Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Catalonia. Part2. Callela (+EN subs +RU титры)

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Sun is rising

But its so cloudy today!

Lets hope it clears up. I think the clouds are starting to disappear

The beautiful view from our window

Were baking in the sun as we wait for our train

Were going to explore Calella

Even though its the 3rd time we are here, weve never been here

If all is good and the sun doesnt hide away completely were going to the beach there

We are to see the lighthouse as well before going back

Had to wait a whole half hour

We were very impressed by Calella city centre

It was incredibly beautiful

Fantastic church

A lot to explore and walk around

Sorry, there's a shop nearby

Octoberfest took place here afterwards

The beaches of Calella are absolutely fun

Reminds us of Portugal

Look, theres a nudist beach there, you can see all when passing by with a train

The vicinity is absolutely fantastic

We are going towards the lighthouse, well have a look around

Weve come close to a restaurant weve seen videos about

But we are not going in, not hungry at all

But I believe its worthy of attentions

You pay quite a lot for them just to cook for yourself

Thats the attraction of it

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