Practice English Speaking&Listening with: the DEMONETIZATION card | UNO

Difficulty: 0

Mark: Blue snooze

Bob: [sneezes in auto tune]

*everyone laughing* (Bob: Oh, fuck.)

B: That's not how I thought that was going to sou- Mark: Ahahahah!

B: That was a good sound, I think I need that sound....(Mark continues laughing hysterically)

M: That was amazing

M: I really like that - ahahaha

B: You gonna make the game Wade so I don't do the thing that enrages you?

Which I don't know what that is. But I assume I would do it accidentally.

Wade: Yea I wanna avoid that thing.

M: Yea come on invite me

B: Also does your audio still do the nonsense or-

B: Okay, cool. Wow, they really teach you everything! (slap effect)

W: I threw - I threw money at the problem and the problem went away!

M: Wh - no one said we had to.

B: We can do regular Uno.

M: Yeah, what if we just do plain old Uno?

W: Oh you want to do Regular Uno? B: Regular Uno.

M: Why does it have to be weird? B: Just- Just heck it, y'know?

W: It doesn't! The- The- Barbara's only on Rayman so I'm perfectly [BLEEP] fine with this.

M: Don't curse!!

B: [deep voice] Gosh darn it!

B: [normal voice] Ugh, that's not even the right voice.

B: [deep auto tune voice] Gosh darn it.

M: Can you stop cursing? My monetization....

M: I- I don't do my intros..

M: Hello everybody.

B: F*** !! (censored)


M: Alright cool, good. You know that's fine.

M: Can I get in the gosh darn game ?

B: Oh that's right, my picture is me fleacking you off.

W: Oh.

B: I forgot about th-


B: Maybe it's my pointer fingers, you can't see most of my hand,

maybe I have Simpson hands.

M: Heeee...noo I don't...

B: I might have three fingers on my hand !

M: Well, unless you have your wedding band on your middle finger,

and your pinky finger is cut off..

B: Yeah, no that's it.

M: Ok, alright, that's fair. That's- That's fair.

B: It's no- it's not offensive.

M: It's just like "look at my brain !"

"Look at my big brain !"

B: "Look at my huge heaaad !"

M: All right-

B: Brain head !

B: That other head, not the peni..

M: I wasn't even thinking penis-

Guys, I wanna make money on this !

B: Guys, I wasn't even thinking of the penis head, ok ?

Stop it !

M: I need.. I'm just alwa-

B: Stop it !

M: I got money on my mind !

W: I'vE gOt MoNeY iN tHe BaNk

W: Right ? You guys..

B: What ?

M: What ?

M: Was tha- that supposed to be like, Old Town Road ?

W: Maybe.

B: ♪ Old Town Roaad, Take me hom- ♪

I love that song.

W: California !

B: No, that's not it...

M: I think that was it.

W: ooook

B: Wade, I'm gonna dooo-

M: Yeah Wade, you can go now.

W: You did me a huge favor cuz I don't have any of those cards,

so I'm gonna draw.. *sad laugh*

B: Wow.

W: I, Bob what color you want? I'll give you that.

B: It doesn't really matter does it ?

M: It matters !


M: Ah, wait wait, hang on, wait wait, wait a minute !

Wait a minute, Wade I'd challenge if I were you !

B: No don't challenge it, just let him do-

B: Rekt !

M: Oh, ooh, woho

B: Yeah, Mark-

W: I lost the challenge guys, just so you know if you didn't notice.

Bob: Get em

Bob: Get em, Wade

Mark: Get em, Wade. Get em, Wade!

Bob: Fetch em

Bob: Go get that snack,

Wade: He's gonna get this full... Hand

Mark: Nice! Bob: Oh Yeah!

Bob: So Sick!

Wade: Hell. yeahhh

Mark: Alrighhtt

Bob: Ahh, good-- wha-- um..

Bob: Well, that's w---

Bob: --Thanks buddy!!

