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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is the Pronunciation Pro Course?

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I just want to stress to you the

importance of your voice your voice is

important you are important and I think

that's something that gets minimized

over time if you feel like your accent

is getting in the way of your

progression or keeping you from speaking

up the way that you really want to and

it minimizes this voice that you have

and I want to bring that voice back I

want you to have that voice because I

know that your voice matters I know that

the world needs your voice and needs

your expertise needs your ideas needs to

hear what you have to say and I

genuinely believe that being understood

is just a basic being understood and

being heard is just a basic human need

and if we are silenced in some way or

don't feel like our voice is heard there

is pain there is discomfort in that and

when we can't feel like we can you know

be our true selves because of a second

language barrier or what or because the

lack of confidence or whatever it is and

there is a great amount of pain in that

and I I am NOT okay with that

I want more for you and that is what

this program is all about we need to

find your voice we need to help you

bring that voice out and feel confident

using your voice because you have

important things to say and things to do

okay so I just really want you to feel

that and understand that that is our

driving force here at pronunciation Pro

okay so just so you know what's kind of

coming here with this webinar I'm going

to do a training on how to be understood

and be confident I want you to really

understand kind of how we teach that at

pronunciation Pro and what that means

really I'm going to teach you a little

bit about the pronunciation Pro course

what is it how does it how does it work

what's involved in pronunciation Pro

we're going to answer questions so

that's why I say get comfortable with

that Q&A box because I'll be going there

answering any questions and it can be

about pronunciation it can be though

actually learning an accent it can be

your own personal situation with your

accent anything like that and we will be

I will be giving live feedback so I can

unmute you and we can talk and give

feedback I have some exercises in vowels

that would be fun to do together

there's readings that we can do

conversational practice definitely helps

but I'll give you a few minutes and I'll

give you know they're obviously won't be

able to get to everyone today but I'm

going to hope I'm going to get to as

many as I possibly can and today to be

able to give you that live feedback okay

and this live feedback is something that

is included with the pronunciation Pro

membership so I'll tell more about that

but every week we have three study

groups a week and that's all we do is

live feedback and give you personalized

feedback through the course

okay so we'll give you a taste of that

today but just so you know that that

there's way more to come with that in

the pronunciation Pro course okay and

then I and I will be giving a bonus

offer for those who stick around and

hear to the end is that we do we do have

a special offer for those who are live

here during this webinar today so don't

miss that okay so let's let's go over

this concept of being understood and

being confident so our mission is

twofold we're going to help you be

understood and be confident in your

spoken English okay so what does that

mean exactly

okay well the be understood side of

things we have to address pronunciation

and your accent okay so an accent is

basically the carryover of the sounds

and rhythm from your first language to

your second language or to English I

know a lot of you have multiple

languages that you speak but from your

primary language your mother tongue too

you're too English and that is what is

causing this accent there are sound

systems that your ear is tuned to or

accustomed to that you're carrying over

into English so what happens is that you

are using sounds from your mother tongue

as you're speaking English instead of

the true English sounds okay and that

might be because you don't hear the

difference or you haven't been been

trained to move your mouth in that new

way for English okay and it's not just a

matter of being around other native

English speakers that help you acquire

that accent there is specific and a

specific method of training those sounds

both listening skills and the actual

training so that's what we do in

pronunciation Pro is we train these

sounds of English okay we talk we go

through pronunciation we go through the

vowels and the consonants of American

English we go through the blends we go

through the mouth move placement we talk

about voiced and voiceless sounds in

English and making sure that our voice

turns on and off based on what sound

we're using we talk about phonetics we

talk about the precision of the sounds

in our mouths and how they're being

projected all of this is included in the

sounds of English and then we have the

rhythm of English so the rhythm of

English includes that fluency the pace

the flow the volume we go over word

stress and sentence stress intonation

linking pausing chunking reductions and

these super segmental features that you

know come out as you get it to the

higher levels of your American English

American pronunciation and American

accent okay so there's a lot to cover

when it comes to being understood we

have to learn how American English works

the rules of pronunciation and fluency

and how to really use those rules okay

so that isn't a very important part of

the pronunciation Pro course and


is outlined step by step so it's not

overwhelming there's a ton of

information to understand here but we

break it down into very doable steps

