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So I messed up I messed up pretty badly, there's pretty much two essential elements to every YouTube video

There's pretty much the performance and then there's the editing these are both very noticeable

fundamental elements to every single YouTube video you'll ever watch. Last week I uploaded a video called the red sand jam and that video was

a prime example of the performance being good, but then.....

Then you run into technical difficulties, so let me explain

So I had this loop of the song red sand going to both of my speaker monitors and both of these monitors are hooked up

To my interface and as far as goes for miking I have an sm57 that's also hooked up to the same interface for reasons that

Are just completely unexplainable to me when I was recording it decided to record both the mic

And the speaker's like I'm pretty sure that my software was going to record any kind of audio

That's going on in my desktop for some reason. It's not really explainable. It doesn't make a lot of sense

It just happened so for that particular video the audio was combined there was no way to separate it

And it was just unusable my playing was pretty much dead in the mix and the jam track was just blasted so that was

really fun (Extreme Sarcasm)

It was terrible. I was essentially playing my heart out for 45 minutes

And I condensed that into the video that it became that's only possible because when I was referencing my camcorder audio

I was like this is passable

I can actually save this performance improvising and jamming is one of those things where everything you're playing is happening in the moments

It's something that you really will never kind of get back

Sure, you can try to go back and reference those recordings and try to figure out whatever you did

But it'll just never be the same so yeah when I got done doing this jam for 45 minutes

And I stopped the recording and then listened to it. I was super disheartened like I could feel my heart sinking

It was terrible it really sucks too because when I was referencing the interface and I was doing like mic tests and stuff and recording

Tests everything was fine until I started to play over this track

But what ended up happening is when I stopped the recording

I checked things out and saw how botched it was I was trying to think am I going to record this again

Am I gonna try to salvage it, but also how do I fix his problem so it never happens again?

So what ended up happening is I did some digging online.

I was looking for about an hour only to realize that I didn't have the necessary cables to actually remedy the problem

So that's why my first jam video doesn't have the best audio. I'm not particularly happy about it

I don't want videos of that kind of quality going up on this channel, but just so you guys know

I think I do kind of have a

loosely based schedule figured out for the channel and even though

this is only the fourth video if you've been sub since the start you probably already have an idea of what this pattern is I'm

Looking to do new videos once a week on Friday at 12 p.m.. Eastern Time again if you were curious

I'm the only one that's recording content across all three channels that I have I'm also currently the only

And that's editing content for all three channels.

Now I have a little secret for the people who are just subscribed to this channel

I'm possibly gonna have some editing help from Omar and Tina for different projects and different channels. It should be pretty good

I figured out it at least share that information with you guys because I don't have anything newer interesting to offer to you guys this

Week, and honestly. I'm just pretty disappointed in myself the new cod game is not an excuse

I need to step things up and I need to actually get you guys some good videos

I want these weekly videos that are gonna be going up on Friday to actually be things to look forward to and then maybe I

Can have some extra content on different days so again?

I apologize for last week's video, and I apologize for this video as well

I really do feel bad because there's not too much substance to this video

And I'm really just kind of up taking you guys on things that are happening and even though it kind of seems that this is

The type of channel where people will support what I do no matter what I want to let you guys know that I'm trying to

Hold myself to a higher standard and bring you guys better videos because you guys deserve it you're absolutely killing the support on all channels

So I've got to step things up as well, but again. Thank you guys very much for watching

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend if you're watching this on Friday or Saturday again. Thank you guys for your patience

Hopefully I can actually get you guys some real videos soon, and I'll see you guys later. I also need to make an outro FUUUUU...

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