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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Learn English! How to Describe People in English Part 3

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we are here for part three of a lesson

on how to describe people we did a

lesson last week on how to describe

people and we went over 30 different

ways to describe people actually I think

it was 29 ways and then three weeks ago

we also did a lesson on how to describe

people so this is the third and this

will be the last lesson on how to

describe people sorry I was just

checking to make sure things were

working and I'll go over I think I have

30 words today for describing people

anyways welcome to the lesson I think it

will be a good one I didn't give this

lady a description but I would say she

looks Stern if I was to give her a

descriptive word I would say she's very

stern looking when people are Stern it's

not exactly mean but it's certainly not

a happy look so she is definitely Stern

so again welcome to everyone who is

already here I was saying hi to some

people earlier in the chat thank you so

much for being here it is a beautiful

fall day in Canada and actually this

weekend the video that I'm making it

will be about the season of fall so

it'll be kind of a fun little video

lesson for Tuesday anyways the first

word today that we're going to look at

is chatty so this person I know he is

just smiling but a chatty person is a

person who talks a lot so you may have

gone for a long drive before with a

person who is chatty this is a rude way

to say it but a chatty person won't shut

up okay

again that is not a nice way to describe

someone but a chatty person talks a lot

and doesn't let you talk very much so

that is what a chatty person that's how

I would describe someone who talks a lot

as being very chatty

but in a good way chatty people are

usually chatty in a

wait let me get my papers organized here

again welcome to all the people that are

just joining we are doing part three of

describing people today I'm Bob the

Canadian you are learning English with

me if you're new here you should

subscribe and if you guys can give me a

thumbs up that would be awesome as well

there will be questions that I will

answer Todd will be posting a link in

the chat I think it's over there if

you're on a computer and I will

reference and answer some of those

questions from time to time from time to

time so but we are here this morning

learning how to describe people again

the next one is easygoing and you can

spell easygoing with no - or with the -

both are fine so let me adjust my camera

here a little bit I'm just gonna pull it

down there that's good so a person who

is easygoing is very relaxed they are

not stressed about anything they these

two people are definitely easygoing you

can see they're just kind of sitting on

the floor having some coffee they don't

have any worries in their day they're

both smiling and laughing so an

easygoing person is very enjoyable to be

around very enjoyable to hang out with

of course sometimes easygoing people are

not too worried about being on time so

maybe an easygoing person if they're too

easygoing sometimes they'll be late for

things but easygoing people are very

very relaxed again hello to all the

people streaming in we are doing part

three of describing people today and we

are currently on the word lucky so you

might know someone who is lucky person

who no matter what they do they always

seem to win things maybe they win when

they buy lottery tickets

maybe when they play games they always


and they just seem to be a lucky person

so a lucky person is someone who doesn't

often lose we have another phrase in

English called bad luck so when you have

bad luck it means that you aren't lucky

it would be the opposite so anyways if

you are lucky you often win things next

word we have is nervous so the best

description I can give of someone who is

nervous is a person who is going for a

job interview and so I think this guy

looks nervous to me he's kind of

straightening out his tie and it looks

like he's on the phone maybe he's

calling a friend just before he goes

into a job interview and asking for some


but a nervous person sometimes it's like

oh I'm so nervous they're a little bit

afraid they're a little bit tentative so

a nervous person it's not a nice feeling

to be nervous by the way it's nice to

feel confident which would be one of the

words that is the opposite of nervous

let me jump in and see if there are any

questions I know there are a few let's

see gaga has the first question here let

me paste it into the chat Gaga says how

do I know who's being honest when I

first meet them what would you do if you

knew someone was treating you

deceitfully well what I would do if

someone was lying to me or being

deceitful is hi I would probably call

them on it

and what that means is I would just say

I think you're lying to me

I'm a very bold person I tend to be very

straightforward when I talk to people so

if I knew someone or I sensed someone

was lying to me I could probably just

ask them if they were that's not the

best thing to do but that's definitely

what I would do again hi to everyone in

the chat

let's see Oh lolli asks if I'm nervous