Wade: I didn't know you didn't have any blue. Oh, there we go. Yellow

Mark: Alright cool

Bob: Now someone's gonna pay for it

Mark: Here we goo

Bob: Ohhhh snap

Wade: *faintly* I thought you were my friend (?)

Mark: I know right?

Bob: Ohhhh snAaapP

Wade: Ohhh Bob you've never been my frienndd

Bob: Okayyy that hand is terrible it's not gonna be like this for very long at all Wade: *incomprehensible*

Mark: Alright-- wait hang on, no one's,, my friend??

Bob: Mark, you've always been my-- well never mind. *a lot of angry gibberish* Mark, I don't like you anymore

Mark: What's wrong with me??

B/W?: Grr, darn. Gosh darn it. Mark: ..I didn't do anything to you

BOb: I'm so mad at you mark, I'm gonna do that.

Mark: Why-- Wade: OH!! Bob: because I knew that would happen!!

Mark: hEYY

Bob: *scared* oh oH OH


Wade: You dirty, dirty, da- uh-- *incomprehensible* Mark: Don't you dare curse.

Wade: I didn't! I stopped myself for you.

Mark: Thank you-- Bob: F***

Mark: You're just making a Lixian do work. That's all you're doing

Wade: Oh, after me? No. After YOU

Bob: Well, that's not so good.

Wade: *whispering* It's not good for me either if I'm being honest.

Wade: NOOO my hEArTT Bob: *audible confusion*

Wade: IT's BRoKEn

Bob: Calm down with that. Oh boy. Oh, man. I can't I can't do anything about that

Mark: but I can do something about thIS

Bob: Alrigghtt


Mark: Uhhh

Bob: Wow, that's just rude, Chomper

Wade: That's what happens. You don't have the Barbara Wade get the chance..

Wade: ..To do a little dance

Mark: What happened to all the cards that just make the game all- all crap and..

Bob: I know-- *more incomprehensible speaking*

Bob: Why is this like this, Wade? Who did this?

Wade: *Aggresssive exhaling*

Mark: ha HA Wade: you wouldn't like Wade when he angry

Bob: I can jump in on myself! I can--

Mark: *wheeze, then laughter*

Bob: Why didn't it-- I was click-- I was clicking it--

Mark: Jump in on THIS, Bob.

Bob: That's soooooo rude

Mark: *maniacal laughter*

Wade: Oh gosh, diddly darn I got this one at least.

Bob: Wait. So are we full- Are we, are we not supposed to curse?

Mark: Well, I mean.. Wade: *whispering* I don't know-- Bob: Is it bad for monitization-- Mark: YEs it is. Yes it is.

Mark: If you do any cursing at all--


Bob: Straight up...

Bob: How light- how lightweight does it have to be Mark: That sound like, in certain lights, that sounds bad..

..But I guess that's okay.

Bob: But it-- but was-- that's uhh that's a PG--

Wade: *angry* Ohhhhh you..

Wade: ....friend of minneeee

Bob: How many times do I have to kiss you! Mark: oh you

Mark: you frickin--

Wade: Oh, one more time

Mark, continuing his insult: Sassy.. Wade, still angry: oNE mOre TimE

Bob: You apple that fell off the tree

*angry noises*

Wade: aAAAaa I clicked itttt

Mark: You poopy headed-- Bob and Wade: *unintelligible*

Mark: You mustache-wearing---

I will do this

*just a lot of wheezes and ridiculous insults

Bob: Wendy's window assistant yeah, that's what it's called

Mark: You the large poured-- uhh--

--Red-nosed freak!!

Bob: Whoa. Whoa. That's harsh man

Wade: You left me choice but to play this..

five... *snickers*

Bob: You showed me man.

Bob: Just-- whooh.. Fatal.

Wade: my brain was like don't say just five. Don't say just five

Bob: I looked up and then was was was showered with that one

You.. You.. Pickle pusher..

