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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PROSPICE : Robert Browning, Critical Appreciation & Summary, UGC NET, LT Grade, MA/ BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute I'm

professor Abhay Sharma and today I'm

going to take up precise Robert

Browning's very inspiring poem

Robert Browning as you know that he

belonged to the Victorian era and was

the only optimistic point of that era he

was a contemporary of Tennyson and is

known for his intellectual rigour and

psychology he was very much influenced

by the Renaissance of Italy he was a

great poet wrote many poems and usually

written in dramatic monologues

so for poetry that has a formal beauty

that is sensuous musical and melodious

is the poetry of browning precise was

first published in dramatis persona and

is a tribute to the memory of Browning's

wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning so this

volume is known as one of the most

inspiring and original poem on the

subject of death crosswise is a Latin

word it means to look for world that is

to look forward to death

the poet expresses his determination to

face death he looks forward to see his

wife again so he wants to reach the

kingdom of God where peace and joy will

greet him he will meet his wife and live

in eternal peace and happiness so let's

begin with what failed it to fail the

fog in my throat the mist in my face

when the snows begin and the blasts

denote I'm nearing the place the power

of the night the press of the storm the

post of the fall where he stands the

fear in a visible form

yet the strongman must go for the

journey is done and the summit detained

and the barriers fall though a battle to

fight the girls you'll be going the

reward of it all

I've was ever fighter so one fight more

the best and the last the poem crosswise

starts abruptly and the poet help is

welcoming death he's not showing any

kind of film and instead he is happy

about it and wants to experience the

moments of death the first line fair

death is in the interrogating form and

the rest of the poem is an answer to the

first line the point is set out to face

death bravely and fearlessly so in these

lines the poet is narrating his

experience which he will go through

before dying when death approaches a man

he feels suffocated that means he feels

suffocation in the throat and the

breathing becomes just impossible he's

unable to breathe properly the body

starts sweating and shivering as if it

is nearing death that means it is

nearing death the whole atmosphere is

affected and it becomes stormy and

indicates the approach of death so when

a man faces death everything in front of

him becomes gloomy and darker the

breathing becomes difficult and the

enemy that is death tries to overpower

man it seems that death has changed and

taking a concrete shape some figure is

approaching and a scene standing in

front of the dying man the dying man can

be recognized he is nearing moments you

know towards death he can anticipate


it is the last phrase of life which is

quite dreadful so even the strongest man

cannot win death but can fight it till

the end till his last breath but has to

surrender in the end the point is being

optimistic about it he calls it a summit

which the man was trying to attain from

the time he came in this world the

journey of life completes when man meets

death the poet says when a person dies

he becomes free from all the worldly

responsibilities all these difficulties

and here and he attains eternity the

death head is considered as an enemy who

fights with man and defeats him in this

way a man gets a lifetime award by

facing death I would hate that

death bandaged my eyes and for bored and

made me creep past no let me taste the

whole of it fare like my peers their

heroes of old bear the brunt in a minute

they lacked life's areas of pain

darkness and cold for sudden the worst

turns the best to the brave the black

minutes had ended and the elements rage

the Friant voices that rave shall

dwindle shall blend shall change shall

become first a piece out of pain then a

light and I pressed both our soul of my

soul I shall clasp the end and with God

be the rest very beautiful lines the

poet calls himself a fight or a struggle

and considers this as his last he

regards it as a challenge to him and

wants to enjoy every moment of it

therefore this fight proves the best of

all as he attains eternity

he would never like to die painlessly or

suddenly he badly wants to experience

the painful moments which will carry him

Mayr to death like the heroes of the

past he wants to fight bravely because

he considers death as his equal opponent

his enemy he will tolerate the full fury

stress of death and just in a minute the

whole life's deeds good or bad are seen

in front of him all the sufferings pain

struggles are now leading him to death

Howard's death is not appreciated by him

so and also the sudden death one cannot

enjoy the moments when a person dies in

the atmosphere

lots of horrifying voices are heard the

death tries all means to become life it

gives lots of pain to the human body and

after a long struggle the body attains

peace and all the pains and sufferings

they end so in the last lines the poet

remembers his dead wife after his death

his soul will unite to the soul of his

wife and will remain claps together

forever with God is the presence of God

so this poem is a bit of sentimental in

the end when he says that he will unite

with his wife after his death so this is

this is an address to his wife who died

in 1861 and whom the poet loved very

much so this point is dedicated to her

the theme of course is saying devotion

to his wife because he was greatly

devoted loved her too much and wishes to

see her again after his death so he is

determined to see his beloved he is

willing to face death he wishes to face

death bravely and he draws similarity

between death with the experience of

climbing up a lofty mountain

a mountain climber has to face fog mist

show storms etc like the climber

a man has to face physical and spiritual

suffering when he approaches death so

the face death is a final battle of a

man in this world so he calls this fight

the best fight and brain matters bravely

because he wants to get the full reward

so he has been a fighter throughout his


so he's determined to fight with death

also he does not seek for any mercy even

from death so he's a brave man he's an

optimistic man and he loves his wife so

much therefore he thinks that his wife

is waiting for him for him in the heaven

the language of the poem is very simple

but moving it moves us towards the

feeling of kindness sensuousness you

feel pathetic also because when you see

that he wants to get united he's missing

his wife a lot even the philosophy can

be seen in the statement of the poet

when he says that he will face his wife

in the kingdom of God and very moving

lines the end once old I sold my soul I

shall clasp me again and with God be the


it's a monologue in which the poet is

speaking in his own person the style is

simple and there is no security because

it is it is easily comprehensible

the imaginary is very good the scene of

death is well narrated when a person is

dying and facing all the wrath

introduced by death then there's an

imaginary for night in search of a

Guercio a reward and the enemy standing

behind the cart

the enemy may not choose to fight but

the poet is choosing to fight he doesn't

want to gain death painlessly so he

wants to fight and gives various

metaphors through which he explains his

meeting with death poem is of 28 lines

and you can find the rhyme scheme also

and there are no stanzas as such in this

form and it gives you the glimpse of

both determination and optimistic views

of course love dedication towards one's

wife and the faith in God I hope you

must have liked this video and have must

have understood it so please like

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volume take care bye bye



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