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Hello everyone. OK, today I'm going to show you

how to pretty much fix your Samsung Galaxy S4 camera.

When I first got my Galaxy S4 there was obviously a lot of plastic around it

and that was to keep the fascias and everything from

taking any knocks and keeping them smudge free

until you yourself take the plastic off and smudge it!

Now one thing I noticed on the first Galaxy S4 I had

was that the camera had a piece of plastic over it

with a small cutout in the middle now you can just see it here.

Now I removed that on my first S4

naturally thinking that's just going to get in the way

when I got the second S4 I thought I'd leave it on just to see what would happen over time.

and more importantly what it's kind of going to do to your pictures.

Now most people when they got the Galaxy S4 didn't notice this piece of plastic there,

you yourself may be in the same situation.

Now this piece of plastic cover they've put on there just to protect the

really just the shiny surround of the camera

over time it picks up dust, it gets smudgy

it picks up kind of

scuff marks along the edges and what happens there is it can create fringing

on your images or it can actually block some of the light as well, it causes

refraction and reflection and everything like that going on.

Now, if you want to get rid of it, just get a pin

like that, lift it away and now can you instantly see the difference that has made

around the surround.

If we just

you can see that the actual hole itself had become quite

dirty as it were. There was a lot of dust and other muck in there but in essence if

you're having problems with your Galaxy S4 camera, if you're thinking the images look a bit blurry or

fringed round the edges take a look and just see if you've got that

little piece of plastic covering on there.

It's really just a piece of perspex or what have you.

That in most cases is causing quite a few problems.

So there you go, a very quick and easy way

to potentially fix your Galaxy S4 camera just have a look and see if you've

still got this

little piece of plastic stuck to it. If you have, take it off and you will

most likely find the fringing on your images disappears.

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