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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mans Right to Know - Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy - Cloudbuster

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Mans Right To Know

I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages...

However, the basic task of natural science consisted in making this energy usable...

This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge. Wilhelm reich

in the 1930s dr. Wilhelm Reich a prominent Austrian physician and

psychoanalyst discovered a powerful new physical energy and for the next two

decades devoted his life to the investigation of

its laws and properties he confirmed the existence of this energy in the human

body verified its presence in the atmosphere

developed instrumentation to observe and collect it and harnessed it for a

variety of purposes from cancer treatment to motor power to weather

experimentation right called his discovery orgone energy

but tragically it was a discovery that the world was not ready for

I was born in a small village as the first child of not unprosperous parents... - from the Passion of Youth

Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 in Galicia the easternmost part of the

austro-hungarian Empire now the Ukraine he grew up in bucovina on a large farm

operated by his father until he was 13 years old Reich was educated at home by

tutors his mother to whom he was devoted committed suicide in 1910 after his

father discovered she had had a brief affair with one of the tutors his father

died four years later from tuberculosis that same year 1914 the first world war

broke out within days Russian troops swept through Bukovina Reich narrowly

escaped being sent to Russia as a hostage and had to flee his home later

he wrote I never saw either my homeland or my possessions again of a well-to-do

past nothing was left

for the next four years rec served in the Austrian army experiencing what he

called the war as a machine

in 1918 the war finally ended Germany and Austria were defeated the

austro-hungarian Empire was broken up and Bukovina became a part of Romania

alone homeless and intellectually starved after four years of war right

enter the medical school at the University of Vienna

It is sexual energy which governs the structure of human feeling and thinking. - from The Sexual Revolution

rikes recognition of the significance of sexuality drew him to the work of dr.

Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis soon he was considered

one of Freud's most promising students Freud had discovered that neuroses are

caused by the conflict between natural sexual instincts and the social denial

and frustration of those instincts Freud had also hypothesized the existence of a

biological sexual energy in the body he called it libido and described it as

something which is capable of increase decrease displacement and discharge and

which extends itself over the memory traces of an idea like an electric

charge over the surface of the body

but as the years passed Freud and his followers diluted much of this concept

reducing the libido to little more than a psychological energy or idea by 1925

Freud had concluded that the libido theory may therefore for the present be

pursued only by the path of speculation

ranks clinical observations however demonstrated that sexual energy was more

than just an idea and that sexual satisfaction in fact alleviated neurotic

symptoms he discovered that the function of the orgasm is to maintain an energy

equilibrium by discharging excess biological energy that builds up

naturally in the body if that discharged function is disturbed as it proved to be

in all his patients this energy continues to build up without adequate

release stagnating and fueling neurotic disorders

rikes orgasm theory set him apart from his colleagues because it indicated that

the libido was a real physical energy that possibly might be measured

quantitatively his clinical work also led to new therapeutic techniques

designed to discover and eliminate any impediments to the flow and discharge of

this energy but the widespread existence of human misery forced right to conclude

that the solution to the problem of neuroses was not treatment it was

prevention you have to revamp your whole way of thinking said right so that you

don't think from the standpoint of the state of the culture but from the

standpoint of what people need and what they suffer from then you arrange your

social institutions accordingly Freud on the other hand maintained that culture

takes precedence that sexual instincts must be adapted to the existing social

structure these conflicting positions led to an eventual break between Reich

and Freud in Vienna and later in Berlin Reich devoted much of his time and money

educating working-class people about the essential role of sexuality in their

lives I had six clinics in Vienna sit right

where people came and received advice once or twice a week to provide medical

and educational help was its purpose to reach the greatest number of people he

worked with in the socialist and communist parties to promote sex

education birth control divorce rights and better housing rank recall dat in

Berlin there were about fifty thousand people in my organization in the first

year Rey was also very outspoken about

Germany's turbulent political climate unlike most members of the Berlin

psychoanalytic Association Reich openly opposed the rise of the Nazi Party

but his activities exacted a high price he was denounced by the communists and

expelled from the International psychoanalytic Association calling these

events catastrophes which threaten my personal professional and social

existence when asked what he would do Reich replied just go on

The discovery of orgone energy was made through consistent, thorough study of energy functions, first in the realm of the psyche, and later in the realm of biological functioning. - from Ether, God and Devil

