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hello everyone today we are going to

learn vocabulary

unit 1 home life biologist biologist

Mary wants to become a biologist in the



biology the book deals with human

biology biological biological

eating is a biological necessity join

hands join hands why don't you join

hands with us in helping the poor

children give somebody a hand give

somebody a hand could you give me a hand

with these boxes Mike run run he runs

his business very well

run the household run the household my

mother runs the household in my family

will will from an early age she had a

very strong will be willing to do

something be willing to do something if

you're willing to fly at night you can

get a much cheaper ticket finality


I felt that terrible finality when Jim

said he doesn't want to stay together

with me finalized find the lives we

should finalize all the documents before

the meeting pressure

pressure he put too much pressure on the

door handle and it snapped be under

pressure be under pressure she is under

a lot of pressure at work right now

pressurize pressurize a pump is used to

pressurize the fuel mischievious

mischievious G has a mischievous sense

of humor obedient obedient students are

expected to be quiet and obedient in the


disobedient disobedient he is a

disobedient child obedience obedience

military service demands obedience from

its members obey obey a child should

obey his parents supportive supportive

children with supportive parents often

do better at school than those without

permit permit the regulations do not

permit much flexibility permission

permission you will need permission from

the council to extend your garage

permissive permissive it's a very

permissive school where the children are

allowed to do whatever they want unit to

cultural diversity

confidence confidence I should never

have taken him into my confidence

I have confidence in somebody I have

complete confidence in her she'll be

perfect for the job

confident confident Miss Venezuela looks

confident in her red dress confide in

somebody confide in somebody she's nice

but I don't feel I can confide in her

diverse diverse New York is a very

culturally diverse city diversity

diversity there is a wide diversity of

opinion on the question of raising her

salary diversify diversify many wheat

farmers have begun to diversify into

other forms of Agriculture

approval approval the project has now

received approval from the government


disapproval although they said nothing

about her suggestion she could sense

their disapproval approve approve

we had to wait months for the council to

approve our plans to extend the house

marriage marriage they had a long and

happy marriage marry marry men tend to

marry later than women

married married when are you getting


contractual contractual

are you under a contractual obligation

to any other company contract contract

are you going to break the contract

proceed proceed it would be helpful if

you were to proceed the report with an

introduction precedents precedents

business people often think that fluency

and communication take precedence over

grammar when speaking engagement

engagement they announced their

engagement at the party on Sunday

engaged engaged did they get engaged on

Saturday counterpart counterpart the

prime minister will meet his European

counterparts to discuss the war against

drugs generation generation

the younger generation smokes less than

their parents did generational

generational there are generational

differences in opinion between parents

and children signify signify nobody

really knows what the marks on the

ancient stones signify significant

significant there has been a significant

increase in the number of women's

students in recent years significance

significance the discovery of the new

drug is of great significance for people

suffering from heart problems unit 3

ways of socializing socialize it is a

good opportunity to socialize with new

colleagues socialization socialization

going to school improves children's

socialization skills social social I had

an active social life when I was in

college verbal verbal

he gave her a verbal apology

non verbal nonverbal body language is a

potent form of nonverbal communication

communication communication television

is an important means of communication

communicate communicate unable to speak

a word of the language he communicated

with his hands communicative

communicative he was in a bad mood at

breakfast and wasn't very communicative

communicable communicable in this period

there were 974 outbreaks of communicable

disease attributed to the consumption of

raw milk compliment somebody on

something compliment somebody on

something I was just complimenting

Robert on his new shirt compliment

compliment the boss paid her a

compliment for finishing the project

early complimentary

complementary the reviews of his latest

film have been highly complementary

kidding kidding

you won first prize you're kidding

marvelous marvelous he was a truly

marvellous storyteller Marvel marvel

it's a marvel to me how they managed to

build the road so quickly regulation

regulation our company is going to have

some new regulations regulate regulate

her mother strictly regulates how much

TV she can watch regulator

regulator we use the heat regulator to

keep the room warm in winter

interruption interruption I worked all

morning without interruption

interrupt interrupt I wish you'd stop

interrupting discourtesy discourtesy I

was amazed at her father's discourtesy

discourteous discourteous according to

the customer survey six percent said

that employees were unhelpful and

discourteous approach approach since our

research so far has not produced any

answers to this problem

we need to adopt a different approach to

it unit for school education system

