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Hello friends in this video I will show you how to heat up a camping tent with a

Finnish-style log stove also known as a Finnish log torch there are several

methods to heating up a camping tent without a portable metal stove you can

set up a long log gap fire outside the tent just close enough so that the heat

would radiate through the tent wall also you can heat up a large rock and bring

it inside the tent you can easily find a large rock in the root ball of a falling

tree even in a snowy forest but this video will demonstrate how to heat up a

camping tent using a stream of warm air from a metal pipe running through a

Finnish log torch I have already tried this method using traditional campfire

but was not happy with the results this time I'm using a Finnish torch with a

curved pipe as a modification to the prior method I should say upfront that I

was pleasantly surprised how well the tent heating method worked this time

first of all we will need a metal pipe for our experiment

I used the curved steel pipe from the headrest of a vintage metal bed the

headrest was rusty so it took me some time and effort to disassemble it into

parts and clean them both outside and inside okay now we have all we need to

conduct the tent heating experiment in the snowy forest a pipe thermometer and


I stashed a few dry segments of a fallen fir tree last summer so we could

save time on cutting it now I left the wood segments wedged and suspended in

the original log so they could stay dry

now we need to make a Finnish log torch the log torch unlike the Finnish log

candle keeps all the fire inside the wood segment it burns

slower and more economically to maximize the economy and duration of heating are

the two characteristics I want to achieve in this project there are many

ways you can make a log torch but I'll use the easiest one it is about 10

degrees Fahrenheit -12 Celsius outside and all the moisture in the wood

freezes so it becomes fairly easy to chop wet wood as the frozen moisture

swells the log from inside however my log segments are dry because they were

kept suspended above the ground so it isn't that easy to chop them without a

wedge to make a log torch tent heater you need to chop a segment of wood into three or four large pieces and remove the cool portion of each piece

just enough so that you could loosely feed the pipe inside the formed channel

because I was chopping wood for two log torches (for two experiments) I got warm

real quick my trusted Billinas #9 Finnish axe rose to the challenge I think

it is one of the best multi-purpose axes out there I even used it to build my log

cabin at Ladoga Lake traditionally you would reinforce a Finnish log torch with

viza a rope made from fir branch I will leave a link to my video about how to

make such bushcraft rope below this time however I will use my homemade clamper

and steel wire as it is a lot faster time is valuable in the northern winter

forest because the day is short and I need to

assemble two log torches and my tent before dark the reason I need two log

torches is because I need to test two metal pipe shapes a single-bent pipe and

a u-shaped pipe we will try a u-shaped steel pipe experiment first obviously we

would have to insert the U-shaped pipe into the torch's triangular opening

before clamping the torch assembly once I added legs to this log torch it became

heavier but it is still fairly mobile I can easily pick it up by its legs and

carry it to the tent in order to heat up a tent,

well, we need a tent))) this means it is time to set up my tried and tested tent

model UP5 it is a spacious camping tent for five people almost a small studio

apartment with no pesky neighbors and a great location however it won't be easy

to heat up such a large space which makes the experiment even more

interesting and trustworthy my double wall russian-made tent has an

umbrella-like frame that allows you to set it up quickly now it is time to fire

up our log torch as I said earlier I nailed three legs to each log torch for

better air flow and stability next I cleared a small spot from snow so that

the log torch wouldn't fall on the tent once the snow melts under it I didn't

have a shovel so I just stomped and pushed the snow aside with my legs I was

glad I had my custom tailored gaiters on they prevented snow from getting into my

shoes and getting my feet wet I will leave a link to the gaiter template below

in case you're interested as you can see I nailed the legs with their longer

portions at the bottom and checked the torch assembly with my weight

however I decided to install the torch upside down to use its longer leg as a

pipe support this way the metal pipe will be suspended in the air and it will

not press on snow under the torch or the torch's inner burning part I made a V-cut

on the tip of a former leg and now the heating pipe is well secured you can

also use two nails to secure it if you don't have a sword to make a V-cut the

easiest way to start our log torch is to plug the central hole at the bottom

with a piece of bark then stuff it with dry branches and wood chips it only

takes one match to start the fire then I didn't do a great job chopping and

reassembling the log segment into a torch with no radial gaps

this means the fire will eat up the torch faster through those gaps which is

why I put some snow in them to prolong the torch's life once the log torch

reaches its cruising temperature you won't see any flames outside the torch's

walls inside will slowly burn which in turn will heat the fresh air inside the

pipe that is flowing up to the tent note the fresh air gets into the pipe below

the level of the log torch preventing any carbon monoxide from mixing into it

it is freezing outside and the long aluminum pipe cools off quickly if the

first pipe segment is too hot to touch the second segment that is closer to the

tent is noticeably cooler to improve the torch's efficiency I decided to move it

closer to the tent and this is where I made a mistake I didn't push the legs

all the way to the ground and I faced the consequences later

my tent has two entrances so I could use one door to run the heating pipe through

