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Ok, how far did we complete yesterday's video,

The Lord of Fire hid Seeta,

and gave Seeta's consciousness to Vedavati, the duplicate of Seeta,

and, sent her to Ravana.

When fire test happened to Seeta,

both Seeta and Vedvati came from the fire.

Then, Vedavati said, 'I thought that I am Seeta and Rama is my husband.'

And, asked Sri Rama to marry her.

Then, Rama said, "Dear Vedavati, I am a husband to a single wife,

Seeta is my only wife,

but, you are thinking of me as your husband,

I will marry you in any birth." Like this, Rama gave a boon to her.

Vedavati was born as Padmavati in this birth.

Vedavati's story was not created by me.

It was there in many epics.

Type as 'Maya Sita' in Wikipedia.

Then, you will get her whole story.

Ok, we will move on to our present story.

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Srinivasa saw and fell in love with Padmavati.

Padmavati and Vakula got the boons from their previous birth.

In this birth, they met together.

He thought this was for the good of mankind,

and, he decided to marry Padmavati.

When he said this to Vakula,

Vakula said, "Srinivasa! We are poor people.

Akasha Raju is a king.

How would they marry her daughter with you."

Then, Srinivasa said, "I will take care of all these things.

Confirm a date for the marriage. And, one day,

you go there, tell them the date and ask about the marriage."

Then, Srinivasa changed as a tribal man, met Padmavati and said,

"The person who protected you from the elephants, he will become your husband.

Convince your father of that."

Then, Padmavati said, "I too like that guy."

So, Srinivasa sent Vakula to Akasha Raju to talk about the marriage.

Then, Srinivasa did a magic.

What that was,

Vakula was visible as a rich person to only Akasha Raju and his family.

But, infact, she wore a cotton saree only.

Now we have dowry, means, girl's family gives money to the boy.

But, at that time, they had 'Kanyashulkam.'

Means, boy was giving money to the girl.

So, to give money to Padmavati,

Srinivasa took some thousands of gold coins from 'Kubhera',

and said, as the interest of this amount,

my devotees will pay you till the end of the era.

That's why, Srinivasa became as a highest monthly earning god.

So, his marriage was performed in a grand manner.

Suddenly, a character entered even he was silent up to then.

That was, Narada.

Narada went to Lakshmi,

and said 'your husband is married to Padmavati.'

Then, she got angry,

and, stood in front of Srinivasa.

Then, Srinivasa stepped back 7 steps.

Those are the 7 hills.

Immediately, he turned into a rock.

Then Lakshmi thought that "He changed into a rock just because of my anger."

and, she turned into a rock.

Padmavati also turned into a rock.

Usually, the temples have idols which are made by sculptors.

But, Srinivasa idol was not the one which was made the artists.

People call that as 'Swayambhu.'

Means, god him self became an idol.

That idol is very polished.

There are no such kind of marks on the idol which is made by a sculptor.

Lord Balaji is the only god who has the idol with a standing posture.

Our epics had the information that "How the idols will be?"

But, this idol didn't follow any of those conditions.

According to this, this idol was there even before the Epics.

Now, we will come to the main matter.

1. Many people think that the idol has nails and hair.

But, that's false.

He was like that from many years.

Unlike a human, no biological processes happens to an idol.

2. It was wrong that in 18th century continuously 12 years,

the temple was closed.

There was no single day in history without performing poojas to the lord.

3. There is a water fall behind the idol,

removing the flowers after the decoration,

they will throw them in that waterfalls,

This is wrong that all the flowers are found in Verpedu village which is 20 kms away from Tirupathi.

There is no waterfalls behind the idol.

Where they will throw the flowers if there is no waterfalls?

No one should step on those flowers so,

there is a well in the temple they used to throw in that.

The well is full now so they will throw aside in TTD garden.

4. If we hear clearly on the back of the idol we will get a sea sound.

If we want to hear the sound of the sea,

when you are completely silent you keep your hand like this,

if you keep closely to your ear and if you wait a movement.

At that time also you will hear the sea.

5. When will the lord sweat?

After completion of Anointment, some part of the water goes aside and stays inside.

That water gets vapourized due to the heat and it will have the effects on idol and forms like sweat.

But that water is not the lord's sweat.

6. Milk, flowers, butter, ghee and the things which are use for pooja,

all these will get from the place which is 23 kms away from tirupathi,

they will get from a holy place and the people there wouldbe be very pious and devout,

and that ladies do not wear blouses there.

But there is no place like that which is 23 kms distance away.

It is just a rumor.

Whatever the needs of the lord, the temple management makes that.

Or else they will use the devotees offerings.

They will think the lord's idol as the goddess' idol.

Actually, the poweful goddess is anointed on Fridays.

In the same way the lord also is anointed on Friday.

So that some think that lord as the goddess.

But what the truth means,

Maha Lakshmi will be there in the chest place of the lord idol.

She will be anointed with turmeric on Friday.


Both will be anointed together on Friday.

Maha Laskshmi appearance is only one part for the lord.

Tirumala Devasthanam has thousands years of history.

Daily thousands of people will have a darshan.

Only the lords jewlery is worth some thousand of crores of rupees.

Many devotees believe that their desire will come true when they see the 91/2 feet statue of the god.

Many devotees shared the proof after their desires came true after seeing the lord.

Many people return with positive energy after viewing the god.

The history of Tirupati is very great.

Leave history as the history.

But some fools for the sake of likes, shares and YouTube views are wrongly propagating this.

Alreay people are in a dilemma whether to believe it or not.

By these bad rumors, keeping aside really history,

replacing it with inadequate waste, we are thinking that it is history.

It is okay if they do not speak the truth.

My opinion is that we should not encourage people who promotes rumors.

Any way I hope you got a clear idea of Tirupathi.

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