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The Wife's Secret

Episode 36

Oh, what a super luxurious room!

How are we gonna sleep?

It's simple. The bed for you, and the floor for me

Oh, no

Shall we get another room?

Another room? But I don't have much money left

Anyway, I can't let you sleep on the floor as you're a girl I'll sleep on the floor

I'm a boyish girl

And as you're injured, you can't sleep on the floor

Don't say another word

I'll go have a shower



Lily, you're back




Lily, don't leave

Lily, don't leave



Did you have a nightmare?

Sorry, I woke you up, didn't I?

It's fine. May I know why you called Lily in your dream?

Lily is my wife

Judging from the name, she must look as pretty as lilies

She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

Then, you must love her very much

I thought I was a perfect husband

But I realize now that I'm not as good as I thought

That's why she left me

Minglang, you're such a loving husband that she'll surely come back to you

Normally, quarrels between couples will be settled soon

When she thinks it over, she'll come back

You seem to understand love very well despite of your young age

Although I haven't been in love, I've seen quite a lot of melodramas

I'm not really versed in love and marriage, but I'm still some sort of an expert

Fine, Love Expert, get back to sleep. Save it for tomorrow

If I were Lily, I'll come back immediately

What are you mumbling?

Nothing. Go to bed

Ha ha



Shanwa, actually I had the same experience as you did My parents are in heaven

I really couldn't believe they already left me

I could no longer see them

At that time, I was as sad as you're now

But later I found it's wrong to think this way

Shanwa, do you love your mom and dad?


Then, let me tell you, they're watching us in the heaven

In their eyes, they can only see us

And do you think they'd be happy if you keep crying?

Don't cry. Cheer up

I know it's hard for you, but as you know, everyone will lose his parents one day

That's life

One day, we'll also grow old and go to heaven as our dead parents

At that time, do you think you'd be happy to see your child crying as sadly as you did

So, you should be happy

When you're happy, your mom and dad will also be happy

They will love you forever

Don't cry


Were you all right last night?

Sure. I only wish you'd stop making trouble for me

I warn you, hold your tongue and don't say what you shouldn't say

- Zhaodi - Can you stop calling me Zhaodi?

Don't bother about me

I won't bother about others, but I can't when it comes to you

Since you're his wife, you should get along well with him

As you see, it was Tian who won't get along well

I remember you loved the other guy, why would you have married his elder brother?

- It's because he knew your wrongdoings - My wrongdoings

I already married him. I have to get something in return

Aunt Hong

- Did you feed Maoqiu this morning? - Oh, I'll feed her now

What's wrong?

Zhaodi, I always wanna ask you if you know where your sister is now

What has it got to do with me?

Well, did you tell her you are sisters?

Zhaodi, she's your biological sister anyway. Why don't you look for her?

Enough. Cut the crap

Were you involved in driving your sister away?

What has it got to do with me wherever she goes?

She can go wherever she wants, and I didn't tie her up

I'm warning you, don't make trouble for me

In this family, she and I shall not coexist

Both of you are my daughters. Why can't you get along with your biological sister?

I'm not her sister

Get lost

I can no longer bear with Ning Xia. She's too disagreeable

A furious woman is either suffering from constipation or menstrual disorder

Which category does she fall into?


She's an arrogant Cinderella marring into a rich family

You see, marriage matters much more for a woman than her career

Then you should marry a rich man soon


No, I can't, for it requires charm and tricks

Show me what are you charm and tricks

I quit, OK?

You're bullied, and you vent your anger on us

Why should we bear it?

I'm not afraid of you. I quit

Oh, that's good

Who else is gonna quit?

Come in

Mr Li

Mr Zhuang

Ning Xia is such a beauty

You have a pretty wife, but I don't have the luck

Actually, all women are the same. When you lose this one, you can always find another one

You indeed have a good understanding of women

I intended to tell you that a man should never promote his woman to a high rank

Otherwise, either she'd look down on him, or betray him

Especially for a beautiful girl like Ning Xia

Men only crave for two things: power and women

When he loses his woman, he can look for another one

But a man without power is a good-for-nothing

Anyway, thank your for telling me this

I think it's time to have a baby with her

It seems I shouldn't have worried about you

Compared with a wise man like you, I'm too pensive

Good bro

Why can't I reach Minglang?

Did anything happen to him?

Should Minglang get hurt, I'd not spare Tian

The subscriber you dialed is busy...

Tian, why on hell didn't you answer my call?

Well, I'll find you in your office. Ding, fetch me my handbag

Mr Li, the production department still has 30% of the work unfinished

It doesn't matter. Make other departments join in the production and it'll be done more quickly

Any other problems?

I think regarding production...


Tian, did you send the money to Minglang?

Why he's still powered off?

Mom, I'm in the middle of a meeting

Fuck the meeting. I'm worried about him

Call Minglang now

Did you send the money or not?

I did

Really? I don't believe it. Show me the receipt

OK. The meeting is adjourned

OK. Go

Tian, I'm begging you, please call Minglang now

You kept saying Minglang. Is he the only one you care about?