and use the other one for all other needs note I'm not forcing the airflow

in any way yet the airflow is significant I'm using a small feather to

demonstrate it admittedly my tent is large and it will take at least an hour

to heat the top through such a small diameter pipe without supercharging this

is why it's still freezing inside the tent but I make it to wait to see if

this tent heating method works so I decided to take a short nap in my cozy

sleeping bag I was napping for at least an hour and a half before I got out of

the sleeping bag to measure the air temperature the air got really warm

inside the tent even though I forgot to close a small chimney hatch which means

it would have been even warmer inside once I put my shoes on and looked

outside I saw that the log torch fell on its side because I forgot to push its

legs all the way to the ground the log torch melted snow and evenly which

caused it to topple I'm glad I didn't put the torch too close to the tent as it

would have burned a hole in the wall

even though the toppled log torch could have still worked longer I couldn't wait

to test a single-bend-pipe design of this method so I prepared and fired up

my second torch to save time I used the same legs with nails but this time I used

my clamper to reinforce the log torch over the legs as well which pulled the

log pieces together even tighter resulting in smaller gaps between them

thus resulted in longer burning time also thanks to the additional metal wire

clamps the torch ended up being extra strong I got a little carried away

jumping on it to demonstrate its durability ))) I think I might adopt this

simple idea of just clamping parts together with steel wire to make

primitive log furniture for my cabin I hammered two nailes at the bottom opening

to prevent small branches from falling through it it was easier and faster to

start the fire without a U-shaped pipe sticking from the opening another

advantage is you can easily move a burning torch from one place to another

something you couldn't really do with a burning campfire this is why I decided I

like the single-bent pipe method better because the U-shaped pipe cannot be

removed from the burning torch if needed it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit -11 Celsius now the efficiency of such a log heater depends greatly on the

temperature gradient in other words the greater the temperature difference

inside and outside the tent the better the air flow will be I reached 57

degrees +14 Celsius inside and that is considering I didn't call the second

door fully so there is a 47 degrees Fahrenheit 25 degrees Celsius

temperature gradient to be honest I didn't expect such an impressive result

I would dare to suggest you can reach tropical temperature values in a small

tent the temperature of the air coming out from the pipe is definitely higher

than 140 degrees Fahrenheit degree +60 Celsius unfortunately my

thermometer scale maxes out at 140 Fahrenheit

+60 degrees Celsius here are a few words about the methods safety firstly there

is no fire inside the tent secondly there is a constant fresh air flow

coming into the tent you are totally protected against carbon monoxide

poisoning because the pipe gets the fresh cold air below the level of the

burning log torch also a log stove can be used for cooking food even while it's

heating up your tent I personally like the single-bent pipe modification of the

method better you can put the pipe in or take it out at any time which makes it

easier to start the fire to cook certain dishes or to carry a burning log torch

to another location however the U-shaped pipe scheme gets

the fresh air from the side and if a small burning ember falls through the

torch you won't smell any smoke inside the tent from my experience even if that

happens you can barely smell any smoke inside the tent so my conclusion is this

it was an interesting experience and successful experiment it is labor

consuming but safe and effective besides carrying three short metal pipes

is a lot easier than carrying a portable metal stove while traveling in the snowy

wilderness I think this method can be further

improved if you have any thoughts how you can make it even more efficient

please write it below I would love to hear your suggestions lastly if you

extinguish a locked torch a little before it is fully burned you can get

yourself an unusual piece of primitive furniture I haven't quite figured out

how I could use it let me know if you have any idea what can be done with it

the log torch idea has a lot of other practical applications for example I

recently published a video about an original bushcraft dish that I called a

vertical shish kebab it is a skewered spiral potato with a

hot dog inside I have grilled the dish on the campfire

many times and always found it delicious however the vertical cooking method has

its advantages firstly you don't have to rotate the skewer yet the dish

cooks quicker and more evenly secondly skewered dishes cooked in the vertical

stove taste better than kebabs cooked on traditional grills regular kebabs

drip fat on the coals causing it to taste and smells slightly burned while

kebab dishes cooked in vertical stoves do not drip fat on fire but rather self -basting which enhances their own taste when I cooked my skewered spiraled

potato dish the seasoning fat ran down the potato as it cooked basting it with

meaty taste I don't think I can go back to traditional horizontal grilling a

more detailed instruction on how to make a vertical stove and prepare food in it

can be seen on my video: Swedish Torch/ Stove Vertical Cooking / My Bushcraft

Recipes the link is below if you liked this video perhaps you could share it

with your friends let good people watch good videos this is Max Egorov, st.

Petersburg, Russia and a final note I only produce one or two videos max a

month and if you don't want to miss new content like this you can click on the

bell reminder for notifications I hope to see you back on Adovoko MAKES

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