Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Democrat's Response to Bush's Iraq War Plan

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the reservoir how different possible leads have they put up the bill that

supposedly someone else's alright i'm heading for the call of got defeated a

hoop activists actress their demo you are smaller your voters

systems of the country

and i go away

we tried we try to see that it didn't work so now we have

therefore plans into real estate it was the press release forms as you are bad

by their floorplan star one after they put their original when he gets voted

down and to be purchased a loaded down with a native

and an issue you know what you can't do but

uh... but vision

the what we should really do is is a the arrest phlebitis

put the blame other problems who are voting it down this is all the democrats

were you nervous republicans

let's not lose track of that at all

so than acronym for the republic's voted down four postulates one is full

complete capitulation and and buckling by the democrats

probably the most likely outcome but reveal it so that doesn't happen

so some of the other three

one of them his finally they're considering the bible point

and providing for the gas bag eighty years and sometimes the the the

waited he spews republic talking points drives me nuts but he has been right

about iraq along which is

he had a partition plan with in former yugoslavia

give the locals at and opportunity and incentive

uh... to work with you as you withdraw you know so that

you say hey the city's you guard your own area as we're doing enough famous on

bar provincetown as we've begun to do with the shiites in the month the army

in the south and in baghdad

anti-big cope with that planets its changes strategies bolt

i like it

that would be a an interesting way to go

uh... the third plan is also

pre-sold one again

very effective in probably the one i like most of this point

some expiry date time i'm hoping it's twelve months but it might be eighteen

months or so

and we're gonna give you the money

to withdraw the troops and i just think it's really absolutely

billion in a sentence in the simplicity and it's something that all of our

listeners that he knows that and we've been asking for a long yeah we're giving

you money for the troops

to withdraw the pf

any better next year a certain period and withdrawn

i think i go with that one at least perfect sense

and then if they were probably is one of the locked out of the president wants to

be told

that you're in great shape to put a tremendous amount of pressure on them

because the american people agree with you and keep bringing up the bringing of

a senator i was at a responsible as an invoice and he said the same thing keep

bringing up

the reasonable wonders this proposal

until they all buckle and they will

otherwise all those and politicians don't want although spaces don't before

when is the web planned uh... these are not all mutually exclusive they could do

a couple of these the same time

who were plaza purvi several that is very popular a barely lost last time by

the late when i say lost begins at one but there are problems globalism and the

plan is

spend uh... literally for every twelve months of the troops then in iraq the

less than twelve months at home

which is what used to be by used to be the rule

and now of course was a net not heritage it too

for every strom us they say loneliness and fifteen or eighteen months in a row

because he ran out of troops anybody couldn't

admitted he was wrong so it's like

should i change no

all make the allies are soldiers much more difficult are making them in their

families changeset

so whichever sweat is saying is hey look

let's get real let's uh...

let's make sure that our soldiers get the proper wrestling come home as

they're supposed to

that if they put that into law it'll have the

de facto fact

of tapping a number of troops that could be in iraq at one time

so it doesn't call for withdrawal is that much as it does capping the maximum

our troops i could be there

it's an all people and is not along with it and isn't the most likely to pass

so that i think they should do that

but i don't think that there should be a substitute for real withdrawal

so i would go to the to the web plan ando bomber saying that that's most

likely and that he was certainly vote for

and he thinks that the their initial plan the one where we new timetables is

get short by about

fifteen votes which is unbelievable man

is empower there was some democrats to if it's not a pound appaloosa

democrats even voted for timetable for withdrawal

which is of course met those are strong dozer principled they make sense them or

you might not win the first vote

we if you keep bringing up

second third fourth eventually the republicans will buckle

have no choice

they don't want a loser seeds energy keyboarding yes he's plaza guess our

troops they will lose in november

so was let's play politics for a good purpose which is to get our troops home

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