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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Play - GTA V - Overtime Shootout

Difficulty: 0

All right, what are we doing Jeremy over?

Phone in the man who that's my pink

clapping it glows

Michael Jeff and Jeremy team something


There you go Tj. MJ

Dream if you came back to the fake age group. I really should

Finally put me back on the crew

Just the next time I turn on GTL wasn't I

Haven't done any someone hates you

Series aluminum perish you onto a thing

And you can bounce each other oh blimps no

You're not involved okay, and what just happened there. I'm spectating

It's like bowl. Ho it's actually kind of cool temps 105 blasphemously alright, Jeff. We're all judging you yep, Jeff don't be

Tiny way the tiny ones. Oh, it looks like you've been a bit number four

Over the force go for the fourth rebound. This is a different version for what I play I don't think you've ever

This is Ryan's Ryan Ryan what the oh right Ryan?

Jumped at the face camera that ryan even take it up for grampa. No face cam this up, so well. I'm facedown. Oh boy

Gavin so far. We're Gonna make it

Okay again

I don't remember what the hell is what what button is the shoot right by bo Ryan's a premature shooter and click is jump

I'm Gonna Show

You're looking great over the for Roger before oh

Yeah, I thought you do you have your break viking admit

I was mashing yellow Trigger flash old my words Michael Jones new out Michael fucking Jones

Sophia Schmatko Volume Adaptation in the state go

He's getting wave all said was right bumper Mike

booty left stick clicks to jump oh

You are sailing

Before know that I'm Gonna make it you got it you got

To get a little less actually they look so fast

We're like Drawback none of us have been a bitch yet, no

It's fine no, bitch top 75% of difficult whole

Lotta zeros man first person first yeah, go back don't be in first person zero

Is Jax map differently?

On his account now. Yeah, but you remember it's like you can switch your a and right bumper for like han

Yeah, did you switch your hands you figure that out? It's a arrived over go on Low J

Yes, what it looks are you guys going into the wrapper? You're just letting it happen. I just drove off

I just drove off. I tried the jump, but it was too late. I jumped to the top. Yeah you did

the pro-spray another very so when you

When you let go you're shoot, you're gonna roll

And I feel like you can't hit the brakes when you hit my ramp your car just goes

I'm pretty sure it locks about you are flying in no way, you know


That was genius

No way, you're not going off. That was an is because he got me Jeff. He was going

Damn, right yeah. That's why he's bald by the way

That's the only time I'm going yeah, because well it looks like there's five attempts and only three people. It's true. That's weird. Oh

fuck wait

This is my oh my God. It's a five-point Jeremy by the way. Thank God. You're our team gold ones fine. Oh

How you got? Oh, you gotta be good. We're not lying for

Some guys we have up. We have a lead you gotta go for the five

Go for the fire chef going for the five don't feel fine. I feel like we should try and get a four first

I mean my team I understand

It is Jeff's turn you got this jeff

Do what you don't?

So what I did is like caught my back tires on that. I saw you yeah, you did like an undercarriage slam

I might have hit the shoot a little exactly what we are not going to be able to recreate so job well done dear

Yeah, no one will see that well

It was like you know how you can lean forward that makes you go a little faster. You dive a little faster

Yeah It's like I did that and then I pulled is like a farmer because I could what if I did a good thing if you?

did it

I try to do the wheel thing

I gotta you know just to keep us competitive

For the five yeah yeah

I'm sorry, but uh hey. I've been singing that all morning

I listen to it on the way to we saw Roy Ryan Gets the four

You should just gonna wanna so we go in cuz I'm not gonna. Go for those that's known for five baby. Oh

For three mines go he's gonna make that four. He's got it doing where's he going over - he's Gonna circle the train?

That was the worst

Really turn fast. I'll try

Yeah, I would say if Alfredo hadn't have gone that would have been the worst one

That's true

You know this reminds me of super monkey ball. Yeah

Yeah, I'm jeremy like I guess is it. I don't agree with you in any way

Parachute and you had to land the ball on the things like it's exactly like that game Rose gold right over no

That's suck that one's a real tough bitch

definitely, it's probably a

Early early early, it's alright, or do you well? Why don't you get a five now? Go for a one he's going for?