along the way and that's what we we

focus on on the be understood side and

it's really the sounds of English are

more like the science of American

English the rhythm is more of the art

and the music of American English and so

we talk about that a lot in being able

to balance the the precision and the

science of American English and that

arts and music of American English okay

the second part is this you know be

confident okay

so really what we're talking about here

with with being confident there it gets

more involved than just if I learn

American English I'm going to feel

confident it's absolutely a part of that

but as I learn I've been working with

students over the last 10 years and had

hundreds of students come through my

program I've noticed that there's so

much more to feeling confident than just

learning the American accent okay it's

definitely a key piece but there is more

so what's happening is that you are you

are feeling fear when it comes to

speaking in English and so we have to

address that feeling of fear where is

that fear coming from how why is that

there and we have to really learn to

follow through with commitments and

develop courage and establish these new

habits okay and it takes you have to

take action to develop this confidence

okay so we really want you to take

action through this program it's a big

part we are going to be building skills

through this program you have to you

have to be practicing consistently

developing these habits and you do

establish your own pace as you go

through this program so that you can

stay consistent with it if it's you know

if it's an hour a day great if it's 20

minutes a day great

if it's 20 minutes five times away week

great whatever you can establish as your

habit or routine that is what we want

you to do so that you can do it over an

extended period of time

okay all right let's talk about the pro

mindset now this is something that's

there have been something that I didn't

originally start with with pronunciation

Pro but has become more a piece of what

we're doing here at pronunciation Pro

called the pro mindset and what that is

is is the mindset necessary to help you

feel confident as you improve your

American English and it's just mindsets

for success and we have a number of ways

that we teach this through the program

and I'll share that with you but it's

really these these concepts of

overcoming failure doing hard things

your view of yourself your view of

others you know having empowering

thoughts it will help you accomplish

your goals this growth mindset and what

do you do how do you change the thoughts

that you're having going into social

situations so that you can feel

confident as you you're increasing your

English pronunciation and how can we

make sure we're practicing so all of

these things together is what the

pronunciation Pro course is all about so

we're really excited that we've been

able to merge this and I know it's the

most effective way of learning the

American accent absolutely hands-down so

if the act your accent is is getting in

your way this is absolutely the best way

for you to achieve that success we've

seen it over and over again with our

students I'm going to quickly go through

the four C's of confidence here and the

four C's of it's really four C's of

building confidence okay so the first is


we've talked a little bit about

commitment so far you have to make and

keep these commitments to yourself so

making it keeping commitments of and

this is can be applied to pronunciation

training it can be applied to any

thing that you want to build confidence

in okay making a commitment that you're

going to do something you're going to

take action like we've talked about we

have to call out our own excuses okay we

make our brain wants to go in autopilot

it wants to do things that are easy for

us and we have to make sure that we are

our higher thinking brain is controlling

and is the one in control and so that we

can achieve our higher level goals okay

our brain wants to come up with excuses

like I don't have enough time or I don't

have the money to do it or I you know my

health is bad my I'm either too young or

too old you know there's so many excuses

that we come up with and you know for

example at I miss your time is a big

thing for me I have four kids I'm you

know running a business and I I want to

be there for my students and I'm running

a team here at pronunciation Pro and I

have to be very very structured with my

time but over time as I've committed to

do that and say this is this is my dream

this is what I want and how am I going

to achieve that then I'm able to come up

with solutions okay so we have to call

out our own excuses what excuses is your

are your brain is your brain telling you

of why you can't accomplish the goals

that you want or why you can't develop

that confidence or keep the commitments

that you have okay courage let's talk

about courage okay we want to commit to

ourselves commit make a commitment with

courage now you're going to feel fear

that's okay

courage is not the absence of fear

courage is I'm going to do this even

though I feel fear okay fear is okay we

all feel fear and really the motions are

the worst thing that can happen to us

they're very harmless our emotions are

just vibrations in the body and this is

information these are

that we go through more in depth in

pronunciation Pro so if this is

something that you're like I don't fully

understand what she's talking about

we'll talk about this more is if you you

know come in our student of mine but one

key idea is our thoughts cause the pain

or the emotion that's happening it's not

happening outside of us it's happening

in our thoughts so as we learn to manage

our thoughts and be mindful of our

thoughts we can really that it really

helps overcome that fear and develop

courage for us and you have to ask

yourself am I willing to be

