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I just had lunch and came to cafe to have this yummy terrine.

But I was leaving home in rush, so didnt get to put enough makeup.

So lets do some makeup here.

Ill do something that I can do quick.

Now lets contour.

On lids as well, instead of eyeshadow.

Later today Im going to see a Polo Ralph Lauren Spring Collection.

Ill take you guys with me and show you around.

Now blush.

Easy and quick.

Hi guys, its Dasha.

Welcome to my home. Kidding.

So I came here to show Polo Ralph Lauren collection.



Come in.

Im wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Prespring collection.

Its so cute.

Also here you can see mens collection.

Im going to show you Polo Ralph Lauren Spring 2020 collection right here.

Come follow me.

Guys, this is my wardrobe.



This is the dream closet.

Imagine your closet looks just like this.

This room has all Spring and Summer collections.

And now I will show you guys.

Here you can see 1st delivery of this Spring collection.

Mostly you can see lots of stripes, navy color, and flower prints.

I see lots of stripe feminine dresses.

I also love pin stripe suits.

This collection was inspired by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

She is a style icon.

So I see lots of clothes that she would wear.

This is so pretty!

This is so me!

I'm so into leather pants, leather outfits and stuff like that

This is how I'd style this pants.

I see also lots of embroidery, and it reminds me of travel.

Cute bag!

Bags make me want to travel as well.

I really like one colour styling.

My outfit today is something like that as well.

I'll show you next collection.

This is 2nd drop of Spring collection.

Main colours are black and white.

And a bit of yellow and green which was inspired from Jamaica.

This is something you need to pay attention at.

These cable knit pique shirts are so special.

I see here a cricket knit dress.

Look at these sequins!

This outfit is something that I really was into.

I'm so in love with this hoodie and pin stripe shorts!

I never thought of wearing my hoodie tight or styling with a formal short.

I love this outfit because it's something that I'd never try.

Now we have the last collection to show - Summer 2020.

I can tell it's a summer collection already.

Linen, lace, eyelet, flower print..

... and this blue color.

Summer collection is the most feminine collection.

so I see lots of dresses.

Eyelet fabric (broderie anglaise fabric) is really cool to wear fabric in summer.

Also, one of the must have items in summer time is a white linen shirt.

There are so many different ways you can style with a white linen shirt.

See this gingham cardigan?

There are also blouse, and a dress. It will be so cute to style with red flat shoes of red hair band.


Hi, it's me again.

I will do a styling video with Polo Ralph Lauren Pre spring 2020 collection.

I love this colour palette.

Olive, tan, and cream

These are the colours that will make your winter warm and cozy.

This is so pretty.

Love this fringes

What is this called? Is this a waffle kind of fabric?

I thought this dress will be really thick.

These will look good together.


Isn't it really cute?

Look at this!

Let's try this bag.

I want to chage a belt.

I'll style with this belt bag.

I'm wearing it on my lower waist.

I need some sugar. Let's go have some coffee.

Oh no! I crushed all my egg tarts.

Here are two turtle neck tops.

This tops have a pony embroidery on the waist.

Basic items are very important to me.

In winter I like to purchase lots of thin basic turtle necks.

They're nice to wear alone, but also I like to wear under thick knits.

This looks is very simple and easy to wear.

I'm going to wear with jeans.

It's really basic.

I'm going to wear it with a black western belt.

My cat scatched me so I have a scar on my foot.

I like this frayed hem.

I prefer to wear hight heeled shoes with culottes

Or also high heeled boots will look nice as well.

Let's hold this bag.

I'm in love with this crocodile print this season.

This bag is versatile. Can wear as a tote bag or as a shoulder bag.

This skirt is no joke.

Leather / suede skirts are in fashion.

Jackets and coats are must have in winter.

I'll style with this herringbone jacket.

When I was in uni,

My sister had this Polo Ralph Lauren herringbone jacket and I loved it.

so I used to secretly wear her jacket.

I love how the collar is short on this jacket.

And the closure is longer than usual jackets.

And this bag.

I love this strap.

I've been wearing this bag for few days, and it's really comfy and pretty.

Cute, right?


The end!

Hope you like this video I made with Polo Ralph Lauren,

I'll see you in next video.


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Really nice door.

You're just stroking the door.

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