University of Oslo 1935 while continuing to teach and develop his innovative

therapeutic techniques Reich began a series of laboratory experiments to

verify the existence of a physical biological energy expressed in the

emotions using human subjects Reich was able to demonstrate a charge at the skin

surface directly related to feelings of pleasure or anxiety the charge would

increase when a subject experienced pleasure and decrease during feelings of

unpleasurable aaja chol energy toward the periphery of the organism while

anxiety is the movement of this energy toward the center he assumed this energy

to be electrical but was it and did similar energy processes exist in more

basic life-forms

right discovered that under certain conditions sterilized and unsterilized

substances such as grass blood sand charcoal and foodstuffs disintegrate

into pulsating vesicles that exhibit a bluish color he called these vesicles by

Ahn's right observed internal motility in the by ons an effect of energy he

also found that certain by ions revealed a strong radiation phenomenon seen here

as a white field around the organism and that these bonds could kill bacteria and

cancer cells this radiation confirmed the existence of an energy that did not

obey any known laws of electricity or magnetism rank called this energy organ

because it's discovery had evolved from his investigation of the orgasm function

and because this energy could charge organic matter when he published his

findings the scientific and psychiatric communities responded with a vicious

year-long attack in the norwegian press in the wake of this response and the

inevitability of a second world war ripe began to look to America as the future

home for his work in August 1939 Reich sailed for America on the last ship to

leave Norway before world war ii broke out

There was no doubt of the existence of an energy possessing extraordinarily high biological activity. It remained only to discover what its nature was and how it could be measured. - from The Cancer Biopathy

Reich settled in the Forest Hill section of New York City he taught at the New

School for Social Research in Manhattan

published his books in English trained American physicians in his therapeutic

techniques and pursued his investigations of Oregon energy since

the energy appeared to be everywhere and to permeate all substances Reich had to

find ways to isolate and collect it in order to study its functions and make it

usable experiments demonstrated that organic or nonmetallic materials such as

cotton wool or plastic attract absorb and hold the energy metallic materials

steel or iron attract the energy and quickly reflected in both directions on

the basis of these experiments Wright constructed small boxes with alternating

layers of organic and metallic materials with the inner walls lined with metal

the organic layers attract the atmospheric orgone energy which is then

directed inward by the metal layers any energy reflected outward by the metal

layers is reabsorbed by the organic material attracted back to the metal and

directed toward the inside of the box the result a higher concentration of

Oregon energy inside the box the more layers the higher the concentration this

accumulation of energy can be verified in a variety of ways for example a

constant temperature difference exists between the air above the box and in the

surrounding air contradicting the second law of thermodynamics there also exists

a slower electroscope ik discharge rate in the higher oregon concentration

within the box these layered boxes known as Oregon

Energy accumulators became a valuable tool and Reich's scientific and medical

research initially they were used to observe visual manifestations of Oregon

energy within the enclosure and to test the effects of Oregon radiation on

cancer mice because his results with cancer mice were so promising Wright

decided to test the effects of Oregon radiation on human subjects

he constructed orgone energy accumulators that were large enough for

a person to sit in and in 1942 he began experimental treatments with cancer

patients they were all terminal cases Wright promised no cure and charged no

money over a period of time the patients showed marked improvement relief of pain

healthier blood condition weight gain and the shrinkage and elimination of

tumors despite these positive results the patients died reinforcing ranks

conviction that cancer is a bioenergetic shrinking following emotional

resignation and that the tumors themselves are not the disease but

merely a local manifestation of a deeper systemic disorder

once again rikes focus became prevention Reich also discovered that water and

high humidity absorb and hold orgone energy making it difficult to carry out

experimental work in New York City during the summer in 1940 on a camping

trip to New England Reich discovered the Rangeley Lakes region in Maine with its

low humidity and clean air it provided an ideal environment for his work in

1942 Wright purchased an old farm bordering on a small lake he called it

organon and envisioned it as a permanent home for the various branches of his


in 1945 a student's laboratory was built

three years later construction began on an Oregon energy observatory which

included additional laboratory facilities. Reich study and library and

outdoor observation decks funding for these buildings and for

Raikes research came exclusively from his own income as a physician and

teacher and from loans and contributions by students by 1947 after less than

eight years in America Reich's work was attracting considerable interest as

organ research expanded into new areas of Psychiatry medicine and biophysics

one of Reich's most significant new developments was the discovery of a

motor force in Oregon energy that had enormous practical implications here

Reich demonstrates a small motor being propelled by Oregon energy from the body

and here motor powers provided by Oregon energy harnessed from the atmosphere

with the development of Organon ranks dream of a home for his work was slowly

becoming a reality sadly it was a dream that he would not see fulfilled

Man's right to know, to learn, to inquire, to make bona fide errors, to investigate humans emotions must, by all means, be safe if the world Freedom should ever be more than an empty political slogan. - from Reich response to coplaint for injunction