uncomfortable to reach my goals okay am

I willing to be uncomfortable to reach

my goals and that is something that no

matter what your goal is it's going to

be uncomfortable as you go through the

pronunciation Pro course I'm gonna make

you do things with your mouths that

don't feel comfortable it's not gonna

feel natural for you but you'll notice

that there is a level of discomfort that

happens and then it starts to become

your normal it becomes more comfortable

for you and that's when that true

success happens okay as you commit with

courage your capacity your capacity

increases so you're taking action you're

committing and you're doing that with

courage and then you increase capacity

and these might be new words for you

depending on your level of English and

what you've been exposed to so far in

English but this is just some this is

something that we will review over and

over again in pronunciation pro so

capacity is our what we are capable of

what we what we can do okay so as we go

through we take action we commit to

things and we have that courage despite

the fear we increase our capacity for

things and that's really where

confidence we really increase that

confidence so increase capacity plus the

pro mindset that we've been able

to discover here at pronunciation Pro

and teach here really does build that

confidence that long-term genuine

confidence in yourself not a fake

confidence or let's pretend we're

confident but a true confidence all

right so that's really what we're doing

here so let me just take just a few

minutes here and I know I'm working to

kind of have a really strong amount of

time that we are going to do live

feedback and QA here but let me tell you

a little bit about pronunciation Pro and

all that's involved here I know there

was a quite a few questions emailed in

about how how pronunciation Pro works

and what you're going to get okay so

i've touched on this a little bit that

my method is a very step-by-step


research-based method for learning the

American accent American English accent

so not British English we'll leave that

to them we are talking about American

English accent okay so as you come into

the pronunciation Pro course it's very

structured and that's what we we get a

lot of comments about how organized the

program is so that there's not this

overwhelm of information but that you

can follow step by step so that has

great value to it so we have this video

training program that I've developed

that walks you step-by-step through the

program each of those videos has

worksheets and audio recordings that you

can listen download and listen to so

that you can work on that yourself now

the value of this this is hard to kind

of come up with a value because I keep

adding more and more training and more

in depth to the program but we'll say

for for our sake that you know there's

about a $2,000 or more value with this

that's not what you're paying for it

I'll talk about that later but this this

part of the

alone is incredibly valuable it is our

foundation of pronunciation Pro so

you'll get a 12 module course and then

there's an additional 40 weeks beyond

that and really what we say is that to

really get the results that you need

you need to be in this program for one

year ok so it's really a one-year

commitment to really truly learn these

skills so that they are just a part of

who you are and what you do absolutely

life-changing and something that as you

commit and as you follow through on it

will be the best thing that you've done

for yourself and your career growth and

your personal development ok

so we start with off with that video

training program again it's step by step

and then we give a ton of personal

coaching and feedback for everyone who's

a member so this is how we do it every

week we have three study groups led by

myself or Lori our other accent trainer

and so it's a group group setting but we

unmute kind of similar to what we're

going to do today we unmute you we've

discussed your questions we give you

feedback something to work on through

the week anything that you're struggling

with with the video training course we

give you that feedback extremely

valuable to know exactly what you're

doing wrong and how to fix it okay we

are going to do a monthly Pro mindset

training so that's coming up in two two

weeks we'll do another webinar training

just on the pro mindset so we'll take we

take a topic and we address some of

these mindsets issues we do kind of a

discussion about it and then do some

coaching on that and we do oh the weekly

challenge okay so every week we choose

three people if you participate in the

challenge we choose three people that

we're going

private one-on-one feedback - so you

send in a recording and then Laurie

chooses three people who she's going to

listen to that recording and send a

recording back with feedback so it's

private feedback and it's actually

something that comes with more of our

upgraded members but we want to offer

that to other students as well we also

have a pro book club meeting so this has

to do with that mindset issue and

confidence issue is we we choose a book

that is about skills and and development

for your overall success working towards

your goals okay this last month we did

um thinking big the the magic of

thinking big and it was a great

discussion and it's just an open let's

practice our English and discuss this

book together and it's amazing we have

all the recordings there on the

pronunciation Pro website okay so let me

just go over the three packages here

real quick and our main packages at

pronunciation Pro so you might be

wondering oh okay well which one do I

join what is included with everything so

our basic membership we have two options

for that we have the monthly membership

and we have the yearly membership so

everything that we just went through is

there on the bottom so you get all of

