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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 자신에 대한 주접댓글을 직접 읽는 김재중 반응ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [트래블 버디즈] TMI.6

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Hi everyone.


[Travel Buddies]

[TMI #1 Silly comments ASMR]

[Why having a greeting again?] You would say what's all about

the greetings all of a sudden.

Recently just before coming to Argentina,

through social media.

[Hitting on] Sit!


[His charm also appeals to dogs]

That's right, sit still.

I know that you had a silly comments contest,

and wrote TMI, etc.

[Had a pre-event before filming] And you guys posted lots of it.

[Shall we start? / Jaejoong's comments reading time!] Now I will read every each one of your comments

and have a time introducing them.

Firstly, I will read the comments

on the silly comments contests.

It's all that you guys wrote.

This one, I will specially

read them in the ASMR version.

[Now in Argentina] It's now 11:40 pm here.

[In whispers] It's late so I will read it quietly.

Silly comments contest!

Do you remember?

When we went to the Louvre Museum,

the police only threw me out because they thought that you were a statue.

[Comment full of silliness] They say that life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in the long shot,

but your beauty is appreciated keenly.

Oh yeah, don't go to a racetrack just because you like horses.

The horses won't come out because of your beauty.

[Mental breakdown]

[What should I do with it..]

This is such a fiction.


Don't go to a racetrack.

The horses won't come out because of your beauty.. haha

[Avoiding] Well.. it's.. silly isn't it?

How can they do that?

[I can't hear] Right?


I will read the next one.


you're a 'Re' Expressed in the scale.

You 'do' too much and about to blow my 'mi'nd.

That's crazy lol.

[Shocked with the silly comment] How can someone think like this?

They say I 'do' too much and about to blow their 'mi'nd, so I'm a 're'!

Thank you.


I love you, Jaejoong.

The whole universe moved for Jaejoong,

the Earth rotates for Jaejoong,

the world was created for Jaejoong,

and the Han river flows for Jaejoong.

[Roughly saying that he made the world unite with his beauty]

The enemies invaded because of Jaejoong.

You're crazy..!

[Almost a living history] The Korean history now changed because of me.

[Proud] I'm that kind of person.

Get it?

Do you get it?

[patting] I'm that kind of person.

I'll read you the next one.

While playing the 'Son Byungho' game,

I said "one who likes Jaejoong, fold,"

and the Earth was folded in half

so I went to Argentina for free without taking a plane.

So lucky.


[Looking far away]

Thank you.


[Shock flooding in...]

This is insane.

[What's this one...?]

It can be explained with the picture,

mountain, mountain, statue.

There's a file picture here, right?

Mountain, mountain,

[I'm a statue] statue.

Like dog, dog, statue,

it's easy to understand, right?

Dog, dog, statue.

Broken into pieces, ok?

[Haiz..] Yeah it's like that.

It's driving me crazy.

[A test standing for embarrassment] I can read it just because it's this time.

This.. really..

I really..

will be in trouble.

I'm really grateful for it,

[Cringey] but it's driving me crazy.


Do you know that?

They say that the memory gets worse when you see a handsome person.

Do you know that?

They say that the memory gets worse when you see a handsome person.

Do you know that?

They say that the memory gets worse when you see a handsome person.

Do you know that?

They say that the memory gets worse when you see a handsome person.

[(Understood) lmao]

She saw me and her memory got worse so that she's repeating it, right?

[Hitting on] Did your memory get worse? Why do you keep coming to me?


Ah, this one,

This shouldn't be an ASMR but something else.

[Seems like he started to enjoy the silly comments] Jaejoong saves Korea.

Jaejoong's face, it's a welfare without a tax boost!

When Jaejoong walks, everyone follows to walk so the level of fine dust decreases!

People work because they have to go to Jaejoong's concert.

The unemployment rate decreases!

More babies born, wanting to have a son like Jaejoong!

Jaejoong's local activity, develops regional economy!

I really like it!

Wow this is like,

It's a bit~

cringey but also

helps Korea a lot, I'm Kim Jaejoong.

Oh nice~

Thank you.

[TMI #2 Questions for Jaejoong]

Now I'll read some of the TMI comments you guys wrote.

The first TMI comment.

When you eat, do you eat slowly so that others wait for you,

or is it the other way around?

In my case, I eat really slowly.

There are times when I eat slow and others wait for me.

And when I eat fast also, others wait for me...

[Huh? Why does everybody wait for me?] Huh? They always wait for me?

First of all, I tend to eat really slowly.

Second Jaejoong TMI.

Do you choose what to wear beforehand, or just before you leave the house?

I choose beforehand!


whatever I do, it takes some time.

Third TMI.

What are the criteria of your selected selfies you post on Instagram?

Hmm... In my case,

[He selects selfies just in 3 shots] I don't take more than three selfies.

[Conclusion: Even though he takes selfies without effort, they all look nice] So I just take 2,3 shots and post them right away.


When you date someone, do you usually act cute?

Or do you like your lover to act cute?

When I date, I don't act cute.

I act cute when I don't date someone.

I'm a complicated guy, right?


[BUT he acts cute in front of puppies] Gaeddong! Gaeddong! Gaeddong!


I'm curious of your favorite perfume.

My favorite perfume is


[Fan lover = Kim Jaejoong] I just like the gifts my fans give me.

I like sweet scents.



Although you are young, rich, and handsome, do you collect Starbucks stars or cafe stamps,

shopping mall member ship points? Or Have you ever been interested in collecting?

I'm curious.


I'll tell you how much I was.

You know the ketchup they give when you order food, right?

Let's say you didn't eat it.

Then you usually waste it, right?

