Practice English Speaking&Listening with: July 2021 Monthly Product Updates

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Welcome to Usercentrics monthly product updates!

Find out about the new features available to help supercharge your Consent Management Platform!

First up - major performance updates.

Reduce script loading time up to 30%!

Our team has been hard at work to deliver performance

enhancements for your Consent Management Platform.

By adding code splitting and checking your browser version to automatically decide

what version of bundle.js you should use, weve achieved 30% script load time reductions

for the default Consent Management Platform

for GDPR and CCPA.

Check out the full code splitting case study

and our technical documentation.

Official Google partnership with our new feature: Google Consent Mode

Did you know we are an official Google partner for Consent Management Platforms with Google Consent Mode?

Use it to gain clarity on conversions and get a competitive

advantage from the combination of optimized

opt-in rates and insight into conversions

of non-consented users.

Learn more about Google Consent Mode

and why you need it in our blog.

Flexible, seamless integrations with our Tech Integration Partners

Are you aware of all of our Tech Integration partners?

Whether its building beautiful websites, developing the next killer app or launching small businesses,

Usercentrics Consent Management Platform enables smooth,

branded integration with a lot of exciting technologies.

Head over to our Tech Integration Hub to learn more.

Usercentrics joins Unity!

We are thrilled to announce that Usercentrics has joined Unitys Verified Solutions Partner program

as the first Consent Management Platform.

Usercentrics Apps Privacy Management SDK has

passed Unitys quality assurance testing to ensure

that its optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor,

and its available in the Unity Asset Store.

Unity is the world's leading real-time development platform

(game engine) for online games,

and there are 5 billion downloads per month of apps built with it.

With Usercentrics, Unity developers can now incorporate privacy by design into their games and apps.

We hope you love these new features and partnerships.

Join us next month to find out what magic our hard-working team is working on now.

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