Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nightwish - Yours Is An Empty Hope | Live at Wembley (2015) | Vocal Coach Reacts and Deconstructs

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today i'm listening once again to nightwish yours is an empty hope wembley keep watching

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so sometimes when i get a reaction video request i'll have the person send me the actual link

and that is what happened when i listened to yours as an empty hope the cruise version of the song

now i was impressed by that but i have to admit i didn't get the fact that floor was

actually growling until much much later maybe even in my second listen through

so i'm trying to redeem myself today you guys have been so very kind and gracious and have helped me

to know the best version for this particular song is live at wembley from the 2015 concert let's dig

in thank you so much and welcome to this unique nightmare show here in a sold-out wembley arena

just so you know we will film this entire show with you here to immortalize this special moment

so let this become a night we shall never forget


wow oh my goodness well already i'm hearing so much more this is so much bigger obviously wembley

is a huge place and it just seems more grand and also i found a version that's in 4k

so it's quite stunning it's very clear i really can hear everything today and

so i'm really looking forward to hearing how this was supposed to be heard the first time

around and i guess the filming is actually better too so this is going to be really fun

okay wow oh my gosh now i'm really able to hear marco's voice clears the bell and i can see

and hear floor doing this growl thing it's amazing so incredible i'm so fascinated by

this i may have to take a lesson a growling lesson i'm sure i would use that somewhere in my life

amazing wow okay there's so many things about this that are just mind-blowing the way marco

can sing while playing these really intricate bass lines all of the lyrics that floor has

to remember for a concert of this type with this particular composer they're so

involved it's really not a hobby for these people this is real life i mean this is where

their skill and expertise really shines and it's just so brilliantly done

okay i'm stopping right there this song is really hard to break apart they didn't have the little

i realized it's an hobo i could really hear it clearly interestingly enough in the cruise version

of the song this time i it was a little harder for me to hear i don't think i heard it at all

actually and i really love that little little part but what i am hearing is so grand and so

fully formed i mean there's just so much about it that is just resonating you know you can just

feel it especially i think because this recording is so super clear i'm hearing every instrument

every note really really beautifully done and i love this atmospheric section that floor goes into

vocally she's even bringing a different kind of tone quality to it from the last one i listened to

and i really love the color choices that she's making vocally it's really really beautiful

do you ever wonder like what their necks feel like after they've been doing that for a two-hour

concert i would think they would need a traveling masseuse or something if you know anything about

like the aftermath maybe some of you have been in the concerts and you've done this windmill

thing in your younger days or recently let me know like what does it do does it mess you up

do you have to have some sort of chiropractic adjustment afterwards it seems like it would

just be really hard on your body and especially when you're doing it over and over and over

i'm wondering if anybody gets an injury that's probably just

the old lady in me asking about injuries let me know in the comments down below

let's deconstruct this one just a little bit more once again i come away from this song just

completely gobsmacked by the incredible number of tone qualities floor uses in this one song alone

i love the clean vocals she's singing with but then also the distortion that she adds in

in places it's really really cool sounding but i also love marco's voice of course

and when he and floor sing together on that little duet part it's just so powerful

i think this is what's so amazing about floor is her ability to do this death growl kind of sound

while maintaining her ability to do the 'shoemaker' beautiful operatic kind of

sound as well for floor to be able to hold both of those vocal spaces to sing in both of those voices

during one single concert a two and a half hour concert

she must be in tremendous physical shape to be able to handle the load that a concert like

this would require for her vocally just vocally not even to mention physically

it makes me wonder how much recovery she needs after a concert because the voice does get

tired even when you do have good technique elite athletes have rest days and sometimes

vocalists and musicians don't get them they'll go from concert to concert to concert i'm wondering

if night wish actually books that way because i would think it would take a little bit of recovery

to be able to handle that much singing and to do it to the extent that this gig requires

and the energy output that is required of floor continues as she goes into this

really unique atmospheric section

this next section actually reminds me of her revamp disdain voice

this is why these people get paid the big money because

it is incredibly hard work and they've done so much work to get to where they are to be

part of something like this and then the energy output that it takes out of them it's really

no joke i mean these people are working so incredibly hard

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