when the live starts lolli a long time

ago when I started doing lives I would

be nervous but I've done them for over a

year now did you know that it's been

over a year of doing live lessons and I

think I've gotten pretty used to it I'm

always nervous though

that something won't work properly that

the technology will break scuse me scuse

me I'm sorry about that I don't have a

sore throat this week so let's see here

Demetrio from the Ukraine asks Bob are

you a stern teacher I can be but it

depends on what class I teach so in the

upper level computer class I think I'm

actually a very relaxed teacher my

students might say differently but I

think with younger students I'm fairly

stern I think but still I try to be a

happy teacher I think the happier a

teacher is the better let's see here

Patricia just mentions the word chatty

Patricia says chatty means talkative

very much so yes so if someone is chatty

they are 100% a talkative person and

then Manny has the follow-up question

what's the difference between chatty and

talkative they mean the same thing so

someone who is talkative you would also

describe them as chatty and then we'll

do one more question

Demetrio from the Ukraine says hi Bob

are lucky people on a roll so when

you're on a roll it means that you've

won something and then you've won

something again and then you've won it

again so you're on a roll you have a

number of wins in succession so

sometimes a sports team can win three

games in a row and you would describe

that team as being on a roll so it means

that you know they won three and they're

on a roll and you would hope that that

winning streak would keep going there's

another word for you streak let's get

back to the lesson though

this person is a serious person so when

someone is serious there they're not a

lot of fun a serious person doesn't

laugh a lot if you tell them a joke

they might not laugh at your joke so a

serious person is someone who if you see

this guy he's he's very serious he just

has this straight face and he's not

smiling he's definitely not laughing so

we have this person who I would say is a

serious person very serious I am NOT a

serious person it's Subway's I sometimes

I think I need to be more serious I tend

to joke around too much sometimes the

next one we have here is what I am

sometimes sometimes I can be too silly

you see this girl has on a fake

moustache and glasses with fake eyebrows

she is a silly person I think it's a

girl yes she is a silly person a silly

person sometimes needs to be more

serious sometimes a silly person tells

jokes when they shouldn't you know maybe

it is a serious moment in life and

they're still laughing and telling jokes

so a silly person acts silly they tell

jokes they laugh a lot and generally I

think silly people are fun to be around

but sometimes silly people can be a

little bit too much they can be

overwhelming but I would prefer silly

over serious what would you choose would

you rather hang around with a serious

person or a silly person let me know in

the chat um I'm not sure if we did this

word before I checked my other lists

that I don't think we did this word but

this is vain a vain person thinks they

are the most handsome person in the

world or the most beautiful person in

the world

a vain person is always making sure

their hair is perfect

and their their beard is perfect if

they're a man if they're a woman they're

making sure that their makeup is perfect

they're always looking in a mirror and

they think that they are just

better-looking or more attractive than

all of the other people around them I

think this guy looks a little bit vain

I'm not sure if he really is but you can

see has this look in his eyes right that

he's thinking I am I am very handsome

and I am a very vain person credible is

the next one let's do one more and then

we'll do some questions a credible

person is very trustworthy so I thought

this man he's wearing a very

nice-looking suit he looks nice he has a

pair of glasses on he looks very smart

so a credible person is someone who is

trustworthy someone who in the past has

proven that they are a good person so I

thought this person looked very very

credible if this person was wanting to

sell you something you would trust him

because he looks credible and hopefully

you know him and you know that he is a

trustworthy and credible person

let's check the questions again there

are a few here

let's see Vinicius says hi Bob how can I

describe someone who is accessible and

kind like you willing is a good word is

it correct to say thanks for well we

would say thanks for your willingness to

help or thanks for being willing those

would be the two ways to say it how

would you describe someone who is

accessible and kind I just have a little

tickle in my throat do you know that

phrase in English I don't have a sore

throat I just have this little tickle in

my throat so I'm gonna cough I'm sorry

it's going to be loud I think that

should have fixed

and I'll take a drink of water so in

spite of the fact that I'm making awful

noises with my throat you're learning a

little bit of English um I would say

kind agreeable accessible someone who

gives of themselves

vinícius so I think that's what you're

describing when you give of yourself

you're willing to take time with people