Red-haired truck.. drdj.. driver.

You did it again! You.. You long necked..


Ha ha to whoever's getting this!

E..Ear wax.. Eater! *sigh* This is hard.

You know what, Bob? Here's what I think of our friendship!


You small footed..

Lunch budger. OHHHH you!

Hey don't even- OOOOOOOOOOOOOW YOU WOULD, you.. you... Flappy eared..

Nipple squeezeeer! That's right, it was all part of my perfect ploy to take your card!

Anyway, that's a green party plane

Changes I can't I can't you know


Come on in whose eyes anyway, every time they play the euphemism game Colin Mochrie is like great God

You green card played you

butter stick eating backwards walking

Cartoon watcher that's right, Bob Bob

Belly basher

What is this hand I had like four eights last hand to start with so

I wouldnt dream of it

Can't but I would dream of it

Table liquor yeah, you're the one who played the dreaded thing you well

wiping poop step

for card taking card taker

You're the crushing it man you crested it thanks Oh Bob. I've got another round of hate for you you

You card get a guy to my left

Yeah, I can jump in on my own card, hey it worked that time I feel like somehow in this I'm so

Scared of accidentally saying something really horrible

I'm glad my

Fault it's not my fault

You gave me this card that I will pass on. Oh, wait a minute. Hang on you

Sneaky brain. Okay. That's right. They took

Cards, well, it didn't help me

Cars, all right

Well, I'm jumping in

All right, get that one. No, I'm good

Wow great

Great, why would you do that? I had three plus fours from the start now, they all gone all gone

They all gone they all gone



Licking dill herder. Oh boy. Oh darn it Wow

Well, geez, that's not even a good one red

okay, I don't know my colors very

Colored changing colour what there?

We're all we can all enjoy that, you know what to do with it. I think you know what to do Wade. I

Think you know what to do. Yes

You go slapping

Obviously not Wow sucks even more than that hand. I'm not sure what happened but it seems like it worked out for me

How did you draw cards and then jump in on your own car because I already had the red forest

Wanted to get a seven or a zero get rid of this

Yeah, well, you know, I really expected this to be the winning hand

Stabbed him right in the throat. Yeah

Listen I reverse that at you

No, I wish there was a game mode actually reverse

That I'm gonna take that Elmo

Well, it's not my thoughts out of my hands out of

Jerkhole ruin that for everyone no. No I was

Don't yeah, I have one

Right now

Okay, well alright get a mark, I'll be here

That's really worked out

Okay, you know what I don't care

How nice of you kind of okay

Darn it

Wait I even with all yeah, I

Know that that that hands fine leave Acadia keeps going back to read that hand doesn't have anymore. There's so many of that

Wait, okay. I accept this I

Forgot your judgment, sir. Do not accept it

That was the one Bob that's the one that's the funny thing about that that's the

All right mark you were down to two cars before weren't you sure was yeah you were

Well, thanks man, thank you they you good I know you like these green I do I do it's my favorite. Well, it's not

Mushroom wielder there now you can insult now you can yeah

I don't have any blue and I find that it's not my fault is

It makes sense now you drew that one I see that now

I wasn't thinking about

What hang on I play for against that? Oh

Boy take it to the face. We got a lot of cards

These cards, alright, I dare you to play it on yourself

Look mark, I want you to have the same kind of


Seven Chomper you game wrong?

Absolutely, hi-yah. Oh no. Oh, thank you

Yeah, that's a four buddy. You did it. Thanks man, Oh

Chopper you don't get to play after you broke the rules of the game that aggressive. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry

I should have been more like hey Chomper, I'm sorry

You can't stop by insult you

Daddy doesn't like this game

What game

Specifically is that you don't like the game of changing hands with?