compulsory compulsory

swimming was compulsory at my school

compulsion compulsion

we were under no compulsion to attend

compel compel as a school boy he was

compelled to wear shorts even in winter

academic academic I don't like academic

subjects Academy Academy we graduated

from the Academy of Finance state school

state school it doesn't cost much to

study in a state school private school

private school my younger sister studies

at a famous private school curriculum

curriculum teachers should follow the

national curriculum General Certificate

of Secondary Education GC s II you

should also submit a copy of your

General Certificate of Secondary

Education tuition

tuition fee the tuition fee of this

university is quite high disruptive

disruptive he was the most noisy and

disruptive student at high school

disruption disruption the accident on

the main road through town is causing

widespread disruption for motorists

disrupt disrupt a heavy snowfall

disrupted the city's transport system

methodical methodical

tom is a very methodical person method


the new teaching methods encourage

children to think for themselves


formal education

formal education is the education we

obtain from instruction at schools or

other institutions and that have a

predetermined curriculum non-formal

education after graduation he looked for

evening classes for some non-formal

education informal education informal

education home schooling is a kind of

informal education commence commence we

will commence building work in August of

next year

commencement commencement would

passengers please put out all cigarettes

before the commencement of the flight

unit five higher education apply by the

time I saw the

advertised it was already too late to

apply application application

I've sent off applications for four

different jobs

applied applied my favorite subject is

applied mathematics applicant applicant

how many applicants did you have for the

job applicable applicable the new

qualifications are applicable to all

European countries blame something on

somebody blame something on somebody

don't blame it on me blame less

blameless it was mainly my fault

but she wasn't entirely blameless

daunting daunting in spite of

unification the country was still faced

with the daunting prospect of overcoming

four decades of division daunt daunt she

was not at all daunted by these sides of

the problem

mate mate we've been mates since our

school days admit admit she admitted

making a mistake admission admission her

silence was taken as an admission of

guilt admissible admissible the judge

ruled that the new evidence was

admissible reference reference let's buy

new reference books reference letter

reference letter my teacher said that he

would give me a very good reference

letter entrance examination entrance


did you pass the entrance examination to

the national economics university

accommodation accommodation where can we

find cheap accommodation

accommodate accommodate the hotel can

accommodate up to 500 guests appointment

appointment I have an appointment with a

dentist to this afternoon a point a

point he's just been appointed as the

director of the publishing division

requirement requirement a good degree is

a minimum requirement for many jobs

require require please call this number

if you require any further information

requisite requisite he lacked the

requisite skills for the job

unit six future jobs a company a company

may I accompany you to the ball he asked

her category category how many

categories of books are in the library

categorize categorize the books are

categorized into beginner and advanced

penis penis you'd better show your

interviewer your keenness to work keen

keen she is not keen on being told what

to do


salary her monthly salary is $1,000 wage

wage the smaller shops pay very low

wages retail retail the job is open to

applicants with over two years

experience in retail wholesale wholesale

we only sell wholesale not to the public

shortcoming shortcoming whatever his

shortcomings as a husband he was a good

father to his children they can see they

can see there is a vacancy for a shop

assistant on Saturdays workforce

workforce the majority of factories in

the region have a workforce of 50 to 100

people resume

resume she sent her resume to 50

companies but didn't even get an

interview curriculum vitae applicants

interested in applying for the position

should submit their curriculum vitae to

the human resources department no later

than February 15 create create the Bible

says that God created the world creature

creature rainforests are filled with

amazing creatures creation creation

their policies are aimed their policies

are all aimed at the creation of wealth

creative creative the program will help

develop your creative thinking unit 7

economic reforms reform reform for years

I was an alcoholic but I reformed when

the doctors gave me six months to live

Reformation Reformation he's undergone

something of a Reformation reformer

reformer my uncle

has worked as a social reformer for

years consumer consumer the new

telephone rates will affect all

consumers including businesses consume

consume our high standards of living

mean our present population consumes 25%

of the world's oil consumption

consumption our consumption of junk food

is horrifying investment investment

stocks are regarded as good long-term

investments invest invest he's not

certain whether to invest in the

property market investor investor small


are hoping that the market will improve

inflation inflation the rate of

inflation this year is 10 percent

inflate inflate he inflated the balloons

with helium inflationary inflationary

the inflationary trends are difficult to

predict eliminate eliminate he was

eliminated in the third round of the

competition elimination elimination