My career is also very important

Fine. Cut the crap

Will you call him?

If you don't call me, I'm not leaving here today

Since I were young, in the eyes of Dad and you, Minglang is your only son

It's fine. He's grown up now. Don't worry

You don't need to worry about everything concerning him

I'm begging you, please find him back

This is the company. Save family affairs for family

Ning Xia

Please send my mom back

Be assured, I'll take care of it

- Tian - Mom

I beg you

Mom, shall I send you back first in case the employees will laugh at us?


Lily, could I ask a favor of you?

What is it?

Can you help me hem this pair of pants?

Why would you wanna hem them?

Well, Shanwa is growing taller, so I wanna hem the pants for him

Well, I can do it

But you don't have many clothes yourself. What are you gonna wear if you give these to him?

Then, shall we go to the town to buy him new clothes tomorrow?

OK. Yunduo also needs more clothes, and we can buy her some too

OK. That's a deal

See you tomorrow

Minglang, when will your family member show up? I'm really running out of money



- Mom - Minglang

What's wrong with you? Why didn't you call me earlier and why were you powered off?

I didn't power off my phone. It's broken

I borrowed a phone to call you

Mom, I asked my brother to send me some money but I haven't got it now

You can't count on your brother. Give me your card number and I'll send the money myself

Xia, get me paper and a pen

Rong, give me your bank card

Minglang, are you all right there?

I'm pretty good. Don't worry. Keep note of the number

OK. Say it

OK. I'll send the money now

OK. So long

Tian, you still didn't remit the money, did you?

I did. Didn't he receive it?

I'll go check if I sent it to a wrong account


You're still lying

Why have you become such a person?

Minglang is your brother, isn't he?

You think I'm a fool

I know you always think it's unfair for your dad and I to favor your brother

In fact, we have always been prejudiced towards you

We let him run the company for it's a tough job


Did you hear what you just said? Don't you find it ridiculous?

You made Minglang the successor because you care about me

You laid Tianyi in my lap because you care about me

And you guard against me because you care about me

You're not giving me anything. I don't care because I'll get it myself

Tian, you misunderstood

If your dad and I were prejudiced, we have been prejudiced toward you

Why would you hate us?

If you bear any hatred, can you vent it on me?

Don't harm your brother

All that you've said is said for your own son

Isn't he a capable man?

He doesn't wanna rely on the Li family, huh?

Well, let him come back himself

Aunt Hong, let's go to transfer the money

Don't look for her. I'll go send the money


Don't forget who you married with

Ning Xia, transfer the money to Minglang


We have money now


What are we gonna do now?

I'll treat you to dinner. Let's go

Really? Let's go

What are you looking at?


Have you got the stationery you need?

Yes. I got all I need

Good. Then let's go buy clothes

- OK - Let's go

- Yunduo, let's go - New clothes

Yuxuan, move


Minglang, hurry up. The noodles here are tasty


Minglang, come in


Lily, I forgot to buy the chalks

You may go first, and I'll catch up with you

We can wait for you

No need. Go

Well, let's go

Here is your food


Eat more

Minglang, now that we have money, where should we go?

I'm going to go back to Zhijiang

And you?

What's your plan?

Are you going to go on traveling?

I've almost used up the money I have for the trip


What about my paying back the money I lent from you at the double?

I didn't mean it. I won't go on traveling even if I have money It's boring

You've helped me a lot. I must repay you

Tell me how I can help you

I'll give a chance to repay it. Shall you bring me to Zhijiang?

Is that all?

No problem. Let's go buy the train tickets later


That's great. Then I'll stay there for a year so and relish the food there

No problem. Anything you want

Sir, could I have noodles?

Certainly. Noodles

Minglang, do you really think I have such a big appetite?

We still have so many dishes left. I can't finish it

It's not for you

It's for Lily

Today is her birthday

This is how I'll celebrate her birthday

Very well

Waiter, add an egg to the noodles

OK. Add an egg to the noodles

Thanks. Help yourself

Brother-in-law, there's something I've always wanted to ask you

I can't believe what in the world could be lacking in your encyclopedic knowledge

Stop kidding me

This is serious, and I ask you 'cause you're experienced

What is it?

You always go to the township, don't you? Could you tell me what urban girls like?

Digua, if you do respect me as your brother-in-law, please listen to me on this

Stop dreaming of chasing after a pretty girl who's superior to you in every aspect

We're farmers and farming is what we should care about

As you're in your thirtieth, you should be thinking of having a family

Think it over

I do wanna have a family

You say I'm a farmer, but can't a farmer have perfect love?

Perfect love

You know, the offspring of a horse and a donkey is a mule

You are not the same kind of person as Lily

There are huge gaps in the appearance and social status of you and she

Besides, d'you think you can bridge the cultural and spiritual gaps?

Can you find common topics of conversation? Can you understand each other?

