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Hey guys, Mackenzie Mitchell here, and

today we had the pleasure of Brandon Walker from Barstool Sports joining us.

How was your experience in NXT TakeOver Vengeance day.

>> It was everything I thought it would be.

NXT, I think this is the 33rd TakeOver.

The first 32 I was at home.

Hoping to one day come to these,

cuz they're the most consistently awesome things in wrestling.

I loved it, it's been fantastic all the way through.

>> What was it like coming into the Capitol Wrestling Center tonight?

>> It was crazy, like you see the Capitol Wrestling Center, and you know the name,

and it's got such prestige and such history.

But when you come here and you see everything that's,

that it takes to put on a show right now and it's it's unbelievable,

the hard work and the atmosphere.

It's second to none.

>> You were backstage with all the NXT superstars, including Triple H.

>> That's right. How was that?

>> I mean, I was fine.

You should probably ask him, I know he was very happy to meet me.

It was a very big moment for him.

He hasn't really accomplish much in this business.

But I Brandon Walker enjoyed myself just fine.

>> Great, and how was it being on the pre-show tonight?

>> That was crazy.

First of all, being able to stand side by side with Wade Barrett was amazing.

Being able to stand kinda side by side with Sam Roberts,

even though he was down here, it was also cool.

But I enjoyed it, it was good.

>> We just launched your wrestling podcast.

Tell us a bit about that.

>> So barstool sports the hottest media organization on the planet.

We didn't have a wrestling podcast and I decided I got tired of being at home and

watching negativity online, negatively about wrestling.

I'm a wrestling fan from the day I was born to the day I die.

I want to start a podcast focusing on that love for wrestling.

And it's embodied by a place like NXT, because this is all

about loving wrestling and dreaming about wrestling, and all the anger here.

It's just awesome and the podcasts been very good so far.

>> Love it filling your dreams.

Thank you so much for being here tonight.

Appreciate it.

You can come back anytime.

>> I really.

>> Yeah really your welcomed back anytime >> Okay, all right,

she said I could comeback whenever I want.

>> Next time right?

>> I 'm coming back, all right thanks.

>> Thank you.

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