from there now.

- That is a good idea. Should we go get our toys?

- No. Lets go get more candy.

- Okay, I like that lets go.

- Let's go.

- We're gonna play games at the arcade. Come on let's go.

- Wow.

- [Dad] Did you get it? - Yeah!

- [Dad] Where do you want to go first?

- Wow! I love this game!

- [Dad] This game?

(game noises)

- [Dad] Wow.



We were so close!

Wow. There is goes. It's bouncing!


- [Adley] WOW.

- [Dad] 125!! Adley you won!

- I did?

- [Dad] Yeah! This can do lots of tickets!

Adley good job!

- I just got so many tickets.

- [Dad] You really did.

All your tickets are on the card.

So we can use the card to go buy toys. Okay?

- Kay.

- [Dad] Should we go play more games first?

- Wow I love this game!

Can we get a real candy from it?

- [Dad] Yeah, I think you'll get real candy.

And then when you want to get the candy, push the button.

You got candy! WHAT?!

Where'd it go? It's in there.

- Wow. I got more candy dad.

- [Dad] Yeah you did good.

- I'm gonna get more candy.

- [Dad] Okay, here you go.

Oh yeah!

- Wow.

- [Dad] You got more candy!

- Wow.

- [Dad] What'd you get?

- Lots of these.

- [Dad] Holy cow. You got so much candy.

- Nana. Look!

- Wow.

- [Dad] Isn't that cool?

- Can you hold them?

- [Dad] Yeah. Lets put it all in the cart.

There we go.

What are we playing next?

- Now.. I love that game.

(wheel spins)

- [Dad] Oh you've got to spin this wheel right here.

(wheel spins)

- [Dad] Oh my gosh. She almost got it!

(Dad chuckles)

Okay we've got more tickets, now what should we do?

This one?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Dad] All right.

Okay you've got to throw the balls.

(game sounds)

- [Game] What a shot!

(balls clinking)

- [Game] HAHAHA game over.

- [Dad] Woooh. Good job. You got tickets.

- [Nana] Go go go go. Stop.

- [Dad] Adley you just won a hundred tickets.

- YAY.

- Adley is so lucky. She wins so much.

- [Dad] Here it goes.

Push this to go. Yeah like that.

- [Game] And they're off!

(upbeat music)

(motorcycle sounds)

- [Dad] WOW! You hit it so hard!

You did that one.

Woooh! Good job.

What? You're so strong!

You ready?

- Yeah

- [Dad] Which one should we do? Flying? Or a race?

Or? What one do you want to do?

- [Adley] Race car.

- [Dad] Should we do the mouse race?

- Yeah.

- [Dad] Kay.

Woow. You gotta hold on.

I'm that mouse and you're that mouse.

- [Adley] No, I'm the pink mouse.

- [Dad] You're the pink mouse?

Wooooh oh wow.


Crazy thing, I'm running around.



- Look it!

- [Dad] What?

Where are we going?

- I don't know.

- [Dad] We are in the walls.

- I'm the blue one. I am still alive.

- [Dad] That one's Adley, she's fast.


We won!

Oh yeah we won, good job.

Should we do another one?

This one you have to slice all the fruit.

Yah yah yah.

Think you can do it?

- Yeah.


- [Dad] Ooh good job, slice it.


Slice em.

Good Job! WOOH.

- I won dad!

- [Dad] Did you win? Good job.

- I just got a great idea.

- [Dad] What?

- Let's go get our toys from there now.

- That is a good idea. Should we go get our toys?

- No, let's go get more candy!

- Okay, I like that lets go.

- [Adley] Let's go.

- Ooh that's a good spot.

Right. Ooh. Right there.

(game noises)

- You got a big purple one.

- Look it I got bunches.

- A purple one.


- [Game] Good luck.

- [Dad] What? Ooh good job.

HEY! This way.

(game noises)

- [Nana] GO go, faster faster.

(game noises)

- [Dad] Go go go go go. Hurry.

- [Game] All right!

- I did it?

- [Dad] High Fives.

- I did it?

- [Dad] Yeah you did good. I think you won.

Let's count your balls. How many did you get?

- [Nana] 22!

- [Dad] Twenty tickets? Good job.

- Let's go get our toys now.

- [Dad] Okay let's go get our toys.

- We're ready.

- [Dad] Let's go.

- We have a lot. Mom, she hit the jackpot earlier.

She won 125 tickets in one roll.

- [Nana] What?! Did you really?

- Yeah.

- 380?

Oh look a pretty princess bracelet and it snaps.

- I want a princess wand.

- Can we get a princess wand?

Thank you.

It's like a jelly one, it's all crazy.

- I'm buying a jelly one.

- Okay. One of those.

- Wow. I want to get one of those fishies.

- Oh what color?

- Can I have purple please?

- [Dad] Pink one.

- [Adley] Bracelet.

- [Dad] Okay. What one do you want?

The pink one or a purple one?

- Glitter one. Space station gaming

because you like space station gaming.

- [Dad] Yeah. Can we get the gray and gold bracelet.

YESSS. Space station gaming.

- [Arcade Attendant] Thank you. Have a great night you guys.

- [Dad] Did you tell her thank you?

- Thank you.

- [Arcade Attendant] You're welcome.

- [Dad] Okay, lets go.

- Can you hold these mom.

- [Dad] You got so many toys Adley.

- Let's go.

Thank you for watching. Bye!

(Upbeat music)

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