that with the basic either monthly or

yearly you get all access to all of that

all of our members get all of that

access okay then study groups all of

those those extras with the pro meant

mindset plus the whole video training

course okay that all comes included with

the basic membership so like we say you

know we want you you're gonna get the

most the most adults from staying for

staying for a full year so that's why we

have a yearly option there but if you

need it broken down into smaller

payments than the 20 you know less than

$20 a month gives you all of that and

this is something that's very been very

important for me as I've gone along I

wanted to make sure that we kept access

to this program to those who you know

$20.00 a month is a stretch because

because this is going out to all of the

world anywhere and I know the currency

is different in different places so we

wanted to make sure it was affordable

and so that is available I want to make

sure that you understand what the

monthly payments so it's 1997 two months

to less than $20.00 a month and that is

ongoing until you cancel okay so it'll

keep auto billing every month until you

cancel we do start that with a free

7-day trial so if you wanted to try that

for seven days for free that's great but

please keep track of that if you decide

this isn't for you and or you know it's

not the right fit for you be sure to

cancel before the payment goes through

because we do not offer refunds because

we we have to make sure that you know we

can't be messing around with these $20 a

month payments because we have a lot of

work to do here with with our students

and that just kind of holds us up there

so I need you to take responsibility for

that and understand that those payments

will go through and that we don't do

refunds so keep track of that and that

is an amazing deal an amazing value for

what you're getting there

the plus package is private coaching so

this is for you if you are have need a

lot of flexibility with your time maybe

you can't come to the study groups at

the times that we have available maybe

you want more private feedback than in a

group setting that's where this really

is great because you get a full accent

assessment you get and report that comes

out that's very specific and customized

to you you get recorded feedback on

assignments for all 12 of the core you

know lesson

of pronunciation Pro you also get an

alumni feedback option at the end that

is only offered to our plus and premiere

students and you you have one year to

complete this you know complete the

program and complete all of your

recordings but we recommend that you do

it within that five months so you know

less than five months because that's at

least the core 12 lessons okay the

premier package includes everything else

that we've talked about but it does do

you do get 12 live private coaching

sessions so these are about 50 minutes a

week or you can spread them out or if

you need to skip a lesson it's very

flexible with you for you and includes

that full accent assessment the feedback

on the 12 assignments again you have

access to that alumni feedback option

that is not available for the rest rest

of our members and again will you have

one year to complete it okay so those

are our our packages and I'm going to

have Kendall will you type into the chat

box for all of them to know kind of the

pricing page where they can see all of

those so I just want to you know put the

pronunciation Pro course really is for

you if you feel like your accent is

limiting you in some way okay it's for

you if you are frequently asked to

repeat yourself so that happens quite a

bit and sometimes you're not sure why

that's happening okay it's for you if

you want to refine your accent so maybe

maybe you are easily understood that's

not your problem but you really want to

refine your accent and if this is the

case then I recommend some of our more

advanced options like the plus or

premier packages and so that is

something that will be more fitting for

you because it's more personalized it's

more customized to you okay

this program is for you if you fear

speaking in front of native English

speakers okay if that is something that

causes a lot of fear for you if you want

better relationships with English

speakers that social element the social

communication and developing those

skills that is such an important part of

communication so if you want better

relationships and if you want more

opportunities for your career and

getting a job interviewing all of that

really makes such a big difference

communication skills are the biggest

skill set that you can have as you're

developing your career and if you lack

confidence to be yourself in English

that's what we really want you to be

able to do is just let's let's get your

voice out there so you can be yourself

it's not for you if you don't see the

need to invest in yourself and your in

your future okay if this is not

something that's important to you or if

you want results without doing the work

okay we make it as easy as possible we

make it step by step but in the end you

have to do the work it's your

responsibility to make this happen and

we are there to support you and help you

but you have to show up and you have to

do the work or you don't get the results

okay really our students here at

pronunciation Pro are ready to get

results they're driven for success

you're committed to their goal and they

know they can achieve more than what

they're experiencing now alright so if

this is really you then then this is

where you need to be and we want to be

working with you and it's amazing the

students here that we work with on a

weekly basis here at pronunciation Pro

blow my mind because they're so driven

and so excited to learn and are doing

amazing things with their lives

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