My chute hey cut it but you've really got to just hit hard enough dude. Oh

Stop it Sam gotta and only Jeremy secures points. You know what might have been a good strategy as well dropping it from height

Yeah, yeah, just crash on it. Yeah

Yeah, it might kill your try to ease it in there, but Ryan was right that thing does not stop no

Yeah, there are no breaks. Oh man, so is that what is there another one of those okay?

There's like seven or eight of them, okay, sing coming, so let's play another let's do it. Let's do part two on the

fucking black and mustard overtime something yeah, we

Had no teams that we had no teams with Alfredo. We had no teams

Your other cologne Jeffy. Oh, that's a classic team yeah Michael Jeremy. Yeah, it's team

Graham yeah bone stroke team love and sauce and stuff yeah

there you go a

real lazy team

Who's not ready?

Let's take a Snapshot

first Chances Arts give me the same order oh, I

Hope Jeremy only goes through walls. Oh

That's already going

Jeremy's going once I'm going once it's done. Oh, no. I'm going twice. No. I'm going once excellent

so Jeff don't Jeremy get

This one looks like a giant wave you?

Fallen might be able to get one. It's true. Almost like Skee-ball think Jeff's got another

five no

I mean, it's Gonna be real hard

you know

That's awesome. Now you gotta go for that looking

just fall

I recommend jumping oh yeah. Yeah, the car jump. Yeah, I didn't do something. Oh, it's my turn. Yeah, yeah

two points to get a head

Down were you trying?

You can do it Kevin. Oh, I know you're on the other side good job. I want a sexy bar job

You are high my friend. You got the height like a kite. Huh like a parachute. Oh

Dude, ten five is really up there though. It's real small. It's also hard to see under your car

you had

God we had face cam for that that was good

It's all you Mr.. Jeremy. I

Didn't jump not jump. I try I hit the button, but it didn't really happen well

I was coming in too hot and I was gonna just you solved it. It's coming or not

The Shadows like a wife. I love ya, I can't

You're gonna try and get the poor. I mean yeah the five stuff. Just try again on the light for the five

What if you'd still steer?


Jeremy the jib. I know what I'm doing. I'm a jeb piece. I think this is to let's plays right here

Alfredo's ready, he's got some making up to dogs nice nice launch up up

Earlier than you're expecting okay, because I think otherwise you've run out of ram. No, there's a jump button. I'm afraid

Sure, that should be this liquid lipstick. He's only

Played in years death uh TV. Whether it might want to use it easy

that is


We celebrate our cheese stock-out greater

Just not congratulate

Given the Matt bragg tree fucking sucker

Dragged his mojo --Nz

What did you oh?

I jumped that's a you did way too much you got all the B stories out of beat

You are coming in hot

Went to the moon on the brink of winning

You got this ride that was to help him or her wow, okay? Get nearly the height though

Right yeah, you going for your ride

I just didn't end the night for it looks like you it looks like you got what you need there it goes

You touched it

It's gotta be wheels down or you know shit. No pressure

Over there, you know I gotta go for the five, so if I get the height for it

It's fine alright you went for the five last time you got four

You reach for the stars. You did not jump I hit the button

Okay, hi, dude. It didn't sound like it yet in here. I don't know

the jump works all the time

Hit the button a hitter's funny. Early me you're way off. What are you thinking here Jeff? What's on we're?


17 miles away from it did to the salmon great. I was so close

He closed down did you get I didn't redeploy on Purpose Deploy them?

Alright Gavin's Gonna fuck it. Don't don't fuck it

if your anus cattle fuck

Am I coming in hot again? Now, you know

Wow, wow well?


Mean I'm going five

That's why I feel

pretty good

Nah, I mean Alfredo got a three. It's still if you got it. I hit that real early you're up. No you are soaring I

Can't see anything I?