we eventually found the answer by a

process of elimination stagnant stagnant

a stagnant economy is not growing or

developing subsidy subsidy the

government is planning to abolish

subsidies to farmers substantial

substantial she inherited a substantial

fortune from her grandmother renovate

renovate he renovates old houses and

sells them at a profit renovation

renovation the museum is closed for


sector sector in the financial sector

banks and insurance companies have both

lost a lot of money unit 8 life in the

future pessimistic the doctors are

pessimistic about his chances of

recovery pessimism pessimism there is

now a mood of deepening pessimism about

the economy has a missed pessimist don't

be such a pessimist

optimistic optimistic she is optimistic

about her chances of winning a gold

medal optimism optimism there was a note

of optimism in his voice as he spoke

about the company's future optimist

optimist she was born an optimist

terrorism terrorism the bomb explosion

was one of the worst acts of terrorism

that Italy has experienced in recent

years terror

terror lots of people have a terror of


wrists Tarawa several terrorists have

been killed by their own bombs

terrorize terrorize street gangs have

been terrorizing the neighborhood be

bound to be bound to they're bound to be

home soon be likely to be likely to it's

likely to rain

materialistic materialistic children

today are so materialistic

materialise material lives

her hopes of becoming a painter never

materialized materialism

materialism we have become a

self-centered society preoccupied with


speed speed what's the maximum speed for

this road speedy speedy

we need to make a speedy decision speed

up speed up can the job be speeded up in

some way

eradicate eradicate the government

claims to be doing all it can to

eradicate corruption eradication

eradication the eradication of the

disease which once took millions of

lives has now been successful contribute

contribute her family have contributed

$20,000 to the fund contribution


she didn't make much of a contribution

at today's meeting

did she life expectancy life expectancy

life expectancy in Vietnam has greatly

increased centenarian centenarian

there are few centenarians

in Vietnam unit9 desert Ocasio

a kasya

kçêäa trees grow in warm parts of the

world aerial

Arielle we go up to the bana hills by

aerial tram



my friend in Australia is an Aborigine

aboriginal aboriginal

his work is inspired by aboriginal art



look at that herd of antelope

cactus cactus cactuses have thick stems

to store water camel camel camel races

are very popular in Africa crest crest

the crest of the mountain is covered by

snow dune dune there are many sand dunes

at Moyne a beach gazelle gazella there

are some gazelles in the local zoo who

muck who muck the ice who MUX looks

amazing jackal jackal it is said that

jackals eat animals that have died or

been killed by others rainfall rainfall

the average annual rainfall in this

region is 1,000 millimetres slope slope

there are some nice gentle slopes that

we can ski down spinifex spinifex I've

heard that spinifex covers 20% of the

Australian continent

stretch stretch she stretched out her

hand and helped him from his chair arid

arid the desert is so arid that nothing

can grow there aridity heredity

what is the aridity index of the region

moisture moisture these plants need rich

soil which retains moisture moist moist

keep the soil in the pot moist but not

too wet moisturize moisturize

you should moisturize your skin every


unit ten endangered species be driven to

the verge of

monkeys are being driven to the verge of

extinction by human beings


deforestation deforestation is

destroying large areas of tropical

rainforest in danger in danger he would

never do anything to endanger the lives

of his children endangerment


keeping that angry dog near your family

is child endangerment

derive from derive from sheet derives

great pleasure from playing the violin

enact enact a package of economic

sanctions will be enacted against the

country enactment enactment

the enactment of new laws will really

help the environment



fast urbanization can cause some

environmental problems urbanized

urban eyes the UK is a highly urbanized


urban urban mary lives in an urban area

while her cousin lives in a rural area


vulnerable tourists are more vulnerable

to attack because they do not know which

areas of the city to avoid


vulnerability he was intensely aware of

his own vulnerability wildlife wildlife

it's a famous documentary on Peruvian

wildlife conservation conservation

my biology teacher is interested in

wildlife conservation conserve

conserve to conserve electricity we are

cutting down on our central heating

conservative conservative older people

tend to be quite conservative and a bit

suspicious of any supposed advances

forest ranger

forest ranger a forest rangers duty is

to protect a forest or national park

exploitation exploitation at this rate

of mineral exploitation all of our

resources will be used up soon exploit

we need to make sure that we exploit our

resources as fully as possible

exploitable exploitable the coal mine is

no longer exploitable tropical tropical

I'm not used to a tropical climate units

eleven books digest digest I find that I

don't digest meat well digestion

digestion discover how eating raw foods

helps balance your body and aids

digestion digestible digestible kanji

and soup are easily digestible digestive

digestive the digestive process is quite

complicated dip into dip into

she dipped her toe into the pool to see

how cold it was

swallow swallow my throat is so sore

that it really hurts when I swallow in a

word in a word in a word she lost $200

reviewer reviewer

he is a book reviewer review review I

only go to see films that are reviewed


distinct distinct the two concepts are

