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Hey Mathai's here

Mathai... Da Mathaii...


Amma... Am going out to play

Where is that girl gone

How long has it been now!

Tell her to come back here fast

How long has she been playing there

Okay I'll tell her

She's gone there since morning

Tell her to come back fast.



Come on We'll go and play

Ha am coming

Where's Unni

He got one nicely morning itself and is crying there inside

Where is the bat

Bat is with Mathai

Di Idiot

Amma is calling you back home

Idiot is your...

Stop. I am coming too




Kuttappi come lets play

Where's Mathai

He's in the toilet

And where's the bat

Under there

Where are you all off to?

Come out. we will go play now

Is Josh and Joan coming?

They are not here

Where's Unni

He's there at home

He was lashed today morning for breaking some plates

Will you go and get that Unni too

And give that ball here

Here. keep this


Come lets go to play

You guys move. I'll come along

Da Upper ground or the lower ground?

We'll play in the upper one

I'll come along with him

Come on. We'll toss first

Everyone come here

Kuttappi common

You stand here in the center

stand up you

Me and Kannan

Unni and me

Kuttappi common

Here's your bat

Come lets toss then

Odd or even


Its Odd. our batting

Give me the ball

Or else you bat first

Oh! Mathai's strategical moves

Mathai using his captain instincts!!!

Da give the ball here

Da ball!

And where should I stand. Behind right?

Straight there

And you there

da catch it catch...

Kuttappi catch... get the ball

stop playing with it and ball you

Mathai.... catch!


Next me

Kuttappi. Move aside

Next is Kannan

You will be out in the next ball itself. sure!

fourth ball

And Out!

45 runs to win

No its 45 for us.

46 to win

No I want batting too

give him too two balls then

just simply give him too

Why make him bat and all!..

Kuttappi... just blindly hit the maximum you can

Da Kuttappi run...

run back now

Kuttappi your bat hit the stumps. get out now

How pathetic balling is this

Ha out! enough now

She! don't cry. move away now

first ball

and Out!

Golden duck!

Now it's Mathai's majestic hits we are about to witness now

Even Kuttappi was better than this

His bat atleast touched the ball

Unni. you ball

ball carefully okay

Da fast fast

now 5 to win from 3 balls okay

no its only 4 runs from 3 balls to win

The second ball was a wide ball

No wide and all.

What! shouldn't a ball gone wide taken wide then

Da its 5 runs to win!

No its 4 runs to win

Then what was I counting all this time

I too counted. Its four to win

Ha okay. You bat then. Lets see


no its not out

Now give me the bat

Not out. It hit my leg only

what how is that not out

It hit my legs not the stumps

its not out

Just walk away you. It was out

It is not out. How is it not out

It only hit my legs. Its not a wicket

No It hit the stump only. You are out

Go away you. That was a wicket

See here's that mark when it hit the wicket

Told you. It hit my legs

would you stand like this if it was the legs

would you stand like this if it was the legs

You go and ball

Honestly where did the ball hit

Told you it was on my leg

You bat then. I'll show you

Field there you

Yeah we win!!!

Kuttappi we won...

Shame. Appu lost Appu lost

Da Unni give that ball at once

Run you cheat

stop there you

go around and get him

drown him together

Move away you all

once more once more

Once more

drown him

Kanna get him. once more

That actually wasn't an out right.

you were simply arguing

You still do not agree its out

But that wasn't an out

Actually it was an out only

See! even your own team agrees it was an out

cant you still not agree

Then shall we buy that stump that lights up

What! would your father pay?

Just Coconut petiole is even better

That wont come up to our standard but

We'll do one thing

We shall make the actual three piece stumps itself

why not use bamboo then

No bamboo wont do

It and all would break at my first ball itself

Wooden stumps only would be better

But where do we cut the logs from

We'll cut them out. lets go to the forest

In that case we can also get mangoes

I know the way. My father have told me once

And there goes another one of his stories

You don't have to come then

I want mangoes. I want one very nice ripe mango

I'll also come to the forest

And to roam looking for the mangoes then.

Just sit there you

So when do we leave to the forest tomorrow

We can leave at about seven tomorrow

And don't tell anyone

Especially to Kuttappi

No he won't wake up atleast till 8. I'll leave well before that

Wouldn't everyone come here? Yes.

