Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DS9Doc July 2018 Update

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Alas, poor Tribble...

I knew him well Horatio.

... but that's another story.

We have BIG news for you on this update.

Really exciting news...

Ready for it?

We have locked picture on the documentary...

Cue fireworks.


That's right, that's what I said -- We have LOCKED PICTURE.

Now, what does 'locked picture' mean?

Don't worry about it.

But what it BASICALLY means is that...

We're done!

It's over. We finished.

We're basically done with this movie.

All we have left to do is...

Sound design and mixing

Original music and compositions

Remastering our HD footage

Finish animations and graphics

Color correction

Clip licenses

Titles and credits

Music clearances

Stock footage

Bonus features

DVD menu authoring

Language and captioning


Rights and clearances

Poster design!

So, like I said...

we're BASICALLY done

One way or another, you're going to see this film

during the 25th anniversary of Deep Space Nine.

Now I know what you're thinking.

Why is Michael Dorn taking a photo of James Darren?

I don't know.

I can't answer that one.

But I do hope

we see you in Las Vegas this August

for the 2018 Creation Convention.

And one last thing.

How would you like to see your name in the credits of the documentary?

Well time is running out!

Only a couple of weeks left

before we type in that LAST NAME.

So, go to the website

following the instructions,

and YOU TOO can be listed among the thousands of fans

who have supported "What We Left Behind."

I thank you.

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