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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: come up with

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you's come up with when talking about an

invention or an idea or some other thing

that a person made


the simple form is come up with the past

tense is came up with and the past

participle is come up with this question

is in the past tense how did you come up

with that here's the helping verb and

then here is the verb phrase come up

with how did you come up with that idea

when someone asks you for a solution to

a problem and gives you time to think

about it later that person might ask you

this question what have you come up with

in other words what is your solution to

the problem if you can't think of a

solution to a problem then you would

make this verb negative and say I

haven't come up with anything this

response is in the form of the present

perfect tense or use the modal verb can

and make it negative I can't come up

with anything

you'll also hear come up with when a

person needs to produce cash or money in

some form can you come up with the money

you need or a car can you come up with

the money that you need for a car in

this position this is the thing that you

need the money for


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