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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker 02 An Army without Borders

Difficulty: 0

Select equipment by pressing the square or circle buttons while holding the LT to check your math, press the start button to open the menu

Think still here

Come on snake. This could be good for us

They're willing to give us an offshore planet the place we can finally put down some roots

This is our chance to expand MSF. We don't need a place to stay cos

We're nomads

We always will be


You'd rather keep wandering from conflict to conflict

Tools in the heads of whoever's fighting at the time the second we settle down who's to say we won't become the war mongers

Listen to me snake

Winnick mercenaries, we're not a foreign legion

MSF's of business a new kind of business

Look it's not like we're trying to start a war here. All we need to do is find out who this security company really is

Come on cars. It's pretty obvious that they're backed by the CIA

wait a sec that would mean our

Friend, the professor has lately KGB I see

We'd be making an enemy of our homeland and there'd be no turning back

God damn thing won't light but put on some coffee guys having a little chat with a professor

That was a heavy smoker

When I got my medal from the Secretary General he gave me this prosthetic hand as well

But smoking was ruining my lungs, so I quit. I've not had much use for it since

It's quite an honor to meet the legendary Big Boss

That's just a code name the CIA made up and perhaps I should call you John I

Don't have a name

Stop using that code naked like so much 10 years ago

What about You comrade? What'd they call you back at Sentara?

Well, then allow me to get straight to the point

Landis live as a wimp much as torture. That's the Chilean poet, Neruda

Central America is the navel of the American continent reaching north and south

We want this land

We'll build a socialist stronghold then use it to split the Americas into

America would lose its backyard and with it its economic production shipping lanes and strategic value

We on the other hand would gain a base from which all of Latin America would be well within our reach

He who controls Central America will win this Cold War?

First a table

toppling the pro-american Somoza regime

in preparation

We've begun instigated an anti Somoza sentiment and providing aid to the sandanista National Liberation Front

You're manipulating sandanista into overthrowing Somoza for you

after the Revolution

Nicaragua will become a socialist state

You think America's just gonna let that happen certainly

not after all the CIA is already here and that's the armed group inside coastal we have

Precisely its clear that they've been sent in to disrupt our efforts across the border in Nicaragua

Simply put the army now stationed in Costa Rica is CIA capital

But it's more complex than that. The CIA's got something else planned as well

What that is the million dollar question

Big boss. We want you and your unit to find the answer

Infiltrate and investigate the facility and Mecosta where Paz was imprisoned

Learn all you can of their operations then drive them out of the country

You're asking us to settle a turf war between the KGB and the CIA

What about her that was all just an act

Hmm you mean her words about peace

She was captured that much is true, but I've kept my KGB affiliation from her and you thought we'd fall for a sob story

No, I had good reason to bring her along

She managed to escape with her life, but her friend was not so lucky

And why were they attacked I believe this will explain

Perhaps they saw something they weren't supposed to

Perhaps they heard something they shouldn't have a

Cassette tea pots took this during her escape

She says her friend happened to recorded by accident, what is that a

Portable stereo cassette player the first of its kind I

Heard they were working on something like that in Japan

didn't know you guys were - I

Believe what you're about to hear will help you understand

Notice that a Quetzal less phoenix perfect

Passes friend was researching birds. She went out into the jungle to record bird calls and stumbled upon this

Some so what

Now it gets interesting

I face it back to its nest you

Go hard because

voiceprint analysis confirms that this voice is indeed that of the legendary hero and

criminal the boss


The other hasn't been identified

female in her 30s with a British accent

The song playing in the background was a hit in


What include me

Loyalty to your country or loyalty to me your country you mentor

Permission or do I?


am loyal causes violent Costa Rica

As I understand that she was your commander fought by your side and the


Surpassing her to become the hero known as Big Boss


What'll it be?

Will you take the job?

Snake. It's gotta be a trap. So you still can't turn your back on your country

Then I suppose you won't need this



I'll do it for the girl your PA's

Okarian for peace then

Whenever possible

This is a sneaking mission hide behind stuff take the long way around whatever it takes to stay out of sight

Your gun is a last resort because just as easily kill you as save you

The indicator in the upper right serves as a compass and shows sound sources pay attention to your surroundings

The percentage in the upper right is your camo index the lower the number the more easily you'll be spotted conspicuous move

Looks like you're inside the compound security is tight stay sharp

A cardboard box. What are you gonna use that for?


Yes, sir, we program

The Colorado, where is it headed? What is that?

Soup in the bones, what's up there?

This is snake gods can you hear me loud and clear you found a radio?

It's got a circuit that reverses the audio phase. Let's switch frequencies from time to time just to make sure we're not detected. I

Found a map of their bases the cargos heading for the marshes west towards us nice going bond

Cos this place is full of little badges dozens of them don't badges like the ones used to measure radiation exposure

The radio man was wearing one and whoever he was talking to called the cargo spheres

that would mean


They're bringing nukes into Costa Rica

only mother of God

I've done map snake making it use it

It tells me where their bases are, but it's just a bunch of points no routes

I need better intel on the lay of the land

Snake the professor city's got the Sandinistas on his side said you should get in touch with the FSO and comet dante

Do they know they're backed by the KGB man as far as they know they're really fighting for the revolution

The KGB is staying behind Essenes

But not sure the Sandinistas are aware of what's really going on still can't believe anybody that bring nukes here

Which declares Latin America and you three-cylinder based on Japan's three non-nuclear principles events the testing use

import or deployment of nuclear weapons

If word of this gets out open all will be forced to act it'll cause an international

The treaty was signed to prevent another Cuban Missile Crisis if the u.s. Itself

If they did bring nukes we can't let them get away with it

Good question why bring them here? I can't figure it out

Whatever the CIA is up to in Costa Rica. The professor wants it stopped

We need to get ready first cuz repairs this place is

Will Bank you up even better than before we're gonna turn this pile of junk into something big

I guess I'll find this ADAM guy!

That's totally me!

Oh, great! What's password?

Hey, look, I have boobs!

Hey hey do you see them? Let me unzip my shirt more so you can see them

Wiggle wiggle

Wait, but I thought ADAM was a dude.

ADAM couldn't make it. I'm EVA!

-I've been sent to give you-- -YEAH WHATEVER, CAN WE TALK ABOUT GUNS NOW?

Well, I got you this one and--

This is the most awesome gun ever, where did you even get this?

You know what, I really don't think I should be trusting you--

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