Also we need a machete knife

Okay. I'll take care of that

So we'll see tomorrow

Where has that Mathai gone

He's here

Why are you late already

Da I should make sure Kuttappi doesn' t see me right

Okay lets go

No one has told anything at your homes right? Nope

We get the stumps too means it'll be super altogether

Mathai's cheating wont work after that

Mathai wont agree to his wicket even if there's a camera watching

Da shall we go to the mango tree first

what about the stumps then

stumps we can cut out from there only

You know the way right?

yes sure

But would the mangoes be ripe enough by now

Anyway we've came till here.

Couldn't we just go and check atleast

Will we reach there anytime soon

Almost there

Even you are not very sure

Cant you get the smell. Its nearby only

I can't smell anything but

Chee cow dung!

Da it is not cow dung...

Its nice fresh dung

Ha that's why. Its still warm

Da behave...

I'll smack you nicely



Da stop...


Where's Mathai?

He ran in front right?

Mathai ran in front

Come. we'll look for him

Da Mathai tricked us and is lying here

There he is

Mathai... Mathai... Da mathai

What happened

Nothing am fine

what happened to you



Why are throwing it at me

#### we listened you to eat mangoes

and could have been killed by that elephant

How would I know there's an elephant going to be there

I only stepped on that elephant dung

And that elephant could have killed me now

Enough! Lets go home

You will not lead the way anymore anyway

You lead us once and that almost got us killed by an elephant

Now next would be straight into a tiger's mouth

But is there tigers too in this forest!?

##### Come with me if you want

Hey do you know the way

You shut up!

what is this Appu doing

He's mad!

He thinks as if he's someone great

We need one more stump by the way

Ha. Now Ill fix it

Come now lets go. We got six right?

What you doing. Walk

It's because of you all this happened

This is making me mad

Can both of you just Shut up and walk

Don't you all wan to reach home

Lead us straight to that elephant and you still can't stop arguing

Can you shut up and move

We have been walking for quite some time now

I just wish I get a bottle of water

Just keep quite and walk fast

What is it

Elephant dung! very good

Cheee Appi {shit}

Not shit. Its Dung

Not there. Here

Oh God. We were just circling around the same way all this time

So you don't know the way either

Somehow we have to get out of the forest before nightfall

But how

There's only one way now

We'll just go straight

And leave leaf trails on the way we go

No need for any of that We just have to find the river

Ha. Must have heard in that harry potter's movie right

Just cut it. My father once told me this

Ha again!!!

Lets not waste time. Come

You don't come then

Da Appu. We can find the river if we keep going down

Come fast

By the way who changed Appu's 'U' to 'Y

This idiot Mathai only

I didn't do it. Simply accusing me of everything


What happened?

Come on


Da is it that elephant again?

Wow isn't this a great view here

Ha this way we can go home now

Chee are you going to drink this water!

The water here in the forest has no problem at all

Its only when it reaches our villages it get spoiled

Drink only if you want to

Then who else lead us the wrong way!

Oh! The one guy who knows all the way!

Then tell us who took us the wrong way

Anyway we finally reached right?

Walk carefully. Don't play around and fall into the...

And there fell the both of you.. hahaha

Ayyeeaa See both of them lying there

what! don't try scare us with your eyeballs after you fell

Its just another two more kadavus and we'll reach the bridge

We reached?

Come lets go fast

Hahaha Mathai fell again!

Take those stumps and jump

Da I dropped my machete

I lost the machete

search for it

da search fast

Did you get it?


I am tired. am going

Da I can't go without the knife. I cant enter my house without it

They'll surely beat me if I lost it

So please da search a bit more

Its just a knife no! Its okay. We'll go now

I kept it safe even when the elephant chased us.

Am tired too. am going

don't leave please

I gave it back to cut the stumps. Am going

are you all leaving

yes going

Da they'll scold me at home

please don't go like that

Da Search it once more and we'll leave

We told you no

Ho finally we reached back at our place

How will I go home without the machete

Its okay even if its without the knife...

Never mention about that elephant chasing us

We'll get two lashes extra for that

No I wont tell

Come lets go

oooh! am shivering!


Haaa Super!

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