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Chrissy Teigen

Queen of Twitter herself you've got no idea what's coming for you

Good morning, guys and welcome to another week of amazing content and by that I mean

101 ways in which it could potentially food poison my body this has been highly requested so for today's video guys

We're gonna be cooking recipes from cravings. Which is a book by Chrissy Teigen even though

I'm terribly cooking this seems like a good book

So I'm kind of excited about this video so for the whole

of today every recipe, every main meal of the day

I'm gonna be doing a recipe from cravings by Chrissy Teigen because I'm incredibly lazy

And I always wake up late

I always saw these videos with brunch so I actually found a brunch

Recipe there are actually quite a lot of recipes that look great in this book and also a lot of pictures that kind of make

Me hate my life like this is someone's reality. Also me when I see chicken fingers

Because we're doing breakfast and lunch in the same like recipe I thought this page was actually great

So I think we're gonna try to attempt to make some roasted jalapeno in chorizo queso

I'm pretty sure this is all the ingredients that we're gonna need for the recipe the first step is to cut the jalapeno

and roast them for about 15 minutes at

240 degrees basically I could only find Chili Peppers instead of jalapeno peppers. Hopefully no one's gonna get mad at me

This is more difficult than it looks okay. I think what they usually say when you're handling hot peppers is

Don't rub your eyes. Don't touch the area. Can I say penis without getting demonetized these days?

I think the spice is in the seeds, so

Okay, I'm over this um. I don't care

I'm gonna cook this with the seeds um I can handle a little bit of spice I think

So now I guess we pour a little bit of olive oil on top of each one

I think that's good. Oh my god

Look at me an actual chef according to the recipe we're gonna roast these for 15 minutes

And that's basically it and 15 minutes is nothing I'm roasted 24/7 on the YouTube comments

the next step is to dice the onions that is kind of already done because welcome to

2017 then also dice the tomatoes

Also already done and the last thing that we have to dice is the chorizo that

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to do but I used to somebody suggesting on Twitter

I bought one of these you basically put whatever it is that you want to dice or chop in here

and then you close it and

Magic that's probably a little too chunky. Also. This is probably meant for vegetables

Am I gonna break this?

Literally a metaphor for my life. I spend the money, and I get nothing back so I guess I'm gonna have to slice these myself

This better be enough this is more than like the whole Spain ate for breakfast

I'm pretty sure that the peppers are also ready. This smells really nice. I guess according to the recipe

We just cook everything and that's it

So this is the first step to this we're gonna add the chorizo

It splashed everywhere

I don't really understand this I guess we just add the roasted peppers

Those seeds are gonna be so freakin spicy guys

No, this is definitely the first time that I see a recipe asking for half a kilogram of cheese

And allyce's specifically processed cheese

I love you, so I got this processed cheese this was uh I

Was about to say this is the cheapest I could find and you can see that

They literally melted the plastic to the packaging they're probably like whatever it tastes the same

I guess we add the cheese

This is an accurate representation of my youtube channel a hot mess with a slice of cheese on top

It did say half a kilo of cheese

And that's officially 200 grams of cheese processed cheese to be specific

Whoo I hate those sounds

And just like that. I think we're done here. I can't believe I'm trying to make this look nice on

This side we got Chrissy's roasted jalapeno and chorizo queso and on this side with God

my own

Roasted jalapeno queso dip kind of thing I don't hate it mine certainly seems a lot more blended

Maybe it's because I used everything from a freaking can I don't think they're that different. Am I crazy?

Am I just like trying to protect my own feelings?

Incredible it's so thick it's almost as if we put too much cheese


Well that bit was spicy I

Feel like it might be sweating a little bit because this is very spicy it kinda hits you after but

I really like this. I mean I'm probably gonna eat these very slowly

Because it's very very hot, but it's good

That's it for brunch

So I'm gonna go and sit in the sofa eating this and next time I see you guys it will be afternoon snack

For afternoon snack I am feeling very ambitious because I am gonna suck at making this

This is just one of those that I just know we're now gonna be able to accomplish that the name of the recipes Dutch

Baby pancake the ingredients are pretty simple it basically says that we should combine

Everything in a blender the thing is I haven't really washed my blender since last time

I use this so I'm just gonna combine everything in a plastic bowl, and we're gonna hope for the best

This is also asking for four eggs, which seems a bit excessive even considering how hungry

I generally am so I think we might use two eggs instead so in a blender combine the flour, eggs, milk, salt.