But I collected that ketchup.

I put it in the fridge.

To use later.

But that doesn't mean I'm stingy.


I do that sometimes..

When you read a book, how do you read?

And recommend me some books.


In my case,

I think of the table of contents

very important, and when I choose a book,

I always read that first.


An exciting book?

This isn't really exciting,

but there was this time when my mind sunk really low,

right down to the edge of the cliff.

[Osamu Dazai/Ito Junji's comic] There is this book named No Longer Human.


[Amazed] That really

makes you think a lot.

I fell asleep in the morning reading that book.

[Couldn't sleep till the morning] And I just had too much to grasp on that and I couldn't sleep..


You must read it

you could become a bit depressed.

But apart from that, it's just like a fairy tale.

This one is something that is okay to read regardless of age

or religion, I recommend Talmud.

It purifies your mind.

And there's also a Talmud book in a calendar form so that you can read page by page.

Just read it, it comforts your mind.

It's really nice.

[TMI #3 Reading assumptions about Jaejoong]

Next are your assumptions about me.

Well these are also questions, though.

I'll read your assumptions.

You're also a human, you have experienced in going to bed, not going through the skincare routine after removing your makeup, right?

Of course I have.

There was this time

when I went to sleep without removing my makeup

for two days.

That's crazy, right? Super dirty, right?

I was too sick that I couldn't move.

So I couldn't remove my makeup for two days

and I was just lying down all day long.

I'll read the next one.

There must be times where you saw your face in the mirror and you were astonished, right?

I bet every one of you

must have had that certain point.

There must be.

After taking a shower or looking at the mirror, maybe?

Or when your makeup looks good on your skin.

I bet you must have experiences like that too.

[Just look at that face..] Of course I have those experiences as well.

How about a tip for spending time by yourself?


having a movie marathon

at home?

And.. Ah!

I watch mukbangs on the internet

and order food home by double?

If I eat it while watching mukbangs,

I eat more.

That's odd!

[Everybody has a same lifestyle] That really relieves the stress.

I relieve stress by eating.

Let's live long.

Why would you be conscious of losing weight?

Just do that sometimes.

I like rice more than bread.


[Please watch Travel Buddies] Watch our videos.

[Every week Wed, Thurs 9pm uploaded on YouTube!] Then you will get to know naturally.

Please check them out.

[Channel Lifetime Saturday 6:30 pm released on TV!]

You feel cringey reading these comments but you're also enjoying it, right?

It's so cringey.

It felt like my fingers would disappear while reading.

But that doesn't mean I don't want you to write those comments, okay?

I am enjoying~

It feels like you're too nice to actually say no to something you hate..

That's right.

If you've seen our Argentina episode,

if there's a making footage,

everybody will know.

[Argentinian official yes man] I was the yes man in Argentina.

I did everything.

Even when we filmed very late, I was like 'Great yeah!'

And even when we started really early, I was like 'Great yeah!'

When something even happened in the middle, 'Great Yeah!'

And when something disappeared I was like Great!

I always said 'Alright~' to everything.

It's really hard to say no.

But after coming back from the military service,

I got to say no more easily.

My standard of good or bad became clearer.

But my stubbornness didn't change that much.

If it's a good influence even when it's exhausting, I have to do it

and I shouldn't do harm to others.

So we should do things that are good for each other.

I try to do all the things even if it's exhausting.

So don't worry too much.

I won't do things I really hate

or is a bad influence.

I think you are an Eol Jook Ah.

What's Eol Jook Ah?

Even if you freeze to death, you will drink iced Americano.

Even if I freeze to death I will drink iced Americano?

Eol. Jook. Ah? Oh~

I am not.

When I feel really cold, I drink hot drinks.

When I'm cold, I like hot drinks.

What do you order the most when you go to cafes?

Iced Ameicano

[Iced Americano]

[I am not Eol. Jook. Ah whatever it is] I don't choose ice drinks even if I freeze to death but I do choose iced Americano.

If I were to drink indoors, I would drink hot coffee.

They say that the three-leaved clover stands for happiness whereas the four-leaved clover stands for good-luck.

So I hope you don't let go of your happiness by chasing good-luck.

Because it feels like Kim Jaejoong usually gets lost in thought

and gets lonely.

I'll always root for you.

Thank you.

I don't really try to express.

Even if I do, I don't try to express it and I don't try to show it

to others..

You know,

when I cry, if someone next to me comforts me

and says 'Don't cry don't cry,' you get overwhelmed with emotions and cry more, right?

But when I'm lost in thought and I'm lonely,

if I tell somebody that 'I'm lonely,'

that loneliness doesn't get better,

it just doubles up.

And I would feel sorry to that friend.

If you have a friend that hears you out,

why was I depressed?

[That's it with the comments] Oh that's it!

We're done.


silly comment contest, TMI comments, and assumptions about me,

and your assumption questions.

Thank you for commenting so much

and I'm really sorry that I couldn't answer all of them.

It's over 12 over here.

And from tomorrow morning,

I think I'll go tracking to somewhere really cold.

There isn't a camera that goes on 24 hours here so there's no making videos!

I'm deeply sad about that.

Really.. There's nothing easy in the world.

All these people work so hard

and give good tips for traveling..

[Too much talker Kim Jaejoong...]

[Just he's saying that he's doing his best] And I'm really doing my best filming.

Tomorrow our gatherup time!

will be about 8am,

[Expecting] Right?

[No way]

It's earlier than that?

Tomorrow, I will have to wake up at about 6am.

It will also be a happy day today!

[Smile of capitalism] I'll sleep tight for 4 hours!

Thank you!

[Travel Buddies]

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