and spend time with people so that's how

I would describe that jolly que sorry

dolly ki doli K says I want to ask you

and then there's no rest to the question

so jolly k if you want to post that

again I would be happy to answer that

not says not from Vietnam says hi Bob do

you teach English on a website like AI

talky I don't so I don't teach one to


mostly for two reasons one is I already

have a full-time job you can see my

classroom behind me in about an hour

students are going to start coming in

and I will be teaching a French class

this morning so I'm very busy working

full time and I only do YouTube in my

spare time someday maybe we'll see but I

really like my job I actually really

like teaching so it's not something that

I want to quit so that I can teach more

online I'd rather just do both the way

I'm doing it so no that's the that's the

question and Francesco has the same

question do you teach English with the

online lessons on skype no I do not

sorry guys maybe someday let's see here

Alma is hello hello sir Bob how often do

native speakers use perfect tenses so

that's a tricky one we use them all the

time but we don't actually know that

we're using them so think about your own

language when you're speaking your own

language do you actually know what verb

tenses you're using you don't it's just

automatic so yes we use

if you were to ask an English speaker

there it would be tricky too to have

them do that

English Danny says what's the difference

between describing people's appearance

and people's personality most of what

I'm talking about in terms of describing

people is personality a few of the

things that I'm using are actually what

they look like so the difference would

be like someone who is adventurous

versus someone who is beautiful so

beautiful would be describing their

physical appearance

whereas adventurous is describing their

personality most of my describing people

lessons have been about personality now

let's do one more let's see here oh

here's jelly cake let me see I'm not

sure what - okay it's sorry Bob but the

name Bob is used to talk about the

typical American male with stature and a

mustache I I don't know Bob is just a

very common name in English I'm not sure

about your description - okay

it is a short form of bob is a short

form of the name Robert so my real name

is Robert obviously and Bob is just what

we would call a short form or a nickname

Zarah says let's see here next one let's

see here okay

Zarah the Iranian says hi teacher Bob

I'm at work at the moment but I don't

want to miss your class I corrected it

there please tell me if somebody is

always sad without energy can I say she

is negative energy transfer that depends

if someone is sad all the time we might

say they are a little bit depressed if

someone has no energy we might say that

they're feeling fatigued or tired so

that would be a physical description of

them if it's someone who when you're

around them they make you feel tired we

would say I would just say that person

just a lot to deal with or that person

is a real downer sometimes that's how I

would describe that anyways back to the

lesson people the next word is boastful

so this guy is a fisherman and I picked

this picture because when someone is

boastful it means that they exaggerate

the truth a little bit oftentimes when

people go fishing they catch a fish this

big and then they throw it back in the

water and when they come home they tell

everyone they caught a fish that was

this big which we would consider kind of

boastful or exaggerating a boastful

person is often talking about things

that they have done and that they are

proud of but a little bit too much so

someone who constantly talks about all

of the good things that they did and

maybe exaggerates a little bit we would

consider them boastful a gentle person I

have a picture of a really calm horse

here a gentle person is someone who

speaks quietly speaks with a really nice

voice someone who is always content and

some somewhat happy someone who isn't

easily excited gentle people are really

nice people to talk to especially if you

are having problems in life it's nice to

talk to a gentle person I put a picture

of a horse because I thought this horse

looked really gentle the horse looks

really calm and the horse I think is

just having a quiet moment out in its

pasture out in the field so gentle you

can also use this to describe pets and

animals of course but some really big

dogs can actually be quite gentle so a

really big dog might seem mean or

intimidating but a really big dog might

actually be quite gentle especially when

playing with children someone said they

think I am a gentle person

I I try to peek

to be kind but you have to realize that

I am I have my moments where I am NOT a

gentle person so I'm just like everybody

else let's see here

next one foolish person so this one

makes me laugh because you see this man

and he is out on a branch and he is

cutting the branch so that once he gets

through the branch he's going to fall

right so he is being foolish a foolish

person makes bad decisions a foolish

person does things like this I think we

have all been foolish at one time or

another in our lives I know that you

have all done something foolish at some

