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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDS TRY TRUFFLES! (Fungus) | Kids Vs. Food

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- Smells like poop, looks like poop.

- Ew.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we'll be trying this.

- Okay, this doesn't look good.

- (FBE) We couldn't get a real one, but here is a pic.

- Am I gonna be eating this?

- That looks like an evil pomegranate or something.

- It looks interesting, but also very, very, very

unpleasant to look at.

- It looks like a ginormous, black broccoli.

At this moment, it does not look appetizing at all.

- I'm so scared.

- It might be good. It might be bad.

I hope it's good.

- (FBE) Let's go ahead and try it.

- Ew.

I've never tasted gasoline, but that's how it smells like.

- It looks like taco meat.

- Smells kind of vinegary.

- I refuse to try it because it smells like poop.

It looks like poop.

- I don't wanna eat it, but I'll try.

No, mm. No.

- It's not that yummy. It's squishy, it's oily.

- It's very salty. It's kind of garlic-y.

I'll admit, it isn't too bad.

- That's good, actually. Kinda tastes like meat.

When you put the bread and the meat together,

it makes it a less stronger flavor.

- I give two thumbs up. I like it.

- I think it's actually pretty good.

- I hated it. The first millisecond,

it tasted good and then terrible.

- I would eat this, actually. I mean, it doesn't taste

that horrible.

- (FBE) So, you just tried black truffles,

which are part of the fungi family, so they are kinda like

cousins to mushrooms. - No, I hate mushrooms!

Stop, I hate mushrooms!

- I know what truffles are. Anything mushroom, I hate.

Good thing I didn't try it.

- I hate mushrooms. That's probably why.

- It's a truffle? Aren't those really expensive

and fancy?

- (FBE) So, what you just tried is a delicacy.

Truffles can not be farmed, which leads them to being

pretty expensive. Dogs are used to help

find them. - I have a dog,

so we're going out to find these.

- Dogs are used to help sniff up bombs,

but now they're being used to sniff out vegetables.

- (FBE) What's your overall thoughts on the truffle?

- Horrible. I do not want to try this

ever in my life again!

- I'd recommend trying it, trying to do things.

You only live once.

- I really like this. I mean, I would eat this again

if I-- I'm gonna get what I can

out of this, 'cause it's expensive.

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