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Pilot Journal, Entry Thirty-Three and Six

So much has happened since the Battle of Yavin, it's all a blur to me.

We've been on the run constantly for several years, racing from planet to planet, searching for a safe haven.

For now, we've settled on Hoth, a hellish landscape of frozen dunes and snowdrifts. At least it's well-hidden.

Although our luck these days often seems short-lived.

Han Solo: What's going on?

Princess Leia: The empire's discovered the base.

Han Solo: Oh-oh.

Rebel Trooper: Echo Station Three-T-Eight.

Imperial walkers on the north ridge.

Luke Skywalker: Echo Station Five-Seven. We're on our way.

Princess Leia: No! The shield generator's been taken down!

Rebel Trooper: The transports are almost ready. Just hold them off a few more minutes.

Wooo!, The transports are away! All rebel personnel evacuated! We made it!

(Leia's scream?)

A costly battle, and a frantic escape.

But the sacrifices of the Rebel ground forces made sure the transports escaped, and many Rebels likely avoided capture and torture by the Imperial's invasion forces.

Excellent work.

Time: 04:27

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