Definitely have the highest much harder to stall out than it looks

Okay flip over to the right you got it you got it

well one is I

Do forts all right a money you got that five. Oh here. We go here. We go. I wanted no pressure here alfredo

We're not a competitive group. It doesn't matter if we're going to lose. We're just gonna support you either way

the audience is

Someone like a bee stung my face here we go

This one's for distance. I'm gonna help my team alright. We're going to go it's hard to go first. Oh

Thank God. It's not me oh

It's always jeff looks like I only go once this time again. You're the water. I'm the one you're the water

One percent now Jeff sorry oh

This is interesting so I want to get an early no yet. Yeah, you want to hit try and hit the three Jeff

Yeah, I'm the school

There you go jeff there's a lot of blue water. Just tie right into it. It's nice though

The water is worth a lot of pool. Yeah was three points. They

Gonna be honest with you were screwed there cuz he went first you were yeah, you were totally the guinea pig

You didn't know the line we will now

Everyone knows what it is. All right Ryan that doesn't mean you could deliver, but we nah got a sense of it

I don't blame you on that one. Did you jump Ryan? No? It's like mark, not training

Yeah, yeah, it is kind of lame. I'm not trading go to college Galaxy

Houston I can try on down get that perfect distance definitely want to hit around the floor

In the bag, ooh, that was a little early

Lost yes, we definitely lost. No you guys

Still gotta go also. I don't know is it like your front wheels get on the five

And that's five or how many the majority of your car. Yes?

There's definitely a spot. Hi Michael

our percentage

So I think everyone knows where the landing zone is it's just actually hear you

Well, there's also another factor. It's the how fast your girl here. It's true. Oh, dude. I love Joe Rogan watch anything now

Sorry anymore somebody else. I'm not watching wait. That's they still make that shit again

bad dude got the easiest five there is

First you did Michael did do it first Michael gets the first five edit to cut it so that he's lost

Whatever excellent. I would love to seem to do that cuz boy

They'd have to change all those faces, and I thought I arranged them and everything

Just leave it alright, okay, but still wax okay

I'm worried about you

Fredo open pretty early tough way. No hard left that I'm a little worried about how much oh

Buoyancy got left to go there. Why did you think lighter? You know good?

Think like he live all right drop it in the right spot. Oh, that's good for us so rolling. They're

As good as we can hope gentle that's fine. That's okay. You caressed the squid

Only got a two point deficit here jeremy. Yeah, nice essential all right watch me throw away everything

I've worked on four or five

You need three points to get it

So, what'd you say you hit? You popped your parachute at the apex of your jump that I did?

I just pop it somewhere nobody's popping it all right like it's all I can cut

pop it like a Column oh

God, oh

Flapping that Jeremy I came in too fast and I pulled up too early

It does it like kicks the brakes on to the circle guys. I gotta be honest with you. I'm real fucking scared to go now

He's scared, but motherfucker if you get another zero


There you go, oh

Your style front flip for style you might be going a little faster than you think, huh?

I'm coming in hot you're coming on back move

All that you could you could work out a nose dive nose knives to cut your chute. Oh, yeah

All right puppet father. That's good. It's good. All right cut again here. We go wow

Really good I?

Do not recommend jumping oh

Very well, I'm gavin I was coming in I was gonna. Go way over the top alright Jeff. This is your redemption

I'm feeling like I'm feeling like at the end of the destiny

Raid5 thank you job deal when you're up

Shoot Jeff cut it. He's diving cut half of your shoot. Yeah, just the left side I

can't see

I wouldn't worry about the math

Yeah, I mean get the go

Oh my gosh

And that's what would have happened Jeff became Empowered

All right, well awesome win for me. All right? Well, sorry

No, it's not I wish I could do something I know but I gotta say it

I just like I felt it coming on - I call it. I felt like I told us all I felt like that

I felt like the destiny shakes

You as straight as an arrow, but not good height. Oh look at this team. It was too high than I

shadow appeared above it and then hit coast of the entire length of

my bad advice


Would have gotten you a 1 or a 2 oh, whoa oh

Oh, yeah, we're purple team

not first

to attemPt

Ground he's had two attempts has never had one attempt fuck in hell. Good Luck I

Was really afraid of super early Ryan's right? This is no, let's play. Let's not put it out

Well, I think

I appreciate you working hard to make it one buddy

Okay, I go to the Ryan. We should just

To make the - okay, you can go

For the three that may 5 is reduce judge. There's no way to get that five. There's no fuck me Ryan. Sorry

No, I think you're right. I think yeah three all right

You better get go forget life. Oh

Very the full force between two windmills. Thank you coach Ryan on that

Get a 1 you can get free don't forget the job so you get the 5 oh?

