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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rudy Giuliani

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as far as revolving tents go there's one real downtime out there man

in this region we are


straight up



controlling next george bush like it

look like a choir boy


yet again insolvable guido brought with us to identify the whole thing or rudy

giuliani mayor of america is so brave on nine eleven with precious leisure

compare him to the president

basically what his pants so i decided to do you think that grade online eleven


well really blew it but when the communications set up in the biggest

target in new york isn't

over the world trade center got blown off so that in our community of chile

cost lives castle blew it by having a frog in a criminal like bernie carrick

right next on the whole time happened on june

he still like it

faulty said during carrick follow people around the new york or critical of them

hadn't the slightest orinda like this whole intimidation stuff

your own isn't all that's going to come out

if you becomes the nominee well i mean he he had a decidedly married to his

cousin and divorced three times and everything else

the substance of the allied to the following for being that his cousin

at all that stuff but i don't really care we would gamble you're married to a

bigger voice you're not even earlier a divorce i will check right

and they're all superstars out

but couldn't careless i care about the sales of its and on the substance of it

this guy's got a real megalomania issue

amin i was in new york one is there

uh... you know i've seen it

up-close and the guy low

this power absolutely loves it and that's why you're right that he's the

most dangerous man in the catholic way better controlling the press and the way

he like it or not

the murder rate stand in new york

the reverend farrakhan was going to new york because

they stop reporting the crimes

to the media well i don't think that's in silence for at crime it's entirely

fair talk to any reporter bite my wife used to vote for new york one when rudy

was there

and they changed the way they reported murders

instead of having the people come to the scene unique like two blocks away so

they control the information

and they'll report

some murders not all the murders that might be true wes and that might be

effective but the statistics are real

uh... crime rate

new yorkers generally are not but i'll tell you interesting story about that

though william bratton of course is that lose a policeman who killed all ideas

though your you know the squeegee guy isn't you know making sure that you

clean up everything and putting more much more poorly putting cops on the

street to intimidate criminals tomb sits at a presence in the streets or there's

an enormous difference and this is a public sample which ileana does and how

he's obsessed with the media and power uh... time magzine

or newsweek one of the two major news magazines win add back on the cover and

said that you know the cop who brought crime down

enjoying was sold

he said that

the how dare you take credit when on the man i need to be seen credit thirty-five

bratton immediately apples

and that gives you a sense of peace and that guy he does exist and uh... about

being quiet down because of their ballot

uh... that brett is a great police commissioner he cares about

are you to take the second-grade

so close it off because i find the best blues commission concrete


jared you get on the cover of a magazine without checking with me

and and then another very telling fact about

region and are you open it up on this

after september eleventh year old you know of new york in the america's rare

setups there's a rule that says you can't run for three times as their new


very important inspite

we have one for president you kelly run three dockside

very very serious about saint no under state law that will anoka a run for

mayor again and all this people have to talk about and said no don't do it you

have a great reputation now you could take that and use it to run for

president but if you you know destroying the rules of new york was getting a

little laws in new york

well actually hurt you more than a lobbyist

and finally talk him out of its but is greed for power is insatiable

and and for all the power grabbing a big change george bush in the war most

wiretapping in the military

commissions act

i can imagine anyone more dangerous than rudy guiliani is president of u_s_ so i

hope to use the viruses out only one arrested yeah i wanna an oregon anywhere

near that

in the case of

line of rich enough target and then if he's president he'll be back but not

nearly as bad as julia

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