Practice English Speaking&Listening with: School Dress Code Hacks (with Buzzfeed) // Megan MacKay

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- Hi everyone, my name is Megan MacKay,

and today I'm teaming up with BuzzFeed to talk to you guys

about dress codes.

School's back in session now and let's face it,

some of your favorite outfits may not be appropriate

for a school environment.

But not to worry because I have come up with some

dress code hacks, A.K.A.,

how to make your outfit completely dress code proof

using items you can find around your house.

Let's start with skirts.

The truth is you can easily extend the length

of your favorite skirt with your butt's favorite accessory,

toilet paper.

Add a strip to the hem all the way around.

You can add a few layers for a super cute ruffly look.

And don't forget to add extra if you think

you're gonna indulge

in some three ply luxury during your daily

calculus bathroom break.

Managing the length of your shorts can be trickier.

Well I think it's a will power issue.

If you can't endure a 100 degree weather in head to toe

modesty denim, my alternate suggestion is

to make your own trendy cargo shorts.

At the hem of your shorts, using safety pins,

attach anything you have that can hold something.

Your shorts now come with lots of coverage and lots of

bonus storage.

And if you're celebrating a holiday you can add some

ornaments for a little taste of festive pizzazz.

I don't love wearing spaghetti straps.

But you know what spaghetti straps mean,

you can see your bra strap and you know what bra straps

mean, you are wearing a bra which holds up boobs.

And you know what boobs are for,

boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.

Cover up those straps in a hurry with,

bam, a pad.

If someone tells you they want even more coverage,

you can just,

bam, wings.

Bam, double wings.

A lot of schools prohibit their students from dyeing their

hair a color that falls outside of the natural

hair color spectrum.

Theoretically, people can see color completely differently

than you do.

Do you remember the dress?

Well your hair is now your school's version of the dress.

If people are fighting over what color your hair truly is,

they won't have time to give you detention.

And they won't want to suspend you until they can prove

your hair is definitively blue and black not white and gold.

Body clinging leggings are troublesome because it reminds

everyone that sees you that you have legs.

Obscure that mental picture by stuffing your leggings with

random objects to obscure your true body shape.

Are those calves or tentacles?

Hey is that a kneecap or an air horn?

Is that a mid thigh area, or a framed photo of Ronald Reagan

that happens to be very close by a mid thigh area.

There's just no way to tell.


So, yeah adults, maybe cool it

on the sexualizing underage people thing because it's

kind of awful.

Thank you so much to BuzzFeed for teaming up with me

on this video.

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