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What is up my Cranky Crew?

It's Ethan from CrankGameplays and im finally back!

If you were wondering where I went because the videos were still going up while I was gone --

and this video is actually a little bit late--

because I went to Pax East!

And I ended up getting stranded in Boston wich was a fun time.

Ehh, because I had videos planned up until the day after that I was supposed to come back.

But then I got stranded two more days in Boston because there was a huge snowstorm.

Ehh, and I had to stay back in Boston because I didn't --

my flight actually wasn't cancelled, but I thought it was gonna get cancelled--

so I just didn't go because there was so much snow and stuff--

but then it actually still went anyway.

So... Whoopsies *laughs*

But yeah so this past weekend I went to Pax East.

And it was so, so, so amazing.

It was probably... honestly, I think it was the best convention that I ever been to.

I mean I've been to Pax East in the past, but it was like the best convention experience--

that I've had so far.

It was so much fun.

And I got to meet an insane amount of you guys--

and I got to hang out with all of my friends and I just --

I got to do a lot of really cool stuff and im -- I -- ahh, I had such a fun time.

And I hope that for those of you who went to Pax East --

I hope that you guys also had a fun time.

And I hope that you got to say hi to me because I know that there were a lot of you guys there--

ehh, that wanted to say hi and I wanted to say hi to all of you guys.

Ehh, but unfortunately I couldn't get to everybody which always sucks going to conventions.

Like it's always awesome meeting all of you guys and getting to say hi--

and seeing all of my friends and stuff.

But I never get to say hi to everybody which always sucks.

Like not even just like you guys but also my friends too.

Like I never see everybody that I want to see.

And it always -- well, it's all super fun and amazing --

it's always like ahh man, I wish I like got to see this person --

or I feel bad because these people didn't get to say hi or whatever so..

It's alwa-- *laughs* It's always good and bad going to conventions.

But it's always overwhelmingly good and im always super, super glad and thankful--

that I can go to these conventions and see all of you guys.

And like, this Pax East was super special too.

Ehh, just because it was -- it was the first Pax East that I've been to since--

moving out to L.A.

And obviously a lot of thing have change since moving to L.A.

Ehh, and Pax East was the first convention that I ever went to.

Ehh, wich I think -- I think 2014 was the first Pax East that I ever went to.

It was either 2014 or 2015.

I think it was 2014 because the first year that I ever went to Pax East--

ehh, I went entirely as just like a person going to Pax.

I wasn't like a YouTuber back then.

I mean I was making videos but I wasn't like serious about making videos at that point.

And I don't even think that anybody -- ehh -- the first Pax East that I went to--

I don't think anybody notice me there.

Ehh, but I went with my dad so it's -- for the past couple of years, except for --

last year, my dad didn't come with me.

And my dad was actually able to come on sunday -- ehh -- of this year wich was really cool.

so if you went to the pannel with me and Bob and Wade and Jack, that was on Sunday

My dad actually stepped in on that which was really cool

to have him there because he's never seen me do a panel before


like he's seen some of the recordings and stuff before, but he's never actually been at one of uh- the panels I have been apart of

so that was really cool!

to have my dad there and just like have my dad see all the stuff that I do at conventions now

because it's very different from when he and I used to go when I was like still in high school

because we would just like walk around and see the stuff

and now it's like very very different from when I used to go to Pax

but again Pax East is (stuttering) hold a special place in my heart

because I used to go with my dad every year

uh for like three-ish years I think because this was the fourth

year... I can't remember

but it was always just like a big part of my year being like UH YEAH ME AND DAD ARE GONNA GO TO PAX AND IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME

Pax East is really cool and it's in Boston which is in uh

which is on the East coast which is where I grew up

and uh actually before Pax East we went-we all went a little bit early uh so me, Kathryn, Amy, Tyler, Mark we all went

a little bit early and we actually got to go

to Portland, Maine which is where I grew up and I showed them around where I grew up and where I've lived

for basically the past 20 years of my life

um, so it was really cool

and really special to show them

y'know where i used to live and I introduced them to my family and stuff and a lotta my friends back home

uh and we went to a trampoline place which was fun

and it was just all around a good time

it's always really good to be home and I miss my friends and family a lot so it was super good to see them