point in your life one time I left I

bought a coffee at a coffee shop and I

put it on the roof of my car so that I

could unlock the door and then I got in

my car and I left the coffee on top of

my car and then the first time I stopped

the coffee fell and spilled on the

windshield hopefully you understood that

story I was with my oldest son at the

time and he really laughed but a foolish

person does something dumb does

something silly or stupid it's the word

stupids tricky though don't use it too

much but because stupid can be an insult

as well so we would say this person is

doing something dumb he is being foolish

I'm seeing a lot of questions in the

chat and I don't always have time to

answer them but I do read them later and

it's kind of fun to see what you guys

talk about sometimes people need to be

adaptable when you are adaptable it

means that you can change your plans in

the middle of doing something and it

doesn't concern you so you'll see this


has plan a plan B Plan C and plan D this

person I think whoever made this sign is

very adaptable so they're going to do a

project and they have a plan but if that

plan doesn't work they'll do the next

plan so they are very they've thought

ahead and they are very adaptable they

are very flexible in their thinking so

it's good to be adaptable in life

especially when you live in a world

filled with technology I just want to

say hi to Sally moon it's her first live

lesson I'm just gonna say hi to her I

don't normally say hi to people but I

just noticed that now everyone hopefully

is gonna want me to say hi but welcome

Sally to your first live lesson that's

awesome but also welcome to all the rest

of you

I just noticed we're over 500 that is

awesome I'm going to do a few more


so Michelle has a question here Michelle

says what does Chanti mean that is not

an English word at least that I'm

familiar with okay so chatty

that we talked about earlier equals you

know someone who talks a lot but Chanti

as far as I know is not is not a word

Michelle so let's see McHale how do we

describe people who always do wrong

things so if you mean people who always

do bad things we just call them bad

people you know if someone is always

stealing things or someone is always you

know doing something that's against the

law we would say they're bad people you

know oh there's a lot of bad people that

live in that part of town but if you

mean someone who's always making

mistakes we might say that they are just


or we'll say that they're not thoughtful

or we'll say that they don't plan things

well so there's no specific word for

someone who makes a lot of mistakes so

maybe you work with someone who makes a

lot of mistakes we don't have a specific

word for it so let's see here Jesse the


see I'll put this one in Jesse the

Canadian says hi Bob nice to see you

again during the lesson

Bob the Canadian you rock thank you very

much by the way if you tell someone they

rock it means they're doing a good job I

like your way of teaching through the

live lesson my question is how would you

explain the word vain so we did the word

vain earlier maybe you just popped in I

can't find it back Jessi it's in this

pile somewhere but we had a picture of a

guy here he is

we had the word vain someone who is vain

thinks they are the most attractive

person in the world so if you think

you're really handsome or you think

you're really beautiful so guys are

handsome girls are beautiful okay that's

the difference between those two words

and you think you are the most

attractive person in the room or in the

world you are being that's how I would

describe it let's see here Victor says

hey Bob what do you feel or how do you

feel about introverts

so I'm extrovert is someone who loves

talking and loves talking to lots of

people an introvert likes to do things

by themselves I'm an introvert so what

do I think about introverts

I love introverts they're my favorite

kind of people I know I'm here giving a

lesson to hundreds of people but I very

much like my quiet time I like walking

by myself I like reading I like doing a

lot of things by myself and very quietly

so I am definitely an introvert Syed

from Somalia says what does grumpy what

is a grumpy person a grumpy person is

just I'll make my grumpy face it's just

always annoyed about something a grumpy

person is always having a bad day a

grumpy person when you tell them good

news they tell you bad news right poor a

grumpy person if they order food at a

restaurant it's never

done properly so grumpy people they're

just not happy just not happy at all

genre genre says can you define the word

impudent so I'm actually going to look

it up because we don't use this word

much but usually when we talk about kids

who are not respectful we would say

their imputed but we we hardly use that

word anymore the word impudent it's

something that you'll see in books if

you're reading books but it's not a very

common English word at all let's see


not from Vietnam says can you explain

this question this sentence to me please

that guy got away with this crime that

means he committed a crime but he didn't

get arrested and he didn't go to jail

that's not good

next word adventurous you can see these

people are climbing a mountain it looks

