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Check it out, this is the 4650 from Diamond. This one's kind of interesting

because it's got a non-reference cooler, and look at how thin this thing is.

Unbelievable. Non-reference cooler, and it's clear which is kind of interesting as well,

it's got a small fan and these are really great video cards. The 4600 series from AMD and ATI

is awesome. If you need a budget card, and you don't want to spend over a hundred dollars

on a video card, this is right up your alley. It's going to play a lot of the more simple,

popular games. You can play all the games that are based on the Half-Life 2 engine,

like Counterstrike or Team Fortress, it comes with World of Warcraft in the box,

so if you just want to play some WoW, or some simple MMORPGs online,

some Sims, stuff like that, this is all you need-- hey that's an error right there,

hang on, let me fix this for them. It's a 14-day trial version,

and it's 11-million. I kind of wrote over it there because now there's 11-million people playing

World of Warcraft which is absolutely ridiculous. Let me tell you a little bit about this card,

600 megahert core clock, 600 megahert shaders as well.

There's 320 shaders or stream processors, ALUs, whatever you want to call them,

they're the things that do the majority of the work,

it's got memory that's clocked in at 1000. So it's actually 500 megahertz regular speed frequency

and then it's 1000, because of DDR effective, because it's DDR2, double-pumped,

and you are getting one gigabyte of that DDR2. This is the one gigabyte version,

there's also a 512 version, but...

there, BAM. 1024 megabyte, one gigabyte. So that's awesome.

You also get 128-bit memory interface, which gives you a total of 16 gigabytes

per second of memory throughput, which is awesome. 32 texture units,

eight raster operators, or ROPs as I like to call them,

so that's very good, also this whole card here, 55nm manufacturing process

and that gives you really good heat, you know? It's not going to be that hot,

it's not going to take that much energy, it's efficient, hey it's good for the environment

as well. So that's important. And look at how small this card is-

it's going to actually fit in some HTPC cases or in certain smaller cases

it will fit because it's not very long, it's not a ten-and-a-half inch card,

it's closer to probably about seven-and-a-half, I'd say eight inches...

Now also, this does operate on the PCI Express 2.0 interface, but it will also work

on the PCI Express interface, so no problem, if you have the older motherboard

it will fit and it will work no problem, it also has a bunch of extra little features.

So let's talk about those, let's take a look here really quick.

Those are Dual-link DVIs, you get two of them, they will do 2560x1600,

you have a digital S-Video there which is good for your TV out,

and TV out is something that this video card does very good.

If you want to have a simple video card, this thing has a breakaway cable

which gives you components on one end and that'll let you do 1080i

out to your television... i'll tell you another thing,

this thing comes with UVD 2.0. And that's ATI's video decoder software,

and it also does audio encoding, which is great, so you could output sound through here

if you had an HDMI converter, that would work very well,

and you can also do CrossFireX. This thing is ready to go for CrossFireX

and guess what? You don't even need to use a bridge,

just plug them into the board and it will do it automatically.

You also get HDMI support, HDCP support,

which is High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection that lets you stream Blu-rays

using the Avivo processing, that lets you stream a Blu-ray

through an HDMI cable to your television or any other HDCP monitor--

HDCP is kind of the right protection that lets you get past all of that good stuff.

What else do you get? Multi-monitor support, no problem,

so if you want to run two monitors, you can definitely run them,

you've got two ports right there, you also get-- what am I missing?

DirectX 10, obviously, which is very important for your Vista games,

you get Shader Model 4.0, you get OpenGL 2.1, and you get a whole bunch of good stuff.

Let me see what else...what else do you get in the box? An S-video

you may or may not use this, you probably won't use this.

You also get this little composite dongle which is great, if you have an older television

you can definitely output with this with one cable,

you also get this little VGA-DVI converter, in case you've got an older monitor

that's going to be awesome. And then, did I mention that it comes with

World of Warcraft 14-day trial edition disc? That's pretty great. 14 days free is not bad,

that's about seven dollars worth of trial. And there it is. So, great card,

awesome for World of Warcraft, it's the 4650, this is the one by Diamond,

looks real sharp and it's got a non-reference cooler

and it's very plain and simple, and it's very affordable.

So if you're in the market for a... not budget, I wouldn't say it's dirt cheap

because there's some older stuff you can get for cheap, this is actually a new card

and it's, for the price you're going to pay, it's definitely top of the line,

don't even consider the competition because at this price point,

this is pretty much what you're going to get and it's going to be top of the line.

It's all brand-new technology from ATI. Great card,

if you have any questions on it, e-mail me, i'll see you guys next time.

The Diamond Radeon HD4650 one-gigabyte video card is available from the retailers listed here,

or for more information you can type in D10-4650 into any major search engine.

For ComputerTV, i'm Albert.

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