In goes the first egg

I love that there's no steps. This is basically just put everything in one container

I do that with every recipe, but it's refreshing that I'm encouraged for once

The recipe also asks for sea salt flakes

Most youtubers are buying Tesla's I bought some sea salt flakes and I feel Boujee once again. How do I know if it's 125?

So much experience. Last but not least some of the melted butter. I think that's basically it

Hopefully this is gonna turn into pancake mixture. I

Love what Christy Teegan said to blend this until it's all smooth, and this is what it looks like

This is looking okay, I mean it's not perfect, but it's pretty smooth, so now I'm gonna grab some of the melted butter

I only know realize that I don't have a 10-inch cast-iron frying pan. There was a picture of it

How did I miss it? The same way I miss everything else in life

Right Dad? So we're gonna pour the rest of the melted butter

So the recipe says that when this is bubbling up, it's ready to pour the batter, I don't know how much I'm gonna pour

Should I just add it now? Oh?

So now we put in the oven for 15 minutes and please let this work out

Literally an actual representation of my life

Trash waiting for a food to be ready and meanwhile

I got out some of the golden syrup and also some royal icing sugar to make you look pretty oh

My god guys. You're not ready to see this

This is something at least

What have we done guys I mean I say we go all the way with the syrup yes

Let's sprinkle some icing sugar

Don't want to exaggerate, but this is freaking art Lady Gaga is shook so on this side. We got Chrissy Teigen

'he's Dutch baby pancake? I mean, that's everything but on this side. We've got

my Dutch, baby

Pancake and I'm sorry, but this looks beautiful. I do think we did a good job

You know it might not look exactly the same but

pretty close

I'm so excited for this. This is gonna be everything

Is this the best thing I've ever eaten in my whole life I

Need a moment to take all this in

And by this I mean the whole of the pancake

It's so freaking amazing you bite into this and he sort of like melts in your mouth

It's just so good if I was Gordon Ramsay, if I was Jamie Oliver. I'd be freaking worried because that

Crust looks amazing though. I really want to try to make this happen

Somehow so for dinner. We're gonna attempt to make some perfect seared scallops with warm corn salad

Why does it sound like a failure to me? I'm obsessed with the fact that the salad is got butter in it

That's how you get me to eat vegetables it also said a small red pepper

So I got three miniature peppers instead

This is your Redemption moment so you better freakin work because if you don't

You're gonna go to the trash because I need some company if this doesn't work out


Either broke, or it worked perfectly oh

My god guys. That is beautiful. I'm obsessed with this. Let's try you the whole pepper I

Want to try with both at the same time, ooh


This one's more difficult oh

My god I am as shook as I've ever been this is gonna change my life

And last but definitely not least we're gonna add a whole lot of butter

So this is what it looks like guys


They actually look pretty clean. This doesn't actually look that gross. It's just white and a

Little sticky, but not that bad

Surprisingly, this was a lot less gross than I thought so I'm not actually that grossed out. It doesn't even smell fishy

I really hope these (idk) are good

I think we have to wait for about three minutes

and hopefully it's gonna be crusty and nice just like the ones in the picture I

Am so freakin happy with these guys some might say that a little burn but um I

Think it's probably just perfect

It looks so good that he should actually be a crime to put these on a paper plate because that looks so offensive

I'm gonna do such a good job. I plating this that you guys are gonna be shook

we're quaking

Okay, so now we're going to add the scallops I

Think I don't want to add more than that I think that's like the new me I feel like you like something one last touch

Am I getting good at this

Or are the expectations lower and lower every episode?

One of the two on this side we got the perfect seared scallops by Chrissy Teigen

I mean that's pretty and obtainable because that crust is something else but on this side

We've got my own. I think it looks good

I mean my scallops might be a little smaller

but I think my presentation is pretty good not trying to try chrissy teigen cuz I feel like I wouldn't stand a chance but

Mine is good as well

Presentation-wise, this is definitely one of our strongest looks guys

What do you guys think let me know in the comment section give this video a like if you think I did a good job

I'm gonna try the salad first

This tastes so much like butter they shouldn't even be considered a salad

But I freaking love it the crust is


These scallops are so nicely cooked like they're not like tough and chewy credit goes to Chrissy Teigen. This is a good recipe

I literally just followed the recipe I mind-blown by dinner

I can't believe that we actually accomplished this and also Gordon Ramsay. You better be quaking this Chrissy Teigen is coming for you

that's seriously amazing I

Am shooketh, and that was it for this video guys. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I had so much fun

This is probably my favorite series on my channel right now, so if you do enjoy it

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I hope you guys enjoy this. I love you, and I will see you on my next video. Bye

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