in 1947 this article written by freelance journalist Mildred Brady

appeared in New Republic magazine it was filled with distortions and innuendos

about ranks sexual theories and organ research Brady's most inflammatory claim

was that Reich was building accumulators of Oregon energy which are rented out to

patients who presumably derive orgastic potency from it implying that Reich was

a danger to the public Brady challenged the medical authorities

to take action against him two months later the article was brought to the

attention of the Federal Food and Drug Administration the result was a 10-year

campaign by the FDA designed to destroy Reich's work the FDA focused on the

orgone energy accumulator which Reich and other physicians were using

experimentally with patients

convinced that the accumulator was being fraudulently promoted as a sexual and

medical device FDA agents spent years interviewing Reich's associates

physicians students and patients looking for dissatisfied accumulator users none

were ever found as the FDA attack continued

so did Reich's work

he continued to develop new ways to visualize measure and harness orgone

energy from the atmosphere the cloudbuster for example was an

experimental instrument that could affect weather patterns by altering

concentrations of Oregon energy in the atmosphere a set of hollow metal pipes

and cables inserted into water creates a stronger orgone energy system than that

in the surrounding atmosphere water which strongly attracts and absorbs

orgone draws the atmospheric energy through the pipes this movement of organ

from a lower to a higher energy system was used by Wright to create clouds and

to dissipate them in 1953 during a long drought that threatened the Maine

blueberry crop several farmers offer to pay Reich if he could bring rain to the

parched region the weather bureau had forecast no rain for several days when

Wright began his cloud busting operations ten hours later a light rain

began to fall over the next few days close to two inches fell the blueberry

crop was saved

in February 1954 the FDA filed a complaint for injunction against Reich

in the federal court at Portland Maine the complaint declared that orgone

energy does not exist it asked the court to prohibit the shipment of accumulators

in interstate commerce and to ban Reich's published literature which they

claimed was labeling for the accumulators Reich responded to the

complaint with a lengthy letter to Judge John Clifford explaining that he could

not appear in court since doing so would allow a court of law to judge basic

scientific research scientific matters he wrote can only be clarified by

prolonged faithful bonafide observations in friendly exchange of opinion never by

litigation I therefore submit in the name of truth and justice that I shall

not appear in court judge Clifford did not accept Reich's letter as a valid

legal response and the injunction was issued on default as if Reich had never

responded at all but the injunction was even more excessive than the initial

complaint it ordered that all Oregon energy accumulators and their parts were

to be destroyed it ordered all materials containing instructions for the use of

the accumulator to be destroyed as well

it also banned a list of Reich's books containing statements about Oregon

energy until such time as all references to orgone energy were deleted after the

initial shock Reich continued his work traveling to Arizona to experiment with

the cloudbuster in the dry desert environment while he was there and

without his knowledge one of Reich's students dr. Michael

silvered moved a truckload of accumulators and books from Rangeley

Maine to New York City a direct violation of the injunction as a result

the FDA charged Reich and silver with criminal contempt of court in 1956

both men were found guilty Wright was sentenced to two years in a federal

prison while Reich appealed his sentence the government carried out the

destruction of accumulators in literature in New York City several tons

of Reich's books and other publications were burned in one of the city's garbage

incinerators including titles that were only to have been banned this

destruction of literature constitutes one of the most heinous acts of

censorship in United States history

all appeals denied on March 11th 1957 two weeks shy of his 60th birthday

Wilhelm Reich was imprisoned at the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg

Pennsylvania he died there of heart failure eight months later on November

3rd 1957 and was buried at organon

but the tragedy of Reich's death should not be allowed to overshadow the

richness of his life for while he lived he was truly alive

in the course of the history of natural science it always happened there

profound or to thoughts of two facts where always either distorted or

flattened out the danger especially of distortion is particularly great in the

case of ergonomy we must be scientifically cannot be

political in these matters and I personally declare that I will be

the first to fight with all my strength whatever I've got against such a

distortion of our principles

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