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What's up everybody. We are Deana and Phil. Deana is from the United States and I'm fromGermany.

And in today's video we're gonna talk about the big five german cities according to

population and explain what you can expect from each city, give you a feeling for it, and also

how similar and different each of these cities are

and the first city is gonna be Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt's population is about 760,000 people

and it's located pretty centrally in Germany in the state of Hessen.

Frankfurt isnot only Germany's financial center it is a huge European hub for transportation tourism and commerce.

It is also huge in the service industry.

fun fact! There's a research network that kind of ranks cities around the world according to economic importance,

and Frankfurt is the onlyalpha ranked city, next to cities like LA, Mumbai, Sao Paulo or Sydney,

so all of the other cities onthis list are kind of beta.

The Frankfurt airport is by far the biggest in Germany and it is oneof the busiest airports in the world since it's centrally located in Europe.

You've also probablyhad a layover there if you've ever traveled across Europe

or if you're coming to Germany maybe that's where you're landing.

Frankfurt also has Germany's only attempt at an actual skyline with all thesefancy banks building these high-rise buildings

I love skyscrapers and i was always very proud of Frankfurt's skyline that was until we flew into

New York City in 2019 and my picture of a German skyline was absolutely shattered.

Frankfurter sausages! You might have heard of them and this iswhere they got their name from.

One of the things that Frankfurt has going for it is its location on the river Main. It's always nice if a city is

featuring some water. The river is pretty big at this area and it's a really nice escape to do some

recreational activities to escape that busy city life.

Frankfurt's pace is fast and the vibe can be hectic at least until the work day ends.

It's acareer city if you are fresh out of college and you're willing to work work work your ass off for the next five to ten years

and bow down to the corporate system Frankfurt is the place to be.

Frankfort is one of the most international cities and it is the most international on this list dueto its global service industries.

It is Germany's economic powerhouse.

Number two is Cologne orKln in Germany. yes

With a population of 1.1 million Cologne is Germany's fourth biggest city,

and it is located in Germany's far left, uh sorry, far west in the state of North Rhine Westphalia.

I often jokingly call Cologne the LA of Germany, because a lot of the tv channels and entertainmentindustry are located in Cologne.

So before YouTube a lot of the shows that we watched on tv growingup as a kid were probably produced somewhere in Cologne.

Cologne is open. Cologne is tolerant. Cologne is pretty liberal at least that's what my perception of that city is.

It has a pretty diversepopulation and it doesn't feel as pretentious as other cities on this list might.

There was anoutdated running gag in Germany that everyone in Cologne is gay.

I guess that reputation musthave come from the less discriminative culture of the city in the past.

Cologne has a great locationon the river Rhine and it's also not too far from a lot of other great German cities.

You also havenearby countries like the Netherlands and Belgium.

Amsterdam is only 2.5 hours away and Brussels is only two hours away by car.

It's a major cultural center in the Rhineland with a lot of museums andgalleries.

If you happen to love churches oh boy are you in for a treat!

The Cologne Cathedralis one of Germany's best known landmarks and the most visited one.

The gothic architecture is amazing and it is basically the largest church in the world there are two slightly higher ones but they don't even have twin towers so


Everything about its architecture is impressive and it's definitely worth a visit.

There's just a good mix of people in the city and the general vibe was pretty much down to earth.

If you like to eat, like us, there are some fun local dishes to try.

The most important is Himmel und Aad. A dish that is made of fried blood sausage roasted onions and mashed apples.

You can check that out in our Cologne videos.

All right the third city on our list is Munich or Mnchen in German

and with a population of about 1.5 million people it's Germany's thirdbiggest city

and of course it's located deep in Bavaria in Germany's south east.

love itor hate it Munich is very beautiful and has a very high quality of life if you can afford it.

One thing that Munich has going for itself for a city of that size it has a pretty relaxed vibe.

They call it the biggest village in the world. wow

This is home to the world famous car manufacturer BMW which is why you will see more BMWs on thestreet than anywhere else in the world.

As wellas Germany's most successful football club the FC Bayern Mnchen.

The city loves their cars and football.

The Bavarians are proud of these things and their city and they're not really trying tohide that.

They also have a little bit more of an accent than the other cities on this list soif you're a non-native speaker visiting Munich it could be a little bit harder to understand thepeople.

Also Munich might be the most conservative city on this list so they're just a little bit slower and more hesitant to adapt new things.

Due to Munich's wealth and great job market with one of the lowest unemployment rates it is a

prime destination for young professionals who are not trying to die of overwork like in Frankfurt.

However, it is notoriously hard to get into local friend groups as somebody who is not from the city

you will always be a transplant.

Oh and of coursethen there's beer Munich is beer and bratzel and then there's also the Oktoberfest.

Yeah i lived inMunich and I've been twice to the Oktoberfest the first couple of hours were kind of fun but then itturned into some of my worst experiences

But hey, I'm sure there are some people who are thoroughly enjoying it.

