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Hello, hello

Hi, how are you Mailman, and what's your name? My name is Andrew Finland Andrew and why are you here Andrew? I'm

Here auditioning for American idol should be fairly obvious

Right boy, okay, so like waiting around

Okay, I think you know why I was asking the question. What brought you here to audition. What brought me you to audition I

Don't think it's that interesting of a question actually

but I think I drew

I'm gonna just want you now if you want to carry on being a smartass you can leave the room

I'm not being a super either answer the questions, okay? Leave okay? No, I'll answer the questions. I'm gonna answer your questions

I'm sorry first of all okay. What are you gonna? Think I'm Gonna sing house of the rising sun

you know that song

I'm just okay. I do you are really pushing this no all right. I'm just gonna sing it. I'm sorry

I didn't mean to push any buttons all right

There is a house in New Orleans

It's called the rising Sun

and it's been the

ruin of

Many poor boy and God I know I'm one

My mother was a tailor

She sewed

my new blue


my father

was a gamble

Way down in New Orleans?

Thank you. Are you angry am I angry very on Edge tell us what happened? What happened?

I just am on Edge from waiting all day. What just from waiting

It's just you know the thing is you want to be in the music business?

but you don't want to wait to get into American idol that to me seems to be a problem and

You know for you to have a bad?

No, no

I'm not reading it too far because you just told me that you're a little bit annoyed that you had to wait three hours

To come in here and get your shot when there are people that would wait

Years to do so so I am now angry at you. Who I don't like at all

Well, why are you doing?

No, there's no problem at all. I think that I don't know why you guys there's no problem. You walked in


Sulky quite rude very aggressive, and you've got very very bad energy. Oh

man, you did

Let's have a little conversation about this I

Was trying to seem confident confident?

How it came? I knew what you don't have the goods to back it up. That's what I think is disappointment

I don't I don't I don't agree with you. I think I do have the goods to back it up. I'm still


And room no, I'm sorry

Victoria no randy wasn't good enough today dog. No, I said yes




But I'm not judging you in this way

Live and learn from this one. Oh my God. Thank you


See you comb your hair and give me that Grin. It's making me Spin now spin

It within before I melt like snow, I say hello

How do you do?

David look the truth. Is that you are completely and utterly useless absolutely not

what about

Tomorrow, huh?

Made a mockery of me

who did

Simon the judges that always let up mostly on me now

I just feel stupid being there on that stage and from all those people telling them running off

What would you regret swear at them now?

regret one another

do you wanna go back on and speak to the judges in apologize, maybe and and

And have a conversation with them. Yeah, yeah

I want to apologize to all of the audience for losing it in front of you



Well unfortunately I come here to apologize and to talk to them and all you could do is say that they come off it

kicks off in ah

We didn't actually say anything good way

Mockery from the audience now. Do you know how that feels stand on here?

Listen to me you you chose to come here today. You chose to show us your skills in front of this audience

What do you expect if it doesn't go your way? It's not always gonna. Go your way there was it in the boom

David it's no good

Not listen or seriously fast we get from an audience after client apologize they stand on the stage and do it

I'm just gonna carry on with what I want to do, right

I got a show that Simon cowell that who's boss. See. That's a better attitude. Yeah, so yeah before running off a lot better

Yes, so they can all go and beep

What see ya go on tell them boy tell me

Yes, how are you stop them in your work? What's your name George George? My name's George

I'm 19 years old and I'm from London. I auditioned for expect time to buzz

Or was it a group triple troubles? I mean are you still with triple Treble?

I'm still friends with one of them, but you were in triple trouble as well

Are you back for your dish thing as well see just you george okay remount remind us. What happened it was all for tonight


the train back

From the day. I saw myself on TV. I knew that I had to change vince

that was really quick tempered back, then I came across as quite unapproachable aggressive not the sort of person I am

This year hopefully people can see the rule George not that clown from 2009

At this time whatever comments. I get I'll be able to take it without getting so aggressive and angry

things have changed

Growing our matured. It's one of the do something with my life and

Music is my passion. I want people to forget about what they saw before

And therefore my nature yeah, you'll be on next


What's your name -?

George what George Sarris mo George and George. How old are you 19 19? Why are you here today?

I'm here to clear my name clear your name yeah, I

know him

He's the one that slammed the mic down until it's time to shut up did you?

You were in a band. What was the band called?

Triple trouble, and you had a really bad audition was that right?

Yeah, it was like a train wreck, but times have changed from there. I've matured

Lat back, then I was like really quick tempered and Whatnot like I just I?

Won't really think improperly

But like it's been two years since then I've matured fully of you know

Got my singing together you know that grown up a lot since then I just want to do things properly this time

George and George, what's your song? Give me everything okay?

Tonight, I wanna do tonight

Let's do it tonight


tonight man, take you home with me a bath tonight, and I make

Enough to judge you on the mom. I just stop there. Oh stop

Okay, okay

Let's talk

Penny what do you think?

you know

The thing is is this industry is full of different people who will have opinions?

It's folks sitting all over this building with opinions, and you go here a whole bunch of them

And if you can't take the heat, baby, then you need to get out of the kitchen


George when you said earlier you've matured in what way of you Mitchell because

Mature you know things mature nicely like a red wine or a cheese, but you've matured like a bat corey made

You actually changed it

Oh, you came and stood right next to me there and I felt a lot of aggression off you you're very angry


Use touch me um that's just my like

Why it's not good

Okay, what's louise birthday? George? You've no likability at all

He's not good. Okay. I respect your opinion. Okay now. It's time for my opinion

Excuse me. We're gonna vote. Okay, you will vote in good time

Talisa if you're replacing, we're Gonna. Go here we go

So I sweat some scumbag from the know


is done

Folks were out. I would appeal your mind now say soon, George George

Thank you guys all right. Okay. What's a mouth no talent at all gary


It's the first time I think I've heard someone saying that never stayed on any melody

So to speak yeah, I can even tell what song that was after the first couple of bars

So I think that you have a pretty voice, but I think that you need a lot more vocal training well listen, sweetheart

I don't really care about your opinion

I really could care less because I'm 22 years old

And I'm beautiful and I can sing so I really don't care what you think okay?

I'm gonna be a star, and you have my number and if you change your mind give me a call

Whoa, maybe we've made a mistake do you think is yes got talent is ready to see ya?

Have you started he needs his prop?

Stano you've used two minutes of your two minutes already, so

Oh, let him finish judges, please. I want to see where this goes. I really want to see where this goes

I love Vanessa's patience. He will wait till the end


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