like adventurous people love to do

things outdoors that are exciting they

go skydiving like they jump out of

airplanes with a parachute on they go

mountain climbing they go white water

rafting that's when you ride a boat down

a really fast river so adventurous

people just love to do lots of fun

things outside that have an element of

excitement diligent so a diligent person

is always on time for work they always

do a good job they rarely miss a day of


see these bees bees are very diligent

bees work very hard bees when there are

flowers where they need to go and

pollinate they go and do the work and

you can describe people the same way

when someone is diligent if you are a

boss and you need to hire people you

want to hire people who are diligent

that's a good thing to do

next word exuberance so I put a picture

of a small dog and

Zubrin person or an exuberant pet has

lots of energy

they are just always excited and ready

to do whatever you suggest so think

about if you have a dog and you're about

to take your dog for a walk your dog is

probably like jumping up and down with

excitement your dog is very exuberant so

exuberant is a great word to describe

someone who has lots and lots of energy

loves talking loves doing things is

always excited to go out with you

someone is asking the difference between

grouchy and grumpy they are the same so

grouchy and grumpy mean the same thing

for sure

pretty much the same thing here's a good

word all of you who watch sports will

understand this you want your referees

you want your umpires to be impartial

that means that they don't favor a one

team over the other um yeah just vendor

says I think Oscar is exuberant yes he

definitely is and samuel chen says hype

greetings from china hi Samuel when you

watch a sports game you want the

referees or the umpires to be impartial

you don't want them to say well I like

this team better so I'm gonna give

yellow cards and red cards to the other

team what you want is you want referees

who look at everything fairly and they

use good judgment in order to make their

calls you always want your referees and

umpires to be impartial when you are

having any kind of sporting match a

witty person is funny a witty person can

find humor in every conversation so I

put here this is a stand-up comedian

this is someone if you went to a comedy

club you would see a stand-up comic or a

stand-up comedian so a witty person is

good at making jokes okay

so anyways that person is witty this

word comes from the word boss so when

you work somewhere the person you work

for is your boss but you can also

describe someone as being bossy and you

might know someone who is bossy someone

who is always telling you what to do you

can have children who are bossy so if

you have kids you might know that one of

your kids is kind of bossy one of your

kids is always telling the other kids

what to do and maybe they're even

telling you what to do so again a boss

is a person that you work for so I have

a boss but the word bossy is used to

describe people who are always telling

other people what to do you can even

have colleagues or co-workers who are

bossy and that makes work kind of an

interesting place to be when someone is

telling you what to do who isn't your

boss I'll do one more and then we'll do

some questions so people can be clingy

this is a hard word to say clingy

just say it out loud I don't care where

you are maybe here riding the train just

say clingy this is what we call cling


so this plastic wrap when you put it

around stuff it kind of it kind of grabs

on to it right like it it get it kind of

sticks to it a bit so when people are

clingy it means that they they won't go

away you might know someone who is


maybe there's a certain person when you

go to a work party that as soon as you

get to the party they they come and they

start talking to you and then they they

won't leave and go talk to other people

they kind of cling to you a little bit

physically we could have children who

are clingy my one of my kids when they

were young would actually like hold on

to my leg my pant leg could they were

very clingy they didn't like to run

around and play

with the other kids they would kind of

cling to my legs so a clingy person is

someone who holds on to you or hangs out

with you a little bit too much

materialistic that's a big word isn't it

materialistic want me to say it one more

time materialistic a materialistic

person buys a lot of stuff there is a

fear that I have that we live in a very

materialistic world we live in a world

where people keep buying things even

when they don't need them so here you

can see this lady has 4 3 shopping bags

she has just done some shopping she

might be a very materialistic person she

might really like buying lots of things

and she might she might not need them so

we live in a materialistic world where

people are always wanting to buy the

next best biggest thing and honestly I'm

not sure if that's a good thing you can

tell that I'm not materialistic because

I have shirts blue shirts do you like

this one it makes the screen look a

little funny doesn't it

I have blue shirts some are as old as 20

years old and I keep wearing them

because I don't like buying things just

for the sake of buying them hopefully

