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We're going to Universal Studios Hollywood and I'm really excited about the Minions ride and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We just got down to California from Oregon.

We're going to spend a few days visiting family before we go to the California RV Show.

We're also going to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Kait and I have been working really hard getting the book published.

I finally hit publish yesterday.

To celebrate, we're going to Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you were wondering, Leo is spending the day with my mother.

Off to see some Minons, let's do this!

[Kait] Regular auto parking?

Well, there's only one fee but we have to go to the oversize lot because we won't fit in the garage.

Very last row on the left.

[Kait] So we get to park in preferred? Uh huh.

I'm so excited!

[Joe] Alright, let's go.

Alright, let's go get our front of the line pass.

Or I should say, passes.

[Kait] Thank you!

Got mine.

Let's do this!

They even have butter beer!

That's pretty cool!

[Voice from ride] The forest and the grounds is forbidden to all students.

[dog barking]

First time Hufflepuff, it's alright.

I like it!

They even have the chocolate frog.

[Joe] What about the jelly bean things?

Every flavor beans.

So much sugar.

[Vendor] Donuts!!!

Get your donuts!

Fresh baked!

Homer's favorite.

Welcome to Springfield.

We were in Springfield, Oregon.

Where Matt Groening is from.

[Kait] Which one are you?

That's me!

Two days without an accident...

thats pretty good.

I think we have an accident in the van every day.

[Joe] Not with the van.

No, not with the van, it's usually me bumping my head on something in the van.

Popcorn sounds really good.

Oh it feels so good!

Let's do a really cool move!


[Joe] I think you're just going to have to run.

[Joe] That was kind of crazy, I didn't think he would chase you that far.

I didn't think so either.

I pulled out the banana and the photographer said, uh oh you'd better run.

I think that was the highlight of my day.

Veryyy cool!!!

[Announcer] See some of Hollywood's hottest locations along with our co-host...

You made it! Welcome to the Universal Studios Tour. I'm Jimmy Fallon. I'll be making sure you get through this experience in one piece.

Alright, time for lunch. All we've had so far are apples and bananas.

Minion bananas.

We're going to head to the van and grab some lunch.

[Kait] There are a couple of rental RVs over there.

Yeah, and a camper van next to us.

I say we put the air conditioning on. [Kait] Okay.

Okay, inverter is on.

[Kait] What do you have the A/C set to?


[Kait] Oh that feels good!

[Kait] Make sure you close the bathroom.

We've gotten a lot of questions from people as to whether or not we can run the A/C off of our batteries.

Well, the answer is yes.

And our estimate is that we can run the A/C for a few hours before VoltStart kicks in.

Voltstart is that little button on the left side of the dash with the green light.

When I turn that on, the system will sense when our batteries have been drawn down to a certain point

and at that point, it will start the engine and run the engine for 35 minutes to charge the batteries back up.

Now, it will do this up to five times before we have to put the key in the ignition and actually start the vehicle.

Once I do that, the system will reset and I can put Voltstart on for another five cycles.

Right now it is running and the A/C is going and I think it's mid-90's outside but it's nice and cool in the van.

So we decided to make sardine salad for lunch.

I know when we moved into the van, a lot of you asked us what do we do with all of those sardines.

Well we make salads, dips, add it to all sorts of things, we make bowls.

But today we are going to have a sardine salad with clover sprouts, radish sprouts, onion, carrot, garlic, a little hummus...Joe's working on his beer.

[Joe] It's always nice to come back to the van and have a cold beer waiting for you.

Well, that's the nice thing about having your house on wheels, you have everything with you.

[Joe] So that's my salad.

[Kait] Well, it's not all put together yet.

But I will say, being in such a small space, when I cut an onion

it makes us both cry.

That onion is really potent!

I need to stick my head in the freezer or something.

[Kait] Our freezer is not big enough. Nope, it's not big enough.

[Kait] Open a window? I think I am going to open a window.

Oh fresh air!

Lunch is served my love!

[Joe] Thank you. [Kait] Enjoy! [Joe[ I'm very excited about this.

They do have vegetarian options in the park.

You know, when we can, we like to come back to the van, relax, have a drink.

eat here, it also helps us save money.

A lot of people have asked if we are plant based or vegetarian.

Well as you can tell we're not strictly plant based.

We do add in some fish and eggs from time to time but we don't do dairy, sugar, things like that.

Ah! That was a good break.

That was an awesome ride.

Especially the part where they shoot a missile at you and in 3D it comes right at your face

explodes in slow motion and you feel all the heat from the fire.

That was a pretty cool ride, I want to go on it again.

Oh, and look!

We're currently on the lower lot and Kait wants to take the stairs all the way up.

That may not look like a lot of stairs but there are 4 more and this one is the shortest.

There's no way I could run another set of these.

How are you doing?

I'm good, I pace myself.

I don't know what that means.

So I lied, there are only four and I think I'm going to have to take the escalator up on this one.

You can do it babe!

They key is to pace yourself.

Finish strong!

[Kait] You made it! I made it.

[Kait] Babe! I'm proud of you.

I feel like that should be an attraction.

It IS an attraction.

Free stair climber, no wait.

I'm kind of scared.

[Joe] This is the Walking Dead thing.

[Kait] I don't know if I want to do this.

That was a fantastic day!

It was, I had so much fun.

It was really nice to take a day off.

We needed it, we've been working hard. We have.

Hope you guys enjoyed coming to Universal Studios Hollywood with us.

We're going to head back to the van and go see what Leo is up to.

This is pretty cool.

I love the plate.

I know. Skynet, Cyberdyne Systems.

Home sweet camper van.

Home is where we park it.

So true!

[Kait] Thanks for coming with me. You're welcome!

[Kait] And thank you for now making me go on Jurassic Park.

You're also welcome.

But thank you for going on the Walking Dead with me.

That was fun.

Minion was still my favorite. Yes.

Minion was the best.

Off to see Leo.

Let's go get the little guy.

Thank you so much for watching!

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