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Let's get it~

This is where I'm staying in Ho Chi Minh City.

(Gibberish due to jet lag

I've found a really large room.

First of all, the weather in Vietnam is very hot.

The reason I'm wearing long sleeves is because I'm afraid I'll burn a lot.

Let me show you a trip to Vietnam.

(like a ghost, why his face is so pale)

Lets go!

I've just had the massage so that I am feeling relaxed.

I had a steak earlier,

It's steak.

Because no one is starving (?)

I'm going to get some rice noodles

I'll order 2 for 4 people.

I came to a rice noodle shop called Po 24.

It's probably our feeling that there's this kind of sauce here

This restaurant has similar smell to the chain's rice noodle shop in Korea.

First of all, a basic rice noodle,

First of all, a basic rice noodle,


(Although I am not hungry, I am preparing to be ready for food)


(Bean Sprouts)





(Fried Ssam)

(Not hungry, but empty all)

At 6:42 p.m, I am walking around Vietnam alone.

My friends shop separately. so

I don't have any shopping to do.

There's Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City.

It's not that far from here, so I can walk.


I think the cathedral is closed

The lights aren't on at all.(No luck)

I think something's under construction right now.

Can you see it? It's under construction

(Just no luck..)

Well, I wanted to go into the cathedral, but I couldn't help it.

The next course, the Concafé!

There is a bean café just 300 meters away.

It's famous (Coconut Smoothie Coffee)

It's a little sweet, but it's the signature coffee I've got to try.

Focusing~~ Focusing~~

(Fortunately the cafe is open)

Cong café

Let's go in there.

(Let's go get an order)

(What made you whisper...?) No.10

(Sweet but, I am willing to have a go)

(And with Sunflower seeds)

(Bad at opening a bag of Sunflower seeds)


(Donate Sunflower to the floor lol)

(You can pick it up in 3 seconds then you can eat it anyway.)

This is how you eat what's inside.

It's about noon and I'm going to the gym.

It's my fourth day in Vietnam, and I think I've been to the gym all day.

First, I will go to the gym and show some of my exercise.

Let's get it

I forgot to turn the camera on as soon as I got here.

I've been working out for about 40 minutes now.

Today is back exercise day.

First, let's warm up!

It's called the iron bar. It's easy

Five sets of iron bars

Now, the exercise that I have to do is...

It's this one.

I don't really know the terms.

I'm only doing what I've learned.

(Five sets of the term he doesn't know)

I'm on my next workout course.

let full down

Actually, I am not sure the term is right.

I don't know the terms of exercise

You know this pulling thing, right?

(Five sets of the pulling thing)

(From a trip) as soon as I get back.

As you know, my name concert is going to be held.

Actually, I don't have time to practice.

But I am here to Vietnam

Every time moving to somewhere, listening to my own solo of the fan meeting.

I will use my spare time

for practising (dancing..!)

(looks right dancing with the song of the gym)

First of all, I don't know if you can see the exercise time,

It's heading for about an hour and 47 minutes. A total of 800 calories?

Now that I'm done exercising, so

Just a little check.

Now I'm gonna drink Protein and then run

Everyone, today...It wasn't very detailed, but it was just my health Vlog with me in Vietnam.)

Well, I'll say bye now.

See ya

What's coming up next week

What do you do when you don't have a schedule in Japan?

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