that that makes sense to you people who

are materialistic yeah Sarah Sarah they

love money they love shopping and they

love buying things so try not to be too

materialistic people it's not always a

good thing

let's see here we're gonna go with Manny

says our narcissistic

self-absorbed egotistical the same

meaning somewhat they are all in the

same camp they have slightly different

feel meanings vain applies more to how

you look

self-absorbed applies more to how you

think you know you're always just

thinking about things to yourself

egotistical would

be more than just looks you think you're

the best-looking the smartest etc etc

and narcissistic is when you think

you're the only person that matters in

the world so they all mean slightly

different things but they're very very


Demetrio says oh I have to delete one

here Dimitra says could you please

explain the difference between smart

clever I think in British English smart

is used

sorry clever is used like smart and in

North America it is used like

intelligent so if I was to say a student

is very clever a student is very smart

a student is very intelligent they all

mean very much the same thing

intelligent would probably be the best

compliment if you say someone is

intelligent it means they're really

really smart if you say someone is

clever it means that in certain

situations they can figure things out so

I think it's just degrees of smartness

so if you're if you're clever or smart

or intelligent but they all mean that

you are pretty smart let's see let's see

maybe I should do this this week but or

next week a lie just says how do you

describe people physically so maybe I'll

do a lesson on that we'll see I have a

different plan this lesson on describing

people and that being part 3 this is the

last lesson on describing people next

week's lesson will be something a little

different so maybe I'll do a lesson in

the future on how to describe people

physically it gets tricky though when

you talk about people's bodies let's see


Michael San Jose by the way I'm not

going to get through all the questions

Mike here from the Philippines how do I

deal with the language anxiety whatever

I speak English you just need to speak

English so you're really nervous right

we learned the word nervous it's hard to

speak English but the more you do it the

easier it will get again Lally asked

earlier if I was nervous to do live

lessons honestly a year ago I was very

nervous to do a live lesson but I just

do one every week

sometimes I do too and you just get used

to it you get more comfortable doing it

so just do the same with your English by

the way there's no live lesson tomorrow

night sorry I have another dinners to go

to so but you can watch this video again

tomorrow if you want and you can turn

the subtitles on that'd be a great idea

and again if you're new here please

click that red subscribe button let's do

the next question let's see here

Nizam is from Indonesia and says nice to

see you you too

what's the difference between reluctant

and stubborn and please give an

explanation if I am reluctant to do

something it means that I have a few

reasons why I'm not sure I want to do it

okay so maybe someone invites me for

dinner and I might be reluctant to go

because I haven't talked to the person

for a long time and the last time we

talked we kind of got in a fight so I

might have reservations I might be

reluctant to go because I'm not sure how

it's going to go stubborn though simply

means that there's no reason not to go

you just don't want to go you're just

being stubborn you're being obstinate

that's another word for stubborn so

slightly different meanings I would look

up both those words in an English

dictionary to get a better distinction

between the two

let's see here Pali says what is the

difference between irritable and

fractious so we don't use the word

fractious that is yeah I'm not sure if

that's used in Britain but we only use

the word irritable to describe someone

who is irritating

so not the second word there let's see

here Duke as the question hi Bob do you

have anywhere to describe a person who

comes to work late and leaves early or

too soon usually doing stuff during work

time no but I would say that someone

who's going to get fired at some point

I would say it's not a lazy person but

it's someone who it would be the

opposite of diligent it would be the

opposite of hard-working so I would say

that person is going to lose their job I

think they're gonna get fired

hopefully it's not you you're not

describing yourself are you a selfish

person doesn't give away very much money

does not volunteer or work for free a

selfish person only thinks about

themselves and they are the opposite of

generous so in describing people lesson

1 we talked about people who are

generous so a selfish person is not

generous they they keep everything they

never give anything away a narrow-minded

person you can see these signs here it

says I am right me too so both these

people think they are right narrow

minded people think that they are right

and they are not willing to talk about

other points of view so if if we were

let's pick a hot topic like climate

change some people who believe that

climate change isn't happening are not

willing to talk to people who think

