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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Three steps to giving less of a shit what people think

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ladies gentlemen boys and girls I'm

chillin and there I'm Julian Northbrook

from doing English calm and I'm John the

color paper ball genius right I've had

four people just today tell me that they

want to give less of a when

speaking English of what people think of

them I was going to do a video about it

myself but then I thought why not just

get to the expert to the evil bond

genius on himself too to give you a few

tips for giving less of a John

hello yeah there's three things really

and I've start by saying it does take

practice because we're hardwired to care

what other people think we've evolved in

a environment where other people's

opinions did matter because the safety

in numbers and if anyone stands out and

he's different well they're a danger to

everybody in today societies and

cultures that no longer serves us so

bear in mind you're fighting several

hundred thousand years of evolution but

it can be done because I've done it the

first thing is to understand other

people's opinions are subjective they

are within themselves they do not

reflect on you so like your man here I'm

autistic too

some people don't like is because of

that yet other people think we're

amazing well they can't both be correct

can they they've cannot both be

objective to correct we can't be

complete assholes and really cool people

you know it depends on your viewpoint so

what I do is I choose to listen to

people who think I'm amazing and the

rest can go themselves that's it I

choose what I choose to care about what

other people say by choosing to think to

accept the nice things that's the first

thing the second thing is to remember

other people's opinions online of your

business what goes on in the confines of

their head is none of your concern

whether they love you whether they hate

you whether they like cheese or cheese

sandwiches is nothing to do with you at

all it is their business and not your

own and the third thing kind of hops

back to both of these and that is no

matter what you do no matter what you

say you will piss someone off even if

you agree with everybody and you're the

nicest person on earth that will piss

somebody off like me because I hate

people like that because at some point

they're being dishonest and you don't

know when it is so you may as well and

sure at least one person is happy and

that is you so just please your

self you know we're not talking about


people's right sir words never really

hurt anybody so people talk about you

being rude offensive and all the rest of

it well that's all subjective to them so

I would do that I would just please

yourself and then you can be sure at

least one was happy that's three simple

ways not to give so much of a

anymore and there we go Jules I think

that's pretty good I think it's been a

long time since somebody referred to me

as your man there which is also quite

nice oh god I'm scared to switch the

camera off now keep it rolling so there

we go ladies and gentlemen boys and

girls there is how to give a less of a

this is me during northbrook

signing out and go over to doing English

comm sign it for money

David emails what can they find more

about you John even boy genius calm

Yuval genius calm go check it out and if

you're one of my es members you can find

a very detailed training with the even

ball genius here in the ECC archives

check it out a speedy later bye bye I

can't stop this my thumbs locked up

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