Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anglerfish with Spicy Chili & Spicy Squid Sausage || TikTok Funny Mukbang || Songsong and Ermao

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Ah, you coward. This is Anglerfish, which is ugly but yummy.

Are you sure you don't want to eat?

No, it looks so scary! I'll never eat it!

It is so fresh!

Give me a little, please! I wanna try now.

Wow, I wanna more! I wanna more!

Ermao, lunchtime!

Em.... Are you sure it's not shit?

Of course not! It's cuttlefish sausage.

Em... Flies like it so much, and you said it's not shit?

Well... it was an accident! The sausage is so yummy really!

Ah ah ah ah! don't lie to me, this is sh*t!

You must eat it today!

Ok Ok, I'll eat it right now!

It tastes better than I thought!

Hehehe, do you have more shi... no no no, sausage?

Time to eat!

Em? Grassland food again? You pick first!

I pick Dubaorou this time.

Wow, not bad! So much meat!

Wow, looks good! I'm going to try now!

So much oil!

Hehe, it's your choose. Don't blame me.

Too greasy! Too greasy!

(Dongting Lake Fish)

I heard that the Dongting Lake Fish is so spicy, Do you dare to try it?

Why not?

Em? Maybe it's not that spicy?

OMG! So hot! So spicy!

Hahaha, you forget that I'm the king of spicy?

Hold on, bro! We are going to hospital now!

Dongting Lake Fish is so spicy! I'm dying...

Let's eat some meat today!

Let's eat some chili today!

Your meat seems better than my chili.

Don't be too greedy. Just eat your own chili.

I'll show you a magic, bro!

Show me.

I need to use your meat as magic props.

Guess where is meat?

Must be here!

One last chance! If you're wrong again, the meat will be mine!

Guess again now!

I won't be fooled again!

Where is my meat?

Bet is bet, now the meat is mine!

Aren't you tired fooling me everyday? Why don't you but the food yourself?

What kind of Rougamo is this? I even can't find meat.

Hehe, if you wash all all my clothes, I can cook a huge Rougamo for you.

No problem. But promise that you won't fool me.

Of course not!

The huge Rougamo is ready!

Wow, so much meat!

Am I a good cook? This is the best Rougamo in the world. Now it's time for my clothes!

Be patient! Let me eat first.

It's Really a good deal! The best Rougamo I've ever eaten in my whole life!

200 yuan for meat, 20 yuan for flour, 30 for oil, I spent 250 in total! I spent 250 yuan just for washing my clothes??!!

The rice is burned! How can I eat this sh*t.

Wow! Crispy rice, my favorite!


Crispy rice? It will give you cancer.

No, it's not. Come and try, crispy rice is so yummy!

No, this food will kill me.

What are you afraid of? I ate this since I was a little boy.

But it looks so ugly. I'll never eat it!

It's healthy food, you idiot!

Look the meat I cooked. So tender and soft.

Are you an old lady? Crispy meat is better!

It's the right way to eat pork meat!

Soft pork meat is better!

Mine is better! Mine is better!

Stop arguing! Ask our fans which kind of pork meat is better!

You wanna eat alone again?

You assh*le!!

You fool Songsong again!

Take this, my grandson!

Thank you, grandpa!

TT... Why you treat him so well.

You wanna eat alone again?

Stop! Don't try to eat alone! I have a share too!

Stop! Don't go!

Take this, grandpa! Eat it before Ermao comes!

The chicken is good!

You two bully me together!

What are you doing?!

Come to work for me, and I'll make you a better meal.

Really? Go!

The table is unstable, please fix it for me.

Don't worry, try again.

Finally made it....

Where is my better meal you promised?


- Come to eat chicken, bro! - Wow, the drumsticks are huge!

What am I eating?!

- Grandpa, I'm hungry! - All you know is eating!

- Grandpa, I'm hungry too! - Ok, I'll cook for you right now.

It's for your brother.

How about my food?

This one is yours.

- Why Songsong's is larger than mine? - Because you always fool your brother.

Haha, your duck eggs would be mine!

I marinated for 2 months.

Wow, the duck egg tastes so good.

I won't let you spoil such good eggs!

You like spicy food, do you? Let me show you what is spicy.

I accidentally put too much chili, sorry but can you help me eating this?

Sure sure sure

Hehe, I don't believe that you can stand so much chili.

Not enough! I need more chili!

This pho is really good!

Not really? Isn't this spicy? I wanna try too!

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