Think about it

You can't compare Lily to a horse

Fine. The conversation is over

Let me ask you, what did you give to my sister when you were in love?

I did give her a present when we were having a relationship

Her nickname was Peachy And she was born in the year of sheep

So I carved a lamb from walnut for her

Lily. Her name is Lily. I got it

Ning Xia

- Did you remit the money? - Yes

- When can he receive it? - He should have got it already. Be assured

Here's the receipt


You sent him the money, didn't you?

I don't know. You'll know when Minglang's back

Ning Xia

Keep the phone

But remember who's your husband

Shanwa, where are you taking me to?

I can't tell you now. You'll know in a second

Ms Jiang, don't open your eyes

Here we are. Open your eyes

Happy birthday to you!

You didn't expect it, did you?

How do you know today is my birthday?

I happened to see your ID card when we were shopping

And I saw you staring into the window of the cake shop

So I knew that today must be your birthday. Are you happy?


This is the most special birthday I've ever had

Thank you


OK. Come to make your wish

Happy birthday!

I wish Yunduo and all the children in Yunshan could grow up healthily

I also wish Yuxuan could always be the sunny and happy man he's now

And I wish Minglang could always be happy

Happy birthday!

OK. Everyone, come to cut the cake


- I want one piece - Come one by one

Here you are

Give me one piece

Be careful

Thank you

Mom, I'm back

Minglang, finally you're back

I was worried to death. Thank god you're back

Never leave me again for it worries me a lot whenever you're away

I'm all right

This is...

Let me introduce, this is my friend, Huang Rong

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too

How did you get to know her?

My wallet was stolen and I got hurt in Yunshan It was she who helped me

Thank you

You're welcome

Let me introduce, this is my mom

- Hi, Mrs Li - Hi

Those are my brother and brother-in-law



Mom, Rong has no friends or relatives here

May I let her put up in our home for the moment?

Of course. She's the friend who saved you in times of difficulties

Minglang, you've come back in time to join us in dinner

Aunt Hong, get two more pairs of chopsticks

Go. Let's have dinner

What was your name again?

Huang Rong

Oh, right. Take your time. We've got plenty of food

Be careful not to get choked

Take your time

Minglang, have you got to know the whereabouts of Lily?

I didn't see her this time, but I'm sure they still live in Yunshan

Go to find her. Her anger must've subsided by now

If she still won't come back, I'll go with you to apologize to her

Is it necessary?

Minglang, Lily must've suffered a lot, right?

How is her health?

The living condition there is just so-so, but the environment is pleasant and tranquil

And she's taken care of there

Who's taking care of her?

Someone you've seen before

He visited our home before. He's Ning Xia's brother from the same orphanage with her

His name is Yuxuan, the boy who almost had a brawl with me

Oh, it's him

What a coincidence!

Mom, I'll go back to Yunshan again and take Lily back

I support you

Minglang, be assured, I'll go with you to bring her back


Mrs Li, I want another serving of rice

OK. No problem

Aunt Hong, two other servings of rice

Right away

- Try this - Thanks

Lily, although I didn't see you, I can sense that you're here and very close to you

I know you don't wanna see me now, so I respect your decision and didn't go find you

I dreamed yesterday that you were with me as if no misunderstanding had taken place

The dream was so real and beautiful

But I couldn't see you when I woke up. It felt so bad

This is the first time we've parted. It seems nothing matters when I'm doing it by myself

Sorry, you've bore so much suffering by yourself

I'll come back again. I hope to see you next time

Wherever you are, I'll be there too

Oh, my dear Lily, I'll hold you in my elbows

I hope you'll glourish in my heart

Oh, my dear Lily, would you like to be held in my elbows and glourish in my heart?

Please accept my belated love

Although I'm a farmer, I'll surely treat you very good if you marry me

You know, we're gated for each other

Lily, please accept my love

I'd like to care for you as long as we both shall live and for all eternity

I don't think you have any classes today. What are you doing here?

My dear Lily

I'm a farmer

Stop it

Lily is feeling down. Stop fooling around

I'll send her flowers to cheer her up

You'll only make it worse

Stop harassing us

Didn't you see the tears in her eyes?

She's moved

The tears weren't shed for you

- If not me, is it for you? - I'm warning you, stop it

I'm telling you, I've rehearsed the poem for 3 days

- Can't I just give the bouquet to her? - Shut up

Please leave here and stop making a scene

Shut up and get lost



Mrs Li, did you have a good sleep?

Stop thinking about Minglang

Didn't you sense something between Minglang and Rong?

Mr Li, I think you should worry about yourself

Now that Minglang is back, you must be nervous

Why on earth should I be worried?

You think I don't know your evil deeds in the company

Had it not been for you, Minglang wouldn't have been back so early

Don't forget we're the same sort of people

I'm different from you

I didn't say that we're the same. I said we're the same sort of people

We're like this coin

Although the two sides have different engravings, they're fated to be together for all eternity

Mom, morning


Did you have a good sleep?

Yeah. Even the laundry is comfortable to sleep in


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