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Hello, as usual I bring you back an exceptional recipe, rich but above all

very very effective, based on ingredients that you all have at home

This home remedy is excellent and very used by men in several countries

from Africa today I'll show you how to prepare this

, to feel almighty and make your very happy partner

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to make this home remedy we will use 3 very easy ingredients and

simple to prepare let's take a branch of aloe vera gel and we're going

cut and let's take out his precious drool

Here are 8 great benefits of the gel aloe vera

On the male part number 1 it relieves itching and

skin tightness related to infections and subcutaneous issues

Thanks to its healing properties and soothing, apply Aloe Vera gel

instantly relieves pain. Moreover, it accelerates the regeneration process

cells, that's why it's strongly recommended for dealing with issues like

atopic skin, itching, hair embodied. It immediately soothes the sensations

itching and tightness. 2 helps eliminate

bad smells number

3 helps to eliminate dark spots

Number 4 Keeps Your Area Clean while refreshing it

5 helps to eliminate infections

6 it is a powerful astringent Effectively combats ingrown hairs

after epilation number 8 is very good for massaging

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Now let's go to the preparation In a clean vase, take a spoon

olive oil as you see it, I told you about the benefits and virtues of

olive oil on your body this is no more secret

Then take your aloe vera of course can take it in branch or in

pot, the difference is simply the shelf life, the one in branch

can be stored half as long But the one in branch is fresher more

rich and more active The goal will be to transform it into gel of

this way it will make the app more easy

after having opened and noted the equivalence a well crushed and liquefied spoon

Here's what it should look like gel

aloe vera and our olive oil Finally take half a lime, press

the juice directly into the contents of this way then here is the right mixture it

you need

Mix well until you get a homogeneous paste which will work to

100%, this will have no side effects , on the contrary that advantages

I admit that this is one of the pleasant surprises once used we can no longer

do without it and the good thing about of this home remedy is that

women can also use it for eliminate bad smell from the region

feminine On top of that this has a strong astringent power

I invite you to put it into practice as an app we're going to take a

small amount of our remedy house and we will gently rub

for 5 minutes with light massages When you try this remedy, you will see

really great benefits you in will be greatly surprised, because really this

eliminates bad smell, blemishes and infections

[Music] and the good thing about this remedy

house is that it is very economical and easy to prepare finally

as I said, this doesn't keep well fridge especially if the aloe vera is fresh,

so you have to prepare it every time which can become binding, if retained

cool because it loses its advantages and properties

[Music] Thank you for watching this video

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