quite distinct from each other

distinction distinction there's a clear

distinction between the dialects spoken

in the two regions distinctive

distinctive she's got a very distinctive

voice crime crime he has admitted

committing several crimes including two

murders criminal criminal he must be a

dangerous criminal criminal lives

criminalize many gay people feel that

they are being criminalized just for

having relationships love affair

love affair their love affair is very

romantic reunite reunite Sarah was

finally reunited with her children at

the airport brave


I wasn't brave enough to tell her what I

honestly thought bravery bravery they

were awarded medals for their bravery

units 12 water sports eject eject a

number of football fans had been ejected

from the bar for causing trouble

ejection ejection the ejection of Kovu

from the lion community made Kiara feel

sad penalty penalty the referee awarded

a penalty kick penal penal many people

believe that execution has no place in

the penal system of a civilized society

penalized penalize

penalize he was penalized early in the

match for dangerous play defense defense

the towers were once an important part

of the city's defenses defensive

defensive he's currently the best

defensive player on the team defend

defend how can we defend our homeland if

we don't have an army opponent opponent

in the second game her opponent hurt her

leg and had to retire foul foul he was

sent off for a foul on the French

captain shot shut and that was a great

shot by Marquez goalie goalie we have an

excellent goalie on our team polo polo

Prince Charles is a keen polo player

water polo water polo water polo is not

popular in Vietnam sprint sprint he

suddenly broke into a sprint scuba

diving scuba diving I have never tried

scuba diving wind surfing windsurfing

she went windsurfing most mornings row

row the wind dropped so we had to row

the boat back home rowing rowing I

really loved rowing synchronized

swimming synchronized swimming the

tickets for the synchronized swimming

performance are quite expensive this

year synchronize synchronize

show was designed so that the lights

synchronized with the music

synchronization synchronization a USB

always makes data synchronization easy

unit 13

international organizations

appalled appalled

they were appalled at the waste of

recyclable material appalled appalled

the state of the kitchen appalled her

appeal appeal

they're launching an appeal to raise

money for famine victims


dedicate he has dedicated his life to

scientific research dedication

dedication she thanked the staff for

their dedication and enthusiasm



the AIDS epidemic is very dangerous


epidermal adji

her major is epidemiology



although she was quite young she showed

a lot of initiative and was promoted to

manager after a year

initiate initiate who initiated the

violence initiation initiation and that

was her initiation into the world of

marketing devote devote she devoted

herself to her career devotion devotion

her devotion to the job left her with

very little free time devoted devoted

they are devoted to their children

hesitate hesitate she hesitated slightly

before answering the inspectors

questions hesitation hesitation

after a slight hesitation she began to

speak catastrophe catastrophe the

immigration of scientists is a

catastrophe for our country

catastrophic catastrophic an unchecked

increase in the use of fossil fuels will

have catastrophic results for our planet

aim aim

her main aim in life is to be a good

wife and mother

aim to do something aim to do something

I aim to be a millionaire by the time

I'm 30 be aimed at doing the aimed at

doing the publicity campaign was aimed

at improving the eating habits of

children inspire inspire the piece of

music is inspired by dolphin sounds

inspiration inspiration she has been an

inspiration to us all units 14 women in

society typical typical typical symptoms

would include headaches vomiting and

dizziness civilization civilization how

does it feel to be back in civilization

after all those weeks in a tent civilize

civilize the Romans set out to civilize

the ancient Britons belief belief it is

my belief that nuclear weapons are

immoral believe believe I believe her to

be the finest violinist in the world

believable believable I didn't find any

of the characters in the film believable

childbearing childbearing the survey

only concerns women of childbearing age

child-rearing child-rearing why

shouldn't a woman have a job after years

of child-rearing advocate

advocates she advocates human rights

discrimination discrimination he showed

great discrimination in his choice of

friends discriminate discriminate

she felt she had been discriminated

against because of her age intellectual

intellectual I like detective stories

and romances nothing too intellectual

intellect intellect her energy and

intellect are respected all over the

world intellectualize intellectual eyes

she couldn't stand all that pointless

intellectualizing about subjects that

just didn't matter involve involve the

second accident involved two cars and a

truck involvement involvement I'm not

sure about the team's continued

involvement in the competition lose

contact lose contact I lost contact with

all of my high school friends lose one's

temper lose one's temper

he lost his temper when talking about

his wife lose touch lose touch I lost

touch with Katie after she moved to

Canada sympathetic sympathetic

he suffers from back trouble too so he

was very sympathetic about my problem

sympathy sympathy the president has sent

a message of sympathy to the relatives

of the dead soldiers sympathize

sympathize I know what it's like to have

migraines so I do sympathize with you

struggle struggle by this time he'd

managed to struggle out of bed

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