But then we went to Pax and it was really good to be in Boston again too because I used to go to Boston a lot

because it's only like two-ish hours away from where I used to live

uh so i used to go down there

quite a bit and so it was just really really awesome

getting to see my friends, both like my friends that I grew up with and my family but also like

people from YouYube that I only get to see when I go to conventions

and stuff uh and it's always just really awesome

to hang out with people that are like in the same mindset

because whenever I talk about YouTube with other people normally it's like me explaining

what YouTube is and like how it works

but when you go to conventions it's like everybody here knows about YouTube like we all do

YouTube, I mean not everybody at Pax, but all my friends that I meet up at Pax with

I don't have to explain to them what YouTube is and how it works because

they do it themselves!

so it's awesome being around those people

that do the same thing that you do share the same passion as you do

it's really awesome and just like

being in that area with so many creative people and you just like talking about YouTube

stuff and just like sharing different ideas about videos

it's really really awesome

and it's super motivating too

because whenever I go to co-te-BLEHELELE

whenever I go to a convention I always just like get this jolt of motivation

afterwards because like just seeing all of you guys and seeing all of my friends that do youtube and just like

talking about it

sharing ideas and stuff it's just like AHH I WANNA DO MORE I WANNA MAKE MORE VIDEOS

do I always get super super excited

after Pax especially after meeting all of you guys and just like

getting to see you guys in person

it's so special like

and it really puts things into perspective too

because, like, the signings that I did

I think the signings- I'm not sure what the caps were on the signings actually

because me and Brian did a signing and it capped immediately

which was- it was only an hour signing which is actually kinda short

but then they texted me and they were like

"hey your signing capped immediately, can we extend it?

so then we extended it to like an hour and a half or two hours or something

which is only enough time to meet like... a hundred to a hundred and fifty people?

I'm not exactly sure how many people were there, but it really puts things int- into perspective

because when you see like a hundred and fifty people lined up you're like

"wow, that's a lot of people!"

and then, like, I think about it and, like, there's almost three hundred thousand people

that are subscribed to the channel now

which is absolutely insane

so, like, it really puts it into perspective and, like, everyday

like ten of thousands of people watch my videos

which is just like- it's so insane, and it's so cool meeting you guys

and just like being able to give you guys hugs

and just hearing your stories about, like, how the channel has affected you

it's really really cool and super special

and it's like

some of the best times that I've had on YouTube

have been at conventions

and this past convention, PAX East 2017

was one of the best conventions, if not the best one, that I've ever gone to

it was just- it was really cool

and it was really special

and I had a lot of new experiences

because the channel, like, just started really growing a lot

and so there was a lot of new things that happened

over PAX East that I never experienced before so

which is really really awesome and I'm so lucky that I-

that I got to do that

and I'm so excited for the panels and f- for the panels?

I'm so excited for conventions in the future

because I wanna do more panels and stuff

and I got to be a part of that panel with- with Bob, Jack and Wade

which was really fun and then I also got to be a part of Mark's panel

which was absolutely insane being a part of that

because we went for mic check and we were just, like, doing audio testing stuff

and it was at the Main Stage

and I had never actually been to the Main Stage at PAX East before

and we went out on stage before everyone had gotten there

and I think that room was like twentyfive hundred or three thousand people

could be seated in that room

and just, like, looking at the massive sea of chairs I was like

"that's a lot of people!! I don't know if we're gonna be able to fill this room, that's a lot!!"

