Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Special Message from Aruba, “Dushi Tera” (Sweet Land)

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Hello friends.

Even though weve never spoken,

I do know many of you quite well.

Ive felt your footprints on my soft sands.

Been warmed by your laughter in my trade winds.

And seen generations of family joy.

The happy people who live here call meDushi Tera,”

their "Sweet Land."

And to be honest,

I love it when you who visit,

call me One happy island.

It makes me proud.

I even blush a little.

Now, we find ourselves in turbulent times.

And while it is lonely without you

now is the time for us all to be brave.

To be diligent.

To be compassionate.

It warms me to know you are at home, safe.

Doing your part to help the world heal.

And I, your second home,

will be counting the sunny days

until we can embrace each other once again.

And we most certainly will.

We will once again admire my majestic crashing waves.

We will float together in crystal-clear waters with colorful friends.

We will share in amazing sunsets.

Because, through all this, we know...

that happiness will prevail.

The Description of A Special Message from Aruba, “Dushi Tera” (Sweet Land)