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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NEW OR USED TOILET INSTALLATION (CC)

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Welcome to HomeRemodelWorkshop

Today we are going to show you how to get that toilet installed

In this situation where the flange is actually sitting on top of the finished


you will want just a standard wax ring and standard length john bolts

in the circumstance where the flange itself is actually below the finished

floor surface

you're going to want to get yourself an extended wax ring and longer bolts

as you can see

this wax ring is much thicker than the standard wax ring

now I personally like the john bolts that have the extra washer built onto


it helps the bolts stand-up very easily

you'll notice the head of these bolts are clipped square they fit down into the square

slot on your flange and just slide them in, now you're ready to apply your wax

ring to the flange

there is a flat side on the wax ring it goes down against the flange taper

side up

just apply the wax to the flange center the wax and the bolts over the opening

and you're ready to set the toilet onto the flange

pick up the toilet

and carefully line up your bolts

with the openings in the bottom of the toilet

and once you get both bolts through

press down evenly and mash the wax ring

when you're sitting your toilet you want to press straight down keeping even

pressure on your wax gasket

this is the connection to your plumbing system and it needs to be airtight and


do not

rock back and forth

or front to back or you will end up with a leaky seal which could leave sewer gases in

your house or water on your floor

now we're ready to bolt the toilet down to the flange

first you want to take your cap washer

place it over your bolt

then the metal washer goes over that keep in mind on this cap washer there

is an up and down side arm and sometimes it's hard to tell

go ahead and take your nut

thread it onto your bolt

now that your bolts are finger tight

go ahead and alternate your wrench from side to side

to tighten both sides of the toilet evenly

now I'm ready to cut off the toilet bolts so the cap will fit over the nut and the


I take a hacksaw I wrapped with a little

uh... duct tape now you can use a mini hacksaw if you're more comfortable

with that and basically you just

start sawing the bolt off right above the nut

and once you get it broken off you take your cap

you give it a firm rap

and it's on

for connecting up your toilet i would use one of these flexible water lines

unless you have some experience

with bending rigid

plumbing supply lines you're better off with these, they are braided metal and come

in various sizes

and it's easy to connect

and there you go

put the toilet seat on it and this one is ready to get to work

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