Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Man bijt hond - Het dorp

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First I have to put the bike outside. Otherwise I can't get in.

My car is 1 meter and 49 centimetres.

1m49, that's the width of my car.

The garage is 1,55m wide.

So I have 6 cm to spare. 3 cm on this side and 3 cm on the other side.

I hung up some spunges, this prevents me from driving against the wall.

That's possible because I've so little place to spare. And that's why I've hung up the spunges.

I can't run into the wall sir, can I?

And that's why I hung them up at both sides of the garage.

I'll put it inside.

Now I have to open this door before I can open the door of the car.

Now I've to drive backwards and then I can get out.

I shut the car down, I get out.

I push the car forwards and it's inside.

Look, now I push the car forwards. Now it's in his place.

I close the door of the car. I close this door.

Next, I put the two seats back in front of the door.

Now just these two seats in front of it and my house is back as it was. Just look.

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