He jumped all right Bobby, shoot. It's some plight there. Oh my God you're so

You can definitely make it to this coming in like a fucking comment

What's gonna happen here a common that comes in and then misses the planet no?

That blade wants you jeff you might want to settle for a four man going for the for real

there catch a blade

One of these days they'll get a point

He did get one got one point so far it does that for?

For for say, it seems like a good one

Really Tricky part about for stopping. I'll probably go for the phone me before I've is pretty Risky mariah three point. That's a sit here

- Tom Tom Tom

You may not have scored, but you have bigger balls than me

Not five is too small you did go for it you put it all out there. Yeah, really

Halo jump on the five after yellow you try to just drop past the blade. I'm sure I pull back so I got no moment

You're good at that well don't good enough little J. This is you Jeremy

I think to get the four effectively you may have to go through the blade

Well, then I'll go through the fucking boy. Did you jump nope okay?

Should I have I?

Don't think you're not sure I was coming in way too high

It's a long way to go. It'd be cool

If everyone could go once yeah

well Ryan said to do that the one he did it was like that the one yeah everyone went at the same time in the

other Game-type

Don't we don't know the name of that's Chaos. Yeah, I don't remember what the audience is scream

Well it also had like a bull's-eye and the whole point was kind of like to knock the other cars


What's that called?

My blade, it'll cost you back up. I'm trying oh Jeremy

You need to drop from up top. I think you had it you just got to get lucky. I don't know dude

You're going so slow on a parachute Ryan's up

All right, don't be a bitch

Go for the hole for the four-door, but how the bitch is now a four cuz fives just like that. I wish too

it's just a

Waste of a turn, I don't think I jumped

Are you gonna go down and through oh god? I can't get over you got a drop onto it because if you're too slow the

Point I don't think I'm gonna get to the four man. Yeah this might be just a three

I don't think yeah I mean I want to be a bitch, but I don't think I'm gonna make it wait. Don't do it

Wins a win get the floor just be safe, and it has to yeah, just go

If I could have gotten to the four had done that it would have been perfect you barely separate you peyton

I pulled my shoot to Earlie is what happened fuck it at least I can't let my team down

No, you can't dude. You got it over the horn

I know, what's that for if you get a four? You will be the guy that did it? That's true your guy

Yeah, that's what this be about for us Michael. Don't pull too soon. That's what I did

That looks way better than what I did

So that window will fuck you up. You're trying to kind of go around you

What michaels doing here sure you know if on that vector if you overshoot the for a little you hit the five?

That probably is how they do that. I was looking real good. Yeah, I returned oh that was still pissed on

I'll get wow you're so high though ladies too much

That looks like how they kind of adieu. I was just a little

Hot on the for is the problem. I didn't drop it soon enough. All right. That's how to do it damn

Don't worry. It's Jeff and I guess

Basically drinkin I would recommend that no you shoot for the worse Correction

So you said the moon right straight up?

At this point if you score, nothing they could pretty good, but it'd be very difficult

For the five you got it right on for you got it right there it is there is

Drive right now

too much

Alright Jeff

Get a four or five

Jeremy can clean it up if Jeff gets a four this will be the most shocking thing. I've ever seen you've got this jeff

Gavin you're closer. Oh oh and also if Jeff gets zero then I don't even get to go correct

Jeff students and fucking stunt salt finesse

You literally need at least one point you do

You're looking looking pretty pretty low for four. You'll get it, but you're going right into the windmill no he's not

Okay, wow goodbye yeah, okay? What the fuck?

Technique all right I died on fire. I sure did well attempted geoff ramsey. Yeah, oh

Yeah, that's way worse on your screen. It's just my weird chicken dinner

Alright, well that was uh whatever. This is called that was overtime shootout one through four. They were already good

I'm going back under my desk before I can get it someone who's not jeff on my team. I'd love to play again


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