Chomper I feel like you've been on ironically calling yourself daddy a lot more lately

I'm not a father Oh daddy. It's just a sexual term. I want you to refer to me as from now on and

Monetize oh god. Damn it Oh

Participa. Well, that's rude. Oh that stinks

That's just I'm gonna challenge it just because it's so man only Reds

Wow, he's got only red cards everyone. Don't spoiler alert. You're ruining the ending

Hey you go mark that don't show him

Oh did I now

You got destroyed

Shoppers good why is chopper good at this game as many rensis - well, that's not the way I need to word it, huh?

Huh? Huh guys, I had I had it in the bag guys

Wait, that's not my bag Bob. That's not your bag, man, my bag

Right reverse it

I have a thing I can do with some stuff with the cards that I have in my hand if you reverse it Chomper

Kind of rude, and I apologize

Listen, I know what you're thinking. Oh man. I challenge you to a duel sir

My dueling weapon that I won't show on camera has been out this whole time

You're family-friendly dueling weapon. Yes

Okay, I could do something else

You can definitely crush him Rex next row, don't worry you have so many cartage

To go put it blue put a blue wait put a blue. Yes

I'm not gonna do anything miss around you do. Okay. Watch this

See this. Ah, yeah, see now watch, you know, watch it now watch. Yeah. See I've got no blue in

14 cards, I have no blue that's impressive. I know right for how

Lost my amounts of red Oh God one would think

For how many cards do you do hat? Well, that's just rude Bob. There is ZERO red in this hand now we were working together

Oh why me, I don't have me I

See what he's going at. I see what he's getting at

Here - my eyes. Got some moves guys, Bob Bob take a look at this hand. Just take a look at it

There's a problem. You can't really get around in that hand. You just got yourself there

Here, I'll let you get around it right now

Yeah, hold out of the bag he's gonna chomp on his own grave soon right guys probably

Listen chopper, you're gonna have something - well, yeah chopper is like real douchebag right now. Yeah

Let's see if they doing right now he's got he's got a whole

Well, that was my one trick I had in the bag and now the bag is just full of garbage

Wait, look at my bag. Did you see that bag?

I was like a reusable bag, okay

Okay, make it yellow. Yeah, I would totally would do that for you if I could no

No for not for me make chopper to play that 70s to give up his hand to one of us. Sure. Yeah, well

Slowly becoming absolute trash

All right, good thing one of us has a good and around here. I'm gonna draw some more cards because I want to

Because I don't have anything that

I'll take this. Oh, thanks. Oh, that's not the direction. I thought it was traveling Oh

EE shocked by which hand I ended up with and then what was it?

Buddy ol pal, you're sure making me have to empty it out. Okay. I'll just keep emptying the tank

It's okay because I got my own trick play

Blue suede I don't think you have anything but I'm doing this because I felt like it not because I had to

Oh you want to make sure you get the right one, you know

Okay, that's an option that we had before

Joyce Bob listen to me. All right

Mom I didn't have a choice

That's great

Bob what color you need? I mean, I'd like to keep it. Okay. Thanks

And I know you didn't have to do

The fun of this game is playing it so the longer you get to play it the more fun you

Is out of spite oh, well that's not what you want to see hey wait you got a joke for you. You're gonna laugh

No, no, no, no you don't get it. You know what's happening?

Yeah, what's up, I'm ready I'm ready I'll jump here we go. Yeah, uh-huh. I got this spoon

Okay, well just make it read and get over with all you think should be read oh you silly fool it's gonna be

What color do you want? Oh, you know, maybe we could do yellow or blue, right? Okay. Cool. Good good. Thank you

I I'm a good friend. All right, well, I don't trust you

What I drew that I listen. I know I'm not a psychopath open

I'm gonna give you the sand is whatever you would have automatically won the round if I had the color

No, I'm gonna I know I want more cars to give you this. That's my strategy then I mark your age. Yeah, I'm gonna jump

here we go

Mark and a lot of cards did actually it's true

The Description of the DEMONETIZATION card | UNO