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hey guys This is Andrew with my watch addiction coming back to take a closer

look at that watch gang centum tier watch that I received for

January 2018 now if you didn't see my watch gang centum unboxing I received the

Laco Las Vegas so we're going to jump into that today take a look at it see if

we can learn a little bit more about it and go from there before I do that

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come and check that out because I know as well as Watchgang myself is super

super excited about that alright guys so let's jump into this lock oh and take a

look and see what it's all about alright so opening this guy up and taking a look

at it a little bit closer you get the box out of the way as you might have

seen in the Centum unboxing it comes with a pretty nice leather watch case I'm gonna

say this is similar to a travel case unzip this guy open this guy up and what

do we have inside so inside of this right here we have the warranty card

made in Germany 1925 watch gang January 18th is when this watch was sold you can

see the retailers listed there is watch getting that off to the side

and then this is the manual for the movement that is in this watch which

we'll talk about here in just a minute let's take a look at this watch itself

this box is by the way this is pretty nice it's really soft on the inside of

this case a case is padded looks like guy you can just throw it in your

briefcase and go if you needed to so this is the lock o Las Vegas now the

actual part number specific part number of product code for this watch is an

861587 you can see right out of the gate this is a

Automatic chronograph with both the day and the date display at the three o'clock

position both Automatic chronograph as well as that day date display is powered by an

in-house made laco 50 movement which I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure

that's based on the Swiss ETAa 7750 movement which is pretty popular among

higher-end automatic chronographs the case material on this watch is stainless

steel with a case diameter 44 millimeters and in case height of 15

millimeters now you can see you know get some close-up pictures a little bit

later there it's a dome sapphire crystal on this watch the open case display back

that is sapphire crystal as well this watch has stated a5 ATM water resistance

and is coupled with a black calf leather strap with white stitching now the width

of the strap epilogue is 22 millimeters it's got a nice nice thickness nice feel

to this lotta band it does like a cheap or chintzy leather band at

all now the one thing I did find interesting about this and I'm really

not sure what to make of it but this watch was actually first

released by Laco Watches in 2013 now they don't even sell this watch on their

website anymore and I found very few places that actually do sell this I did

find a couple for sale in Germany on chrono 24 calm as well as a couple for

sale on eBay the ones I'm a BAE I'm assuming and I could be wrong I'm

assuming that the ones on eBay are watch gang subscribers there's one

listed right now for $900 which is $100 less than watch gain centum Byun so that

looks like somebody that just isn't real happy with watch and is looking to get

the majority of their money back whether or not they're gonna get a $900 bid for

this watch that that I'm honestly not sure there's another one listed here for

$1,999 I would stand to bet that there's no way that one's going to get purchased

in 1900 but that is what it is I like though the weight of this watch you guys

have heard me say many times in the past that I'm a real big fan of heavy heavy

watches and this this watch definitely has some heft to it

and again it just it feels like a very very solid watch so thanks for sticking

around and taking a look at this Laco Las Vegas that I received as a part

of my watch gang Centum Tier subscription for January 2018 if you stick around a

little bit longer I'm going to post up some close-up pictures of this watch as

well as Laco watch so you guys can get a better look at what this watch

looks like close up now if you have any questions comments or thoughts about

this watch definitely post them up in the comments below

and I love to hear your impression of the watch do you love it do you hate it

do you think I should throw up the trash post up in the comments below and let me

know what you think do you guys want to reach out to me at all you can always

hit me up on my watch addiction calm and don't forget to follow us on Instagram

slash watch addiction dot us you'll be able to see what watch was on my

greatest on a daily basis anyway thank you guys have a great week and we will

see you soon

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