but then we went out on stage and, like, so many seats were filled up

I'm not sure if we filled up the entire place, but the majority of the Main Stage was just filled up

and it was so crazy just, like, seeing THAT many people out there

just, like, watching us being assholes on stage

but it was really fun

we got to do some fun improv and got to do some Q&A for you guys

it was just- it was just really special

again, this was one of my first conventions after moving out to LA

and it's just really cool seeing the support that you guys give me

like, is so much more than I expect

because like when we - when we went out on stage and stuff

and Mark, like, introduced me

like, so many people in the audience were, like, cheering and stuff and, like

that's so weird! like, I didn't think that that many people, like, knew-

know who I am? I- I don't know

It's just really cool knowing that, like, you guys support what I do as well

and it's so crazy, like, doing signings and stuff, like, me and Brian did a signing like I said

and it capped immediately and it was just, like, seeing the support was so, so crazy

and, like, seeing how many of you guys are directly, like, affected by my videos

and really enjoy my videos and my personality

is really really cool

and super heatwarming and it was so amazing meeting so many of you

I've never met so many people before that have watched the channel so

it was just- it was just really really special

and I can't thank you guys enough

so if you guys met me at PAX East, it was so wonderful meeting you

thank you for taking the time out of your busy weekend to come and say "hi" to me

and it was so awesome taking pictures and just talking with you guys

and for those that couldn't go to PAX East

I'm sorry that you could't go this year, but I hope that you get to go to a different convention that I'm at

or I'm- I hope that we bump into each other at some point

because it's just so awesome meeting you guys

it's so so so much fun

and it was crazy seeing the amount of gifts that I got too

I had so many boxes just, like, filled with gifts which they should be sending soon

and I haven't actually done the gift opening thing from PAX South yet

because I wanted to do it and then I just, like

things got really busy and so

I want to combine the two, so PAX South and PAX East and just make like-

like a Mega Gift Opening Video

so that'll be really fun

so that'll be coming out pretty soon once I get that box of stuff

but you guys made some super cool art and just some really really cool stuff for me

and I got so many letters and stuff

and for those of you wondering about letters

because a lot of people were like "did you get my letter? blablabla"

they all put it in, like, a big box and I have been reading them

but I won't read them on camera or anything just because it's- it's more personal stuff

and I don't wanna share that

but you guy have sent some really really nice things and um

I just- I just can't thank you guys enough

it was such a fun weekend

just like seeing all of my friends and getting to hang out with people

that I don't get to hang out more with, like, I don't get to hang out with my YouTube friends more than, like

a couple times a year so it's always super super special

just hanging out with people and just, like, taling and it's different from just, like, recording

because we're all just, like, getting ready to record and we're all amped up and stuff


in recording mode, but it's so nice to just, like, hang out and just talk

and, like, be there in front of each other, you know?

it's just AAAAAA it's so cool!

conventions are so so special so,

thank you guys so much for being a part of it

I hope that for those of you who went to PAX East

I hope that you had a good experience

it was super fucking cold in Boston too

I forgot how cold the East Coast gets

but there was a bunch of snow and that's why I missed my flight

it was because of all the crazy amounts of snow

that happened over the last couple days of PAX

but it was so fucking cold

and it was so SO windy which made it even worse

like we were just, like, walking up to the convention centre just being like

"oh my god, it's so cold!! my ears they're frozen!!!

so I definitely won't miss that about Boston

but overall it was a great weekend

so thank you guys so much who came out to that

thank you to all of my friends who I got to hang out with

it was so much fun hanging out with you guys

and also, thank you so much for everybody who worked at PAX or volunteered

it was so so awesome

you guys were so great and so helpful

like, we wouldn't have been able to do anything if it weren't for the enforcers

and like the people- people at maker and stuff that helped us out, that helped me out

so just a big shoutout to those guys because they do so much awesome work

and I feel like they don't get appreciated enough

but I really appreciate them a lot

they do really really amazing work and they helped out so much

so, now I'm back to normal videos!

hopefully this video isn't too too late

but I hope that you guys enjoyed it so

thank you guys so much for watching

hope you enjoyed, if you did make sure to slap that like button right in the face

and I will see you guys in the next video

Love you all, stay cranky, Bye

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