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Let's talk about Sister Location.

Okay, okay. But we won't talk about this game... About the whole game...

because Monique and I are going to do a livestream to talk about Sister Location

Sister Location theories and where this game is in the timeline,

along with the other 4 games.

Today we're gonna talk about a thing that made me go crazy when I found out

As soon as I found out, and it's the Custom Night

(The Five Night at Freddy's Sister Location: Custom Night!)

We all knew about the Custom Night because there was a teaser on Scott's site a while after

the game's launchment, and we were waiting for it [the Custom Night], even though we had

no idea of how it would be

Most fans didn't expect it to take place in the Private Room, I didn't expect that

I was one of those who didn't expect that

But the Custom Night isn't the most important thing

because Scott Cawton told us that none of the Custom Nigh is canon

It isn't canon, what means that it doesn't change anything in the story. So...

Bonnet, Yendo, Electrobab, Lolbit... They've nothing to do with the story.

They don't exist in the original story, as well as the fact of Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Ballora

and pretty much everyone walking freely though the Private Room and going after you

None of this happens in the original story, it's just to scare you after all

None of this is canon

What really matters here are,

obviously, the Cutscenes that show up when you finish a challenge on Very Hard mode.

Most of you have already seen those cutscenes, but if you don't, I'll show it on the screen and comment it

And I'd like to talk about it, because it's basically Purple Guy's origin

Ok, I know Scott Cawton said that the Custom Night isn't canon,

but let's think about two things right now:

So. This video was recorded on December 3rd, 2016. (I was about to say 2006...)

Uh, I was editing it and it was supposed to be posted yesterday, December 4th, 2016...

Today is 5th. But, on December 3rd, Scott unlocked the last cutscene

And, when he did, he didn't only made some updates on Golden Freddy's challenge,

but also told us that the cutscenes are canon, that the cutscenes really happened

So, in this part of the video, I was basically telling you guys my theory and trying to explain

Why the game... Why the Custom Night isn't canon, but the cutscenes would be.

I was trying to prove that, but Scott already did it for me.

So I'll just skip to the part that I'm commenting the cutscene... Of this guy, who's walking from a side to another.

Because, as you can see, it's a man walking happily

with his purple hoodie... Os sweater, whatever.

And people are waving at him, and he's walking happily, going from a place to another.

But with each passing day, or passing time, I don't know

He starts to get pale, then... Green...

And then... Purple... Because he's rotting.

So obviously this is Purple Guy.

The Purple Man.

And obviously Ennard is inside our character, Eggs Benedict


And Afton's body is rotting up

How I expected to happen, I was just talking with my friend about that

I told them that Ennard would need to find another body, because that one would obviously rotten at some point

But that isn't the most important part. When he finishes walking...

He's completely purple, and he stops, and just splits, vomits, Ennard

I mean, Ennard get out of him. Because it was Ennard who was controlling him.

And then, check out what happens.

We can hear Baby talking. Or Ennard.

You Won't Die

And then the man gets up, without Ennard

The rotten body gets up as if there was nothing inside him

So... Does that means that there's something of Ennard remaining in him?

Or, instead of Ennard "scoop" all Eggs Benedict's internal organs and get in,

what if it just merged to his internal organs, and that's why there's still something inside him?

That would explain the internal organs that we saw in Springtrap's suit. It's pretty easy to see internal organs there.

And that's why I wasn't so sure that Ennard, or the body that Ennard left,

would become Purple Guy, because... Springtrap has a lot of internal organs, and blood, and those things... A lot of visible internal parts.

So I didn't think it was possible to Ennard get in a body, then leave, and there be still something inside.

But, if that's true [my theory], how would the man get up? How would the Purple Man walk after this?

And I wanted to tell something very important to you guys, I ain't here just to talk,

I ain't here just to make you guys confused, I'm here to explain a thing.

A single thing that nobody noticed until now and my brother told me this morning

And I wanted to be the first to talk about this


I wanted to say that, when Baby said You Won't Die, my brother remembered a thing that happens in the Fake Ending,

when Ennard is chasing you in the Private Room.

When Ennard is chasing Enn-... jfdkhgkfd

When Ennard is choosing-...

Dear God I can't talk

When Ennard is chasing you in the Private Room,

it says a lot of things with Baby's voice

Things like... "Why didn't you trust me?"

"I thought I did everything right"

"I thought you liked me"

Things like that. But there's one thing... One single thing... That it says, that I think it would mark someone

You won't die

When Ennard/Baby says that, it wants to comfort the player... Somehow.

It means that he (Eggs) won't lose anything with it.

It'll only hurt for a moment, but then he'll still be alive, so

He won't lose anything [ON SCREEN: Just his skin, hair, teeth etc]

But, let's think about this:

If Ennard said You Won't Die to the player, then killed him...

And... That's pretty much what's happens, since Ennard get limping into your house,

so I think it'll kill you no matter what

And then it used your body... I think You Won't Die would stay in your head.

And then, when you were rotting...

Pratically dead...

You would remember that.

It makes a lot of sense. There's only one thing that breaks this theory.

Ennard only say that in the FAKE Ending. When you're in the Private Room.

It's not the REAL ending.

So... If it was the Real Ending... Where it doesn't say anything...

He just says that he'll need your body to hide and...


Ennard doesn't say "You Won't Die". It doesn't say "You Won't Die"...

It says that the scooper only hurts for a moment

But that it won't... But Ennard doesn't say "You Won't Die"... It doesn't. So...

So... If the Real Ending was..

Are you getting it?

So, according with the Real Ending's logic, it (You Won't Die) shouldn't stay in Purple Guy's head.

So... In the Custom Night, there's cutscenes where we see Ennard transforming Eggs Benedict into

Purple Guy.

We see Eggs Benedict coming back to life, because "You Won't Die" stood in his head.

Because "You Won't Die" marked him, somehow

So... Does that means that the cutscenes in the Custom Night are just to complete the Fake Ending?

Or are they true anyway? [ON SCREEN: Well, they're already canon]

Why did You Won't Die mark Eggs Benedict so much in the Real Ending?

It only makes sense in the Fake Ending.

What do you guys think? Leave in the comments down below.

Thank you very much for watching this very short video, that served only to make you guys more confused, and

explain a little and then confuse more,

but that's why we're here, right.

We don't theorize to explain everything, we theorize to confuse everyone.

I think Five Nights at Freddy's will never be explained. I was telling to my friends that

Scott Cawton wants to make everything implict,

but we're so dumb, we need something explained, in our hands

And as long as we haven't it, we won't rest

But Scott Cawton will NEVER give us that

So we'll never shut up, and the fandom will never die.

See you in the next video, guys.

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