Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Maryam Rajavi meets with Pandeli Majko, Patrick Kennedy, Ingrid Betancourt in Albania

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Mr. Pandeli Majko expressed his pleasure at the progress he had seen in the construction of Ashraf 3, and the PMOIs settlement in their new home.

He stressed on the need to provide and guarantee their security.

Mr. Patrick Kennedy expressed his delight on his first visit to Ashraf 3 and meeting with Irans freedom fighters.

He added: I consider myself an Iranian and an Ashrafi.

One of the best periods of my life has been when I supported the protection and security of Ashraf residents.

Ms. Ingrid Betancourt, former presidential candidate in Columbia, said

I am amazed at the extent of progress and the scale of constructions in Ashraf 3 as well as the high spirits of the PMOI members in Ashraf.

I am happy that after years of endurance, suffering and sacrifice, they are now enjoying the minimum security and protection.”

She added, “The Iranian regime is terrified by the relocation of the PMOI and the continuation of popular protests in Iran.

They try to deal blows to the Resistance through their demonization campaigns and terrorist operations.

But as it was the case for 14 years in Ashraf and Liberty, the regimes extensive conspiracies will not get anywhere.

It will never succeed in overcoming this Resistance and it will fail again.”

Maryam Rajavi expressed her appreciation to Pandeli Majko, Patrick Kennedy and Ingrid Betancourt for their constant and unsparing support

and their ceaseless efforts for the protection of the PMOI members in Ashraf and their relocation to a safe place.

She reiterated that these efforts will remain forever in the history of the Iranian Peoples Resistance.

Maryam Rajavi pointed out, “The clerical regime would not be able to quell the protests and strikes and the Iranian peoples uprisings

considering the existence of the resistance units and the growing crises it faces internally and internationally.

Therefore, the only way for them is to step up terrorism against their main opponent and the only democratic and independent alternative that seeks the regimes overthrow.”

The Description of Maryam Rajavi meets with Pandeli Majko, Patrick Kennedy, Ingrid Betancourt in Albania