climate change is happening so they you

could describe them as being


where they only think their thoughts and

their point of view is important someone

who is obstinate is the same as stubborn

so it's someone who is resistant to

doing new things and someone who is

unpredictable is you know how they say

the weather is unpredictable so when

someone is unpredictable you don't know

what they are going to do in certain

situations so someone who is

unpredictable is it's kind of like the

weather you know they might be happy

today they might be sad today

they might smile at the joke they might

get angry with you so I just saw someone

asked how often do you livestream so I

livestream quite regularly

at this time it's Friday morning at 7:30

a.m. Eastern Standard Time and I usually

do a lesson on a topic I will return in

a couple of weeks to doing a Saturday

night question-and-answer livestream and

that's at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard

Time and I do that from home on the farm

so I normally livestream two times per

week but I have been busy on the

weekends lately so I've only been able

to do it on the Friday morning but I

will be doing a live lesson a week from

now on Friday morning and I will be

doing one on a Saturday evening again so

I shouldn't promise that though because

I've my my calendar is pretty full right

now that's how you say that you're

somewhat busy let's get through the rest

of them a secretive person doesn't

really talk a lot about the things they

are doing so they maybe they're going

away and they don't tell anybody and you

don't find out till they get back

because they are a little bit secretive

a gullible person is somewhat this

machine here says it says gullibility

tests put in a dollar and I think if you

put in a dollar nothing happens it

simply proves that you are gullible so

in English we would say someone who's

gullible they're easily taken advantage

of they believe people too easily

and oftentimes they are taken advantage

of so you might have to look up some of

those words an indecisive person has

trouble making decisions so you might

say do you want to go see a movie

tonight an indecisive person might say

yeah mmm no maybe I'm not sure so they

have trouble making a decision a finicky

person or a cat is someone who has

trouble not necessarily making a

decision but they're very particular I'm

assuming this cat is really finicky and

he only likes this kind of food and if

you buy this kind of

the cat won't eat us the cat's finicky

and then last one here my favourite kind

of person someone who is cooperative so

a cooperative person is very fun to work

with they are just good at if there is a

job to do and you do it with someone who

is cooperative you would each do half

and you would just really have fun while

you are doing the job anyways I see a

few people are leaving we are almost

done I'm going to answer two more


even though there's a lot of questions

here sorry I'll start from the bottom

sorry I can't answer them all

Nieves Joe says from Seoul hi there

what's the difference between a nice

person any good person well a nice

person is someone that you like talking

to and they ask you about your life and

they they give you compliments they are

just friendly and nice a good person can

also be a nice person but a good person

also chooses to do the right thing all

the time so a good person would give

money to charity they would be someone

who donates so and Oh Ginny asks do you

always get up quite early to prepare the

lesson I do a lot the day before

I am someone who likes to plan ahead I

don't like to do things at the last

minute let me do one more question let's

see here

Polly says all about 200 fractious

Paulistas hi Bob just looked up

fractious it kind of has the same

meaning as irritable yeah I think it

means the same thing honestly that was

the I have probably a pretty big large

English vocabulary and that was the

first time I saw that word this morning

so not a common word at all I read a lot

and I think I have a fairly good handle

on the English language

having spoke it for you know over 40

years but that was the first time I saw

that word so anyways let's do one more

question let's see here Oh JEE says oh

where are we here oh I just posted it

twice well there we go hi Bob I'm from

Indonesia my question is

what do we call a person who is easily

offended yeah that's a tough one

some the modern world is that we call

them a snowflake that's a new term so

someone who is easily offended you might

call them a snowflake snowflakes melt

really easily that's just a new word in

the last couple of years we've started

using that word so anyways guys you

should come back and watch this video

tomorrow with subtitles on if there were

words that you didn't understand or

parts of the phrases you didn't it's

always good to listen to the video two

times even just put it on in the

background while you're making supper or

preparing a meal I'm Bob the Canadian

you are learning English with me right


I will have a new video out on Tuesday

and there will be no live less than

tomorrow night sorry if you're new here

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to push the stuff

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