It is just absolutely gluttonous binge drinking at its finest. I want to go there.

justgo on YouTube and look for Oktoberfest fails. Plenty of piss drunk guys and girls in theirthousands of dollars designer lederhosen

falling down the hills balls out covered in vomit.

oktoberfest! Sounds like a fun time.

Overall Munich is great it's just not for everyone. It has by far the highest rental prices in Germany

but it also has the highest rate of millionaires.


The best thing in my opinion is the nature surrounding Munich.

It just takes 45 minutesdriving to the south and you're at the foothills of the alps.

Skiing, hiking, downhill mountain biking all in reach.

The entire south and the south east outside of Germany is in my opinion the absolutelyfinest landscape scenery and nature that Germany has to offer.

I wanna go!

Even the Thai king lives there the king of thailand seriously.

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Thank you lingoda for sponsoring this video and now back to the cities.

City number four on our list is Hamburg. Hamburg.

With a population of about 1.8 million it's Germany's second biggest city and it's located all the way up in the north.

It isknown as Germany's gateway to the world because of its historic harbor that leads to the northern sea and then to the Atlantic ocean.

This harbor is the biggest in Germany and the third biggest in Europe

and it's basically the face of the city.

Hamburg's theme is water. There is water everywhere at times it feels a little bit like Venice.

It is a true harbor city however it is not actually located at the coast but about 100 kilometersinland.

The Elba river widens up immensely in Hamburg and forms this huge open water path for

the remaining way to the ocean which makes the port and intense sea traffic possible.

Since the city was mostly flattened during the war there is a very unique mixture of architecture there are a

lot of new modern style buildings and also a lot of older restoration buildings. The city itself has

no skyscrapers and Hamburg has more bridges inside the city limits than any other city in the world

which is something I absolutely love. I love when the city has a lot of water flowing through it.

I really like a lot of the red brick style buildings in the hoffen city and the spicer stadt.

It's a nice contrast to a lot of other cities that we've been to in Germany.

Hamburg is also windy and it can be grey at times.

The people inthe north also have this reputation of being more straightforward and maybe a little bit less polite and friendly than their southern counterparts.

However that is absolutely not what we have experienced. Hamburg was probably the place where

people were the most friendly and polite towards us but maybe let us know what you think about thattopic.

Like any other good harbor town is known for its delicious seafood oh yeah

There are a lot of seafood restaurants everywhere and one of thebest things is just stroll down the port and try it all out

You'll see the classic fish Brtchen everywhere.

We recommend trying the labskaus if you dare.

We made a whole video trying different foods in Hamburg so you should check it out. That was good.

Overall if you like to be on thewater and you don't mind a little bit of a rougher windier weather then Hamburg is for you.

Plenty todiscover. Great people. Great food and on a summer day it might be Germany's most beautiful city.

oh and also zeribaban.

Alright last but not least number five the largest city in Germany andthe capital of course it's Berlin. Berlin.

With a population of about 3.7 million Berlin is twice the size of Hamburg and by far the biggest city in Germany.

It is located in the northeast and it's only about an hour drive away from the Polish border.

Much of Berlin wasdestroyed during the war and a lot of the buildings that remained were demolished in the 50sand 60s.

One of the landmarks the television tower at alexander platz is Germany's tallest structureat 368 meters.

It was built in 1969. It's a pretty iconic building since it sticks out of the skylineand you'll find the television tower on a lot of souvenirs magnets and postcards.

Berlin has so many historic landmarks and museums around the city.

The Brandenburg Gate is probably the best known around Germany and it's such an iconic building.

There are so many major museums, churches, walls and buildings.

Not to forget many rivers and waterways that in my opinion helps to enhance the aesthetic of any city.

Berlin is a world city of culture and politics

but more than anything Berlin is history.

AfterWorld War II and during the Cold War, Berlin was infamously split by the Berlin wall into east andwest Berlin.

Remainings of that very wall can still be visited today it's called the east side galleryand it's used as a street art gallery nowadays.

If you love history you could spend days weeks or even months going to all the different sites.

Berlin is also home to at least 180 000 Turkish and Turkish German residents,

making it the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey

and that is probably why Berlin has some of the best donors we've ever eaten.

and we've eaten Doner kebab invery city we visited.

It is the best fast food in the world and Berlin has the best ones.

Speakingof food, Berlin is also famous for currywurst.

It's a popular fast food dish with fried pork sausage served with curry ketchup curry powder and other spices.

It's usually served withfries or pommes.

Also the Berlin donut is very popular as well but in Berlin it's known as apfankuchen.

It's also Phil's favorite type of donut. Berliner.

Berlin is home to a lot of other international restaurants as well since it is a multicultural metropolis.

Berlin has quite thereputation in Germany and even within berlin there are different reputations for differentareas.

a lot of Germans like to say "Berlin is not really Germany" which just means it's notfor everyone but that's fine because we're all different.

Berlin can be polished and pretentious. It can be dirty and poor.

It is very alternative and attracts all kinds of crazy people the goodkind as well as the bad kind.

It is colorful multicultural, diverse, crazy, electronical, loud, political, historical, and much more.

Berlin has many faces and a spot for everyone.

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