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What's having a paralyzing nightmare?

Have you ever experienced?

When I was young, I often experienced it

Even when I was in high school, I once didn't take part in the P.E. class because my leg got hurt

So I lay down teacher's chair

but as soon as I did that, I got a paralyzing nightmare

So I couldn't wake up when other friends went out

A while after, I could wake up

I don't know. I haven't experienced it before

Once the time comes, I cannot move my body

Also, what I remember is.... the first time I've experienced it

I opened my eyes during my sleep and I could see socks I took off before

but I couldn't move my body...

that was my first memory of the experience

Since then, I had similar feelings when I was in the college

I got paralyzed

but if I lie down again, I got paralyzed again

so I had to do something to fully wake myself up and then go back to sleep

When I had those feelings

I've experienced it very frequently.

but after I grew up, I haven't experienced as often as I've done when I was young

back then, very often.

Couldn't move and I was very scared

Like him, 40~50% of people once experience it in their lives.

Nakjus hasn't experienced but Changyoon has.

Normally, when people wake up or go to sleep, their brains are awake

but their body doesn't move. It's the paralyzing nightmare.

Changyoon has experienced the nightmare he couldn't move

it's already horrifying

if you can have auditory hallucinations or see ghosts

bad memories in the past appear in your mind as if it's a dream

there are some people who even experience those things.

that will be more scary

What I've read on the internet was like...


because my sight is fixed

originally, we cannot see the end side of my sight

that's why if there's light in that part, it's very scary

Can't move your eyes at that time?

yes, I think so

eye sight is fixed?

yes, it feels like that

so, the reason why it happens is...

there are Non-rem sleep and Rem-sleep

Normally, the former is 75%

and the latter is 25% of sleeping

when there's Rem-sleep

Rem sleep is the abbreviation of Rapid Eye Movement.

When you are in Rem-sleep, your pupils move really fast

So when you are in Rem-sleeping, except the pupil muscle and breath muscle, everything is loosened.

Muscle tension completely drops

and breathing becomes irregular

it's what happened during Rem-sleeping

Normally, our dream appears when we are in rem-sleep

we dream when we are in Rem-sleep

So when you wake up at that moment,

normally you can remember what happened

when you are young, almost 50% of sleeping is Rem-sleep

that's why they dream a lot


that's why it's been talked that Rem-sleep is related to nerve growth

when you become 10 years old, Rem-sleep is reduced

and nRem and Rem repeat

periodically changed

when you are nRem, there's a muscle tension

but the tension becomes zero when you are in Rem

it has a period like this and 4~5 times in a day

during your sleep?

yes, right

nRem and Rem are repeated

when you wake up during Rem-sleep

still, your body is paralyzed

but you have conscious

so you can't move your body

but you can see

pupil can move

maybe you may not breath well too

cause during the Rem, heartbeat and breathing are irregular.

oh, that's why I felt stuffiness

yes, you may feel stuffiness or hyperventilation

that's why you may feel more fear

normally, when you wake up, it's converted to nRem and you can move around

but if you wake up during Rem-sleep, you may have a paralyzing nightmare

Then, was my case that I went straight to Rem right after I got to sleep?

cause the cycle was out of the order?

well, it can be happened once

one time is not a big deal

but as you said, irregular diet or tiredness

yes, it happened often when I was tired

that can be the problem

Or it can be the symptom of Epilepsy or hypnolepsy

if it is repeated too often

he kinda sleeps well all of the sudden.

aren't you?

what's your point?

Let me take a break for a bit

you told us that and crashed

after that, I have insomnia......


Right before

right before too

irregular sleep cycle and stress

can be the reason of the syptom

but as I told you before

40~50% of the total population may experience this once

so it's not a big problem

as chanyoon has said,

normally if other people touch or move the tip of your body

or as you can speak, your body can be relaxed

instead of paralyzing nightmare, we call it as Sleep paralysis in psychiatry

one or two times won't be the matter

the solution is keeping sleeping cycle well

manage stress well

or loosen your body well before you sleep

if it is repeated, you'd better meet the expert

Actually, I haven't experienced, so, I was a bit curious what it would be like

I've done a lot of times

but recently, I haven't

cause you are old?

less Rem?

no more dream?

yes, no more hahahahahahahhaa

hahahaha no dream

no dream and no paralysis

Back then, my house had a loft, so, the ceiling was hight

when I was in a college, when I open my eyes

the ceiling was really high and all the lights could come in because every front is glasses

then, when I lay down, there is a second floor

there might be someone staring at me

oh, it's a bit scary

I lived there with him

yes, it was scary

cause it's the end of my eyesight

if you think that there's someone who's looking at, that's very scary

reality... hahahahahaa

Nakjoon might stare at you

with Sunwoong


paralysis hahaha

hahahaa shoot a video!!!

anyway, don't worry about this

it